Becoming a business owner | 3 min read

Love coffee? Why not buy a café?

Last updated: December 3, 2019

Merging your passion with your business can be a recipe for success and is often a key motivator for people moving from being an employee to their own boss. But is it necessary when it comes to coffee? Can having passion really improve your chances of success as a café owner?

To learn more about what it really takes to own a successful café we spoke with Tim Ryan, the National Business Development Manager for Hudsons Coffee.

Passion can’t be taught

“A love for coffee is a priority,” says Tim, who believes that people can be taught to make a good cup of coffee, but need to bring their own passion and drive. While you can learn about business processes and develop other crucial skills, training someone to be passionate isn’t possible.

When you love what you do others can see your passion, and as a business owner this shines through to your customers. This is vital when you’re trying to build a truly successful café. If you can bring the right attitude to your business, the other expertise you need to thrive can be developed and trained.

There’s no stereotypical café owner

From past police officers, to teachers and office employees, Tim says the range of café owners he’s met is amazingly diverse. However, “they do all share a love for people and coffee”, he added. While there’s no fool-proof formula for success, business owners that want to join a franchise and are committed to following the clearly laid out systems have a great chance. Being dedicated to superior customer service and having quality support from staff that share your vision will really help you edge closer to café success.

It’s not just about the coffee

Loving coffee is one thing, but being prepared to put in the hard work will also quickly determine the fate of your coffee shop. Tim says that the amount of work that’s actually involved in owning a café often surprises people. While you can have a great lifestyle as a café owner, you really have to put in the hard yards, especially in the first six to 12 months of business ownership if you want to prosper. Being a café owner can be a great way to build a solid future, says Tim, which is something he loves about the café industry – “we see franchisees enjoy the opportunity of owning their own destiny and getting out what they put in,” he says.

Before you dive in, make sure you research and ask questions, advises Tim. Reaching out to existing café owners is a great way to gather real-life feedback and learn from people that may already be living your dream as a business owner. If you’re interested in joining a franchise brand contact the head office, who can put you in touch with some current franchisees, so you can learn more.

Finally, don’t forget that while loving coffee isn’t the only factor of success in the café industry – merging your passion with your business endeavours really can lead to prosperity, if you do it right.