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Why should you buy a cafe?

Last updated: March 11, 2020

Getting into the café business is the dream of many. Whether it’s a love of coffee or food, or simply the appeal of being the boss in a growing industry there are many reasons why you should buy a cafe.

1. A café is a dynamic opportunity

Each and every day as a café owner will be different. Not only will you meet new people, the industry itself it constantly moving with new trends and products progressing all the time. Ensuring your offerings adhere to customers’ evolving desires and keeping on trend, ahead of industry changes means you need to be dynamic. Being part of a brand that provides training and skills to stay ahead of the latest coffee requirements means you’re always learning – which keeps your day-to-day work interesting & engaging.

2. Buying a café is a social business

Getting to interact with people from all walks of life is something that appeals to many potential business owners – and a café offers just that.

Finding the perfect café where the service is good and you can relax and enjoy your coffee and food is one of life’s pleasures for many people. Unlike other businesses, coffee and food appeal to almost everyone, so as a café owner you’re likely to have a wide variety of customers. The ability to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere is one key attribute for success, so it’s fair to say that running a successful café much more sociable than your average desk job.

3. Even in low periods, the café industry has been resilient

Getting a coffee to start the day is part of many Australians everyday routine, and something that consumers often still do in periods of downturn. Some even suggest that there’s correlation between coffee and the nations productivity**. Research from the café industry suggests that this behaviour isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon! It’s predicted that over the next five years, along with Australians love of coffee, the profitability of the cafe industry will continue to increase*** – which makes a café a great investment.

4. A café is a growing business to own

Statistics over the past five years, and forecasted figures both show that the café industry is growing, and predicted to keep doing so. The industry attributes this growth largely to the generation of millennials who choose to eat out more regularly than any other generation**** – making this particular group a great target for cafes.  |  **  |  *** Ibis World – Australian Industry Report  |  **** Foodie Nation Report