Selling a business

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The ultimate guide to selling a business

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Who should you trust when selling a business?

Don’t be tempted to go it alone. Find out who you need to guide you through the sales process. Read more

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Checklist for selling a business

It pays to be prepared. This checklist has everything you need to do to make your business sale go smoothly. Read more

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Three reasons you should list an asking price on your ad (and not P.O.A)

Find out why advertising your asking price is a more effective strategy than writing ‘POA’ (price on application).

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How to use photos to create an effective business listing

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How to screen potential buyers

How do you identify if buyers are a good fit for your business? Read our guide on how to determine...

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Responding to buyer enquiries

We know when you're selling a business, you're quite often still busy working in the business, so how do you...

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How to be a salesperson for your business

This 'how to' guide will show you how you can be the owner and the salesperson, in order to sell...

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Questions to expect from buyers - and how to prepare

When you’re selling your business, you don’t want to get caught out with tough questions from buyers - especially not...

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