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Love fresh bread? Why not buy a bakery?

Last updated: December 3, 2019

In search of a better work-life balance, and the ability to be in control of his own future, Craig Bruty left his role as a financial adviser to pursue his dream of owning his own business.

Knowing that many small businesses don’t make it in the first five years, Craig wanted to improve his chances of business success, and with some previous experience in hospitality, decided to invest in a tried and tested franchise model, with Bakers Delight.

“I don’t start at the crack of dawn”

When he first started Craig was surprised that everything is baked in store each day from scratch. “It’s a great feeling walking into a bare bakery at night time with only flour, water and yeast and finishing the day with fresh, rewarding and delightful bread,” he said.

Most people would assume that Craig still starts his day before sunrise – but in fact as a franchisee it generally begins at 7am. “I can take a day off any time of the week,” he says, which often surprises people, but is part of what Craig loves about running his own business.

With a solid team around him, a typical day for Craig involves setting up the store, serving customers, meeting with senior staff members, and of course, baking. He also ensures they are producing everything to a high standard, and regularly communicates with the Bakers Delight head office.

For the bakery to operate there is a lot of equipment involved, Craig’s least favourite part of being a franchisee is the inconvenience that comes when machinery breaks down and the disruption that it can cause to his business.

“I love working in a team”

To ensure the success of his business, hiring the right staff is important to Craig. He has a team of two bakers, and eight sales assistants that work alongside him in the bakery.

Craig is passionate about working with his team and ensuring they get the education and development they need. Part of each day involves training the bakers, as well as motivating staff to grow their sales. “Watching the team come together to produce a great product and service is what I like best about my role,” says Craig.

Having support from the head office has also been instrumental in his success.

Craig’s business advice

When he was getting started Craig actually leased his business, and then completed an internal training program that enabled him to purchase his bakery. He still considers this one of his proudest accomplishments, and four and a half years later, his Flinders Lane store is thriving! Today, Craig is even more motivated than ever to improve sales and profitability, and is working towards a new dream – to be a multi-store owner!

“You gain a great satisfaction and pride in being your own boss.”

For anyone that’s considering whether business ownership is for them, Craig’s advice is to ‘just give it a go’.

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