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From humble beginnings, Magic started back in 1994 with just one carwash in Collingwood, Victoria. It was run by present-day Managing Director, Claude Roda - and brought to life by a young, ambitious and hard-working team. We are proud to say that some of the original team are still with us today as Franchisees themselves!

Claude made his way into the carwash industry almost by default, it was his family’s business but not necessarily something he had dreamt about doing as a kid. He started off doing what every new team member with us does – vacuuming! Surprising even himself, he became really good at washing and cleaning cars and loved the feeling of being entrusted with people’s pride and joy. He was proud to see just how happy customers were when their car was returned to them in mint condition, and he instilled this pride in his team.

What set Magic apart back then was to combine a carwash with a café. Creating a comfortable space where our customers could happily wait with a coffee and watch TV, was a no-brainer. Today, there are 50 Magic Hand Carwashes across Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania, making us the only truly national car wash franchise. There are now two Magic Hand Carwash store formats: stand-alone cafés and shopping centre carpark sites. Both formats are set up to deliver the same quality result with speed and efficiency.

As a team, we’re driven by a set of values that help us focus our efforts on what really matters to us and our customers:

  • Customer-First Attitude
  • Quality & Precision
  • Pride & Passion
  • Working Together
  • Being the Best

With over 700,000 people coming through our car washes every year, it’s the quality of our work, our obsession with creating a great customer experience and the effortless convenience of our concept that keeps them coming back.

Why us


That’s easy. We’re the No.1 car wash franchise in Australia. Our success rate over the last 22 years is something we’re really proud of. In fact, we’ve retained over 90% of our Franchisees!

Need more convincing? Here’s a few more reasons why you should take the fast lane towards success with us.

As a Magic Franchisee, you’re considered part of our family, so we’re there for you. We’ll help set you up for success and have a dedicated Support team you can call on to help make that happen.
Our Support team really know their stuff and wear their pride for our brand on their sleeve. We’ll work with you to help you create the best possible customer experience, empowering you as the business owner to drive strong financial results and a profitable store.

You’ll receive day-to-day operational support to leadership development and everything in between to run a successful Magic franchise.

We have an expert team who seek out the best possible locations for our stores. They take negotiating very seriously in order to lock in great terms for each site and support all the building and licencing details. They’ve also built productive relationships with various landlords over the last 20-odd years to put you in pole position.

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to build brand awareness and become a brand that is recognised and trusted across Australia. Our Marketing expertise will help drive customers into your driveway through providing above the line and digital advertising, promotional materials, signage and interior fitout designs, local area marketing, event management, partnerships and social media support.

Whilst on your ‘L’ plates, as you learn the operations of the business, you’ll take part in an initial 5 week training program before we hand over the keys to your new store.

It’s an incredibly hands-on training program that gets you right in the action of our driveways, making you a pro at washing an detailing cars before you know it! You’ll also learn everything you’ll need to know about running your car wash.

Our operations are backed up with established systems and reporting processes to make it very simple and easy for our Franchisees to run, measure and continuously improve their businesses – we weren’t just making a pun when we said we put you in the driver’s seat to create your own success, we meant it!



If you’re interested in an opportunity to become a Franchisee with Magic, firstly – great decision! Secondly, here’s the process you’ll need to follow:

  • Get a feel for our business
  • Submit your expression of interest
  • Have a chat with us
  • Complete your application
  • Meet Claude and the Support team
  • Check out the driveway
  • Complete legal documents & due diligence
  • Review application & final meeting with Claude
  • Sign on the dotted line & start your engines

*Here’s some hot tips from us on what we’re looking for in our Franchisees:

  • An entrepreneurial spirit and a strong work ethic;
  • Someone who takes accountability and shows integrity;
  • A truly customer focused approach – always willing to go the extra mile to help others and make them happy;
  • A willingness to follow processes and direction from the Franchisor;
  • Excited to get your hands dirty and work in your business, with your team, on a day-to-day basis;
  • An open mind and enthusiasm to learn new things and embrace change and innovation;
  • Genuine dedication to developing and motivating your team – we like to call this the ‘Captain Coach’ approach; and
  • Strong business acumen (relevant tertiary qualifications are preferred, but not essential and of course, if you’ve run your own business before – that’s a bonus too!).

"I commenced my journey with Magic Hand Car Wash ten years ago as a student working to support myself.  I worked on the wash pad, learning the ropes and eventually became a manager.  I recognized within Claude a kindred spirit with great business acumen.  Within a few years I was ready to take on more responsibilities and I approached Claude for a Franchise store.

I took over the North Melbourne site in 2005 and have not looked back since.  Within the last seven years, I have franchised eight new stores and since sold two in order to focus on the remaining six businesses. In the years that have passed technology and business genius have changed the way we serve our customers.  Many of the car washes also come with a café, which enables better customer interaction which in turn leads to superior customer service and has resulted in the Magic Hand Car Wash brand becoming a household name. We have trained our café staff as well as the wash pad staff so that we are able to provide customers with the best serviced cars and the perfect café latte. Our technology has improved from writing up bookings on slips of paper to a network that connects all Magic stores. This innovative booking system is compatible with many smart phones . Magic Hand Car Wash was the brainchild of Claude Roda which has snowballed into a successful franchise business.  A one man army soon swelled to a team of 10 dedicated staff in Head Office alone, to orchestrate the Magic Hand brand.  Claude, all franchisees and employees strive to make Magic Hand Car Wash the number one car wash in Australia. This franchise is recommended to anyone with great business acumen and vision for the future so they can enjoy a successful business and a fine partnership."
- Bunty Mirpuri

"I wish to commend Claude Roda, Franchisor of Magic Hand Car Wash. I know Claude as my mentor, employer and of course a good friend. He was my first employer at Magic Hand Car Wash Collingwood from where he taught me good qualities that are needed to perform well in the competitive level. Now I am franchisee of two stores out of 40 odd stores which Claude Roda runs as a franchisor. The rise of Claude Roda from a car wash owner to a franchisor of a chain of stores is a result of him being a good individual performer and a great group leader.  His unconventional way of thinking helped Magic Hand Car Wash to solve practical issues in most efficient ways.  As an individual Claude is a very simple, honest and compassionate human being. I wish Claude Roda all the best for his future endeavors."
- Prateek Singh

"Magic Hand Car Wash Franchisor was very supportive when we first opened our store, helping us to find our feet.  The Franchisor Head Office team worked long hours with us, to help get all our systems and procedures up and running.  Our relationship with Franchisor is very open and transparent.

We find having our own business very rewarding despite any pressures we face and it has helped us achieve a better lifestyle.  We have been trading for three years and are very proud of the quality standards of Magic Hand Car Wash, the great customer service we offer and simply being part of such a successful franchise."
- Harry and Jeewan