Buying a business | 3 min read

Why Christmas is a great time to hunt for a business

Last updated: December 3, 2019

While many businesses and franchises take a break over the holidays, now is a great time for business buyers to get on the front foot and get set to hit the ground running come January.

There are many great reasons to start looking for a business to buy now instead of waiting for the New Year. Here are our top tips.

You have time to think

Life is busy and often it’s hard to find time to just think. So after you’ve indulged in Christmas parties and spent time with your loved ones, set yourself a business finding agenda. If you’re still unsure what type of business you want to buy, spend some time thinking about which industry interests you. Talk to your family and friends, and really get to the heart of what is going to work for you.

If you’ve already identified your dream industry, try narrowing down more items on your wish list; what location do you want? Would you prefer a franchise, or an existing business? How much are you willing to invest? Take the holiday period to really think seriously and get into the nitty-gritty details of your business ownership journey – you’ll thank yourself in the New Year.

You have time to research

The internet never sleeps. So it’s always a great time to research new businesses and franchises for sale, or learn more about a particular opportunity that has caught your eye. Set yourself a goal over the festive season to spend an hour a day dedicated to making business ownership a reality, whether that’s looking for opportunities, finding an experienced lawyer, doing your due diligence, or upskilling. Take the stress out of searching for the perfect business and get the latest opportunities in your inbox each day with SEEK Business Saved Searches – click here to set-up your notifications.

Catch up on your networking

Sometimes it’s difficult to find time to mix and mingle with the right people. Take this time to send out a few emails and even catch up with old colleagues, or potential mentors. Start booking some time in the New Year to meet with the current owner of a business you’re interested in, or someone in the same industry that you can connect with. You may even have the opportunity to meet with a franchisee at a brand you’re interested in – so make sure you take advantage of the down time to lock in a few catch ups.

Speaking with current business owners will help you get your head around what it’s really like to be in business for yourself, give you the opportunity to ask any burning questions and help you prepare to take that next step. It can really pay off.

Finally, make sure you do take a break. Do the things for yourself that you always mean to but don’t have time for. It will recharge your batteries. If you’re serious about the new you, and future opportunities, take some time now to invest in your future.