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What The Leather Doctor are saying


The Leather Doctor is Australia’s largest mobile leather and vinyl repair network. Acclaimed by the FCA as one of Australia’s top five franchise systems in 2016, 2017 and 2018, The Leather Doctor is a specialised yet essential service. Operational for 30 years, The Leather Doctor now support 70 Franchisees across Australia who earn a great income cleaning and repairing goods made from leather, vinyl and fabric. They service a wide variety of industries including furniture, automotive, marine, retail and hospitality. Work is abundant and these new and established small business opportunities, are some of the best in Australia.



Why us

We sought feedback from The Leather Doctor’s current Franchisees, asking them what they they most loved about working as a Leather Doctor.  They said:

  • I control when I work
  • I earn a really good income
  • I’m now enjoying a better lifestyle
  • I have very little competition
  • The on-going support is excellent
  • I pay low ongoing fees
  • I enjoy the work and it’s interesting
  • I feel a sense of ownership

Franchisees are highly skilled in a very specialised industry.  Income is earned quickly, giving franchisees the opportunity to achieve a desirable income/lifestyle balance.

No background experience is necessary. The Leather Doctor provides comprehensive initial training, followed by fantastic ongoing support that equips franchisees with all the necessary skills to operate successfully.

Franchisees are never alone.  Trainers are on call each day to help.  Trainers also conduct regular field visits to help franchisees further hone their skills and improve business efficiency.

The Leather Doctor is a community of people who support each other.  There are conferences and online forums which include, trouble shooting tips and tricks, and a library of tutorial videos.

What matters most is that you are motivated, and possess a willingness to learn.

Are you our next successful Franchisee?  There are a limited number of franchise opportunities in Sydney, Melbourne,  Perth, Adelaide and Tasmania.  Enquire now for more information.

10 Steps To Obtaining Your Doctorate

The following 10 steps progress over an average of 7-10 weeks.

1 - Initial Enquiry

Receive Info Kit 1. Return the Confidentiality Agreement and Application Form. Initial discussions begin with Franchise Manager.

2 - Receive detailed information

Information Kit 2 contains a Territory Report, Financial data and detailed information to assist you in your due diligence. A second phone/Skype interview is also conducted.

3 - Day on the job

This is a great opportunity to see rst hand how the business runs and how the money is earned. You will also be able to tell if this is the type of work you will enjoy.

4 - Pay Franchise Deposit

Begin commercial negotiations and Pay 10% deposit to the Franchisor. Receive Disclosure Document, Franchising Code of Conduct and a copy of the most recent Franchise Agreement.

5 - Document Review

Have your solicitor review document and answer any questions you have to ensure you are comfortable with the agreement.

6 - Select a start date

Choose your start date for training. At this point we will help you set up a few things like getting an ABN and a PO box.

7 - Receive Final Agreement

Receive the final Franchise Agreement and letter of authority allowing you to register your new business name and bank account.

8 - Pay the balance

Pay the balance of the purchase price, sign your Franchise Agreement and return the original copy to the Franchisor.

9 - Begin Training

Begin your training and receive info kit 3 which includes a comprehensive training plan, operations manual and your Franchisee business plan.

10 - Obtain your Doctorate

Receive The Leather Doctor Accreditation and commence business. Congratulations and welcome to the team!

When we sought feedback from our current Franchisees about what they most loved about The Leather Doctor. The most common responses were:


- Low risk

- Significant income

- Little competition

- Capital growth

- On-going support

- Low fees

- Interesting work

- Great lifestyle

- Sense of ownership


We also asked our franchisees questions about why they decided to become a Leather Doctor, and what about their work they love. Here’s what they said:

The Archers, Geelong and Werribee Leather Doctor territories

1. What made you decide to become a Leather Doctor?

What we like about The Leather Doctor, is that they are a tried and true successful international brand. We believe, like us, they have strong values and have fostered an open and honest culture with franchisees, suppliers and customers alike. We were looking for a business that would assist our family in achieving our goals. A business that has all the aforementioned attributes and one that is also interested in growing and adding value. It also come down to timing, as we were looking to take a leap of faith. There is also the timing of The Leather Doctor expanding into our home town of Geelong and being in a financial position to consider this. Since the Geelong territory, we have also invested in the Werribee territory.


2. What do you love about your work?

Every day is different. We also love the fact that we are able to bring a smile to our customer's faces when we breathe life back into something that was almost out of breath.

The Minards, Rockhampton territory

1. What made you decide to become a Leather Doctor?

We wanted to find an opportunity where we could work together as a husband and wife team, utilising our accumulated skills and strengths. We hoped that we could find something that would also generate an uncapped income and would enable us to work towards a debt free lifestyle/semi-retirement.


2. What do you love about your work?

Control! It is so nice to have control of our own time, we get to plan our own schedules and time off plus the harder we work the more we earn, so it is very rewarding to be in control of that side of things also.