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Pristine Water Systems Australia (PWSA) is proudly Australian owned and operated with its head office in Arundel, Gold Coast (QLD). PWSA has been franchising since 2003 with a network of successful franchisees and is steadily and strategically expanding across Australia.

We are the market leader in Water Tank Cleaning, with our unique QuadClean™ process which is unparalleled in cleaning, treating and sanitising commercial and domestic water tanks. PWSA’s network of trained professionals provide a high-quality service and are passionate about their customer’s well-being, which results in franchisees having a successful and sustainable business by providing their customers with quality drinking water.

PWSA has developed a broad range of products and services, including:

• Water tank cleaning, sanitisation and filtration
• Whole of House filtration systems and UV Sterilization units
• Above and below sink filter systems
• Filter/Cartridge replacement
• Bore/Spear water correction
• Boat, caravan, RV and mobile home filtration systems
• Water coolers and chillers
• Domestic and Commercial applications

While the actual work involved in cleaning a Water Tank is very similar to cleaning a pool, it is the knowledge and equipment behind the processes that makes this a very unique type of business.

The Need of Clean Healthy Water

Water is taken for granted as large cities are supplied by massive dam systems. But for a large portion of Australians, their water supply derives from collection of rainwater that is stored, from local rivers or from ground water systems such as bore or spear pumps.

Nearly 11% of the Australian population live off Rainwater Tanks! That doesn’t include the number of City (Town) properties where small rainwater tanks have been installed to service laundry’s, toilets and for general household use such as in gardens.

Add to that the need for filtration and there’s an endless market opportunity!

Why us

A Pristine Water Systems franchise provides you with the opportunity to become part of its strong, well established brand whilst still being your own boss! PWSA is at the forefront of water purification systems, with a strong focus on development of new technologies to treat and manage water quality.

Competition in the Water Tank Cleaning business is fairly limited to individual operators. PWSA is the only Water Tank Cleaning franchise system in Australia!

Supported by an expert team of water technicians, Pristine Water System franchises are the best in the business. There’s cleaning tanks, and then there’s Cleaning Tanks Pristine!

As a PWSA franchisee, you have access to a strong support network with on-going assistance for your business. Our franchise model offers you:

• A business providing a much-needed service with repeat customers
• A large exclusive territory
• Flexible working hours
• Access to the PWS QuadClean™ system and WaterCare® product
• Group purchasing power
• Professional operating systems, procedures and processes
• National 1300 call centre service
• Relatively low initial investment and low ongoing operating costs
• Established IP; brand, trademarks, copyrights and proven operating systems including signage, marks, logos, slogan and marketing items etc.

PWSA’s trademarked QuadClean™ process for tank cleaning and water sanitisation can filter and remove contamination and significantly improve drinking water quality by removing harmful bacteria with minimal loss of precious water. QuadClean™ is suitable in most situations for the cleaning of rainwater tanks in domestic and commercial applications as well as many other applications associated with the sanitisation and treatment of stored water.

In addition to Tank Cleaning Services, PWSA also supplies and services a complete range of domestic, rural and commercial filtration products. From countertop and under sink household units or whole of house systems, through to ultraviolet (UV) and reverse osmosis (RO) units to suit any application.

PWSA are also able to supply and service a range of aeration units for use in farm dams, golf course lakes, and aquaculture systems.

When you join the PWSA team you receive all the advantages of being part of a tried, tested and proven system PLUS all the benefits of operating your own business by providing a service your customers need on an ongoing basis.

PWSA provides a comprehensive training program at its head office on the Gold Coast, which covers practical product and infield training, business management, sales techniques and business growth strategies.

You receive comprehensive operations manuals and training tools, as well as on-going support from our highly experienced and knowledgeable support team.

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Pristine Water Systems Australia

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Build a $500k p.a business cleaning Water Tanks and supplying Filtration systems
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Pristine Water Systems Australia

Tamworth, Armidale, Gunnedah, Narrabri | Regional NSW
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Mobile Water Tank Cleaning and Filtration Franchise - Step right in and earn

Pristine Water Systems provides a personal touch! To us, our franchisees are family. So the decision you make for joining our family is a two way street. We want to make sure you're the right fit for us, as much as we are the right fit for you.

1) Register your interest or give us a call so we can answer any immediate questions you have.

2) Gather your information. We can provide a range of supportive information to help you decide if Pristine Water systems is for you. Of course, you should do your own due diligence as well, and we can help you find the information you are after.

3) Complete an Application form and Confidentiality documentation. If you would like to dive further into how our operations work, we ask you to complete the paper work to protect our Franchisees and our Pristine businesses.

4) Face to Face. Get to know us, meet some of our Franchisees and see Pristine in the flesh.

5) Contracts. If you can see yourself building an exciting Pristine Water Systems business, then the final step is to start the contractual process.

6) Training and Operations. This is when we get you up and running! You are now a proud Pristine Water Systems business owner.

What our Franchisee’s Say

When selecting the right franchise to purchase, it is important to find out what the existing franchisees experiences and thoughts are about the business. The following pages are testimonials from our Franchisees; this is what they have to say about their Pristine Water Systems businesses.

Buying a business can be nerve-racking!
Brad & Karina Pike – PWS Toowoomba North
Since 2015

What an emotional rollercoaster it is purchasing a new business. No one could have prepared us for the excitement and the nerves we felt taking this incredibly large leap. But, we don’t regret it for a moment.

The Pristine Water Systems Australia owners were so accommodating. No questions were too difficult, or too silly. They have been overwhelmingly supportive since our very first meeting. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to buy a Pristine Water Systems Franchise.

Not all Regions are the same …
Phil Doig – PWS Central Tablelands (Bathurst)
Since 2010

My PWS region would best be described as rural, in the heart of the NSW countryside. It can be dry for long periods of time, long distances between jobs, but with communities that value good service/products at a fair price.

I’ve built my business between residential/rural and commercial/government water tank cleaning and water filtration services.

For me, the success of my business is due to the work I put into it in the early years. I tried various marketing methods such as letterbox drops and advertisements, but found building a relationship in the communities that needed my services, was the best form of promotion.

I attended markets and fairs, engaged with the community groups and built confidence with my customers in my region. I can’t stress enough how important it is to engage with your customers and communicate the simple things.

Now, I don’t have to attend the markets and fairs as the community knows who I am. Regular word of mouth referrals means that I barely do any advertising now days as my customers call me, trusting that I will provide them with exactly what they need!

Making a Lifestyle Change and looking to the Future!
Cameron & Amy Inglis – PWS Fraser Coast (Hervey Bay)
Since 2018

Joining the PWS Team has been a great move for us. After years of the FIFO life in the mining industry, this was exactly what we’d been looking for. To be able to come home and deliver a service to our community that we believe in and gives us a real freedom.

Buying this franchise meant buying a proven business with all the finer details already worked out. The support we get is second to none with any questions we might have only a phone call away. The team are great to deal with and are always happy to help out with anything that comes up.

We looked at Pristine Water Systems Franchise and recognised a company on the move. This is why we wanted in. I also recognised a great system that had been developed and one that I myself would employ for my own tanks.

We didn’t want to be kicking ourselves in 5 years when they are the household name nationwide in water tank cleaning and filtration needs, so we made the jump and we’re very happy we did.

Now I’m running our own business full time, no more FIFO and home every night!

If you’re a bit handy and looking for a solid business that actually provides a great service and products, then we recommend checking out Pristine Water Systems.

My owner/operator business, with the backing of a diversified group
Maurie Payne – PWS Hinterland West (Gold Coast Hinterland)
Since 2007

As a franchisee in his twelfth year, dealing with PWSA has become an increasingly simple and seamless process, particularly stock ordering and the quality and pricing of the products.

With experience comes knowledge, but there are times when a problem presents and I don’t have the answers - but I do have access to great logistical and technical support when I need it, or just want another opinion for my own comfort. It’s nice to have that support and experience to back me when needed.

Initial training and ongoing training is so important to franchisees, particularly coming in, usually from a foreign vocation. These days the initial training given is comprehensive and hands on. Just as importantly, there are regular conferences where we, collectively, share our experiences, views and discuss new products, and generally learn from each other. I’m happy to share my successes and experience, but I also learn from the newer entrants. Always good to keep an open mind and keep on learning

It’s a great job and a wonderful lifestyle for a self-motivated, honest service provider.

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