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We are here to support you on your journey – whatever that may be.

We are a team of passionately brilliant franchise experts who are committed to making a difference and effecting positive change. We work with you to see your vision become a reality – to grow your dream into a solid franchise network.

To build a scalable, solid and profitable franchise system, you need to have every part of it right. Your legal documents need to comply with the Franchising Code of Conduct and be updated regularly. Your business needs to have systems and processes in place to ensure it runs efficiently. You need to ensure that only the most suitable and dedicated franchisees join your network. You need to have the right technologies in place, and be able to speak to your customers and clients across a network of franchisee partners.

We are Australia’s only end-to-end franchising firm, incorporating franchise legal, consulting, recruitment, brand & marketing, and technology to build successful franchise networks. With over 30 years of experience, we know the industry and we know what works. We provide all franchising services in one place, so you don’t need to chase around and find different service providers for every individual piece. Let our qualified franchise lawyers, intelligent franchise consultants, intuitive franchise recruiters, and effective marketing and technology teams help you build a strong network built for growth.

Why us

At DC Strategy, we take a holistic approach to franchising.

This means that our varied skillsets, from our legal expertise to our recruitment and business brokerage to business technology, are combined to complement one another.

We have over 30 years of experience in connecting dedicated franchisees to quality franchise systems, creating successful, sustainable relationships.

We work with you, whether you require all our services, only one of them, or want our help in finding the right franchise for you.

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9 hours ago

Poolwerx - A clear pathway to success

Regional NSW, Lake Illawarra NSW 2528
$279,000 + SAV
Franchise Resale
This franchise offers an existing mobile and retail pool care business in the popular areas of Wollongong, Fair Meadows and Shellharbour. Enquire now to find out more about the Illawara territory. more ››
Cleaning & Maintenance > Garden, pool & outdoor maintenance
Poolwerx Mobile & Retail Existing Franchise Business | Illawara NSW
9 hours ago

Poolwerx - A clear pathway to success

Regional QLD, Gladstone QLD 4680
$365,000 + SAV
Franchise Resale
Poolwerx is the largest pool retail and service business in Australia and New Zealand. This existing franchise territory offers mobile pool servicing in Gladstone, QLD. more ››
Cleaning & Maintenance > Garden, pool & outdoor maintenance
Poolwerx - Start your mobile servicing franchise today | Gladstone, Queensland

The process we recommend is a five to six meeting process and is very thorough, ensuring that passionate and committed franchisees are matched to suitable high quality franchise systems.

The process will generally involve several steps, as follows:

  1. Initial Phone Call - We begin with an initial phone call and share an information package. This call is to explain more to you about the franchise process and what you can expect from this opportunity. We discuss your plans to fund the business and identify whether there is an availability in the location you are interested in. We will answer any initial questions you have and book in a first meeting in person.

  2. First Meeting – At our first meeting we collect a confidentiality agreement from you and then introduce you to franchising and provide education around the franchisor’s system and story. We present some financial modelling and begin to further assess your financial capabilities and expectations. If you are interested in moving forward after this meeting you will need to submit an application and a fully refundable deposit.

  3. Second Meeting – Once a full application and refundable deposit is in place we meet in person again and take you through the draft franchise agreement and disclosure document as well as the Franchising Code of Conduct. We provide contacts for obtaining finance and introduce leading franchise lawyers who understand the correct process. We talk about locations or territories. After this meeting we work closely with you to sort out the finer details and assist you in your potential transition into the franchise network.

  4. Third Meeting – At this meeting, we will review the legal advice you have obtained from your lawyers, and begin to negotiate any areas of the agreement as needed. The purpose this meeting is to confirm site and location and reach final agreement to move forward to documentation.

  5. Fourth Meeting – This should be a formal final approval and allocation of site. By this stage you will already be ready to move forward, but this process makes it formal and sets a barrier to becoming a franchisee. Official approval will be provided once the franchisor’s board meets and this approval will be given in writing.

  6. Fifth Meeting and Beyond – By the fifth meeting, you will be working directly with the franchisor who will assist the process of obtaining finance, setting up company structure and then with DC Strategy legal team manage the issuing of legal documentation in final form.

  7. Sixth Meeting – In this final meeting you will signing the franchise agreements and all attached paperwork and pay the initial franchise fee in full. Welcome to your new franchise business!

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