How do I find most suitable businesses?

Think about what is most important to you in the business you want to own – is it location, investment level or something else. You don’t have to enter all the search criteria when searching! If you receive too many results, or results that are not quite what you’ve had in mind, you can use the Refine options on the search results page to narrow down (or expand) your results.
We save your search criteria, so when you come back next time, you can run the same search straight from the homepage, or easily adjust a thing a two.
You can also use the Franchise Directory if you want to browse through Franchises, Broker Directory to browse through different brokers or look up a specific Franchise or Broker.

In which order are my results sorted?

Your results are sorted in the order of relevance if you have used keywords in your search. Our search engine will look for business opportunities that match your keywords, with most importance being given to ad title and summary. But we also make sure that ads with most relevant information are presented higher in the results.
If you have not used any keywords in your search, or you have arrived to Search Results in another way, your results will be sorted in a date order, with the most recent ads first, at the top.

You have a few options for re-sorting your results to help you find the most suitable opportunities. You will find the sorting tool at the top of the Search Results page.

What are Similar Ads?

You find Similar Ads at the bottom of each Ad, and also in your Enquiry Confirmation email. These ads are similar in their location, investment level and industry to the ad you are looking at, or if they are in your email, to the ad you have enquired for.

What is the best way to use keywords?

If you search for two or more words, for example: Florist Sydney, your results will list all the positions that include the words florist AND Sydney.
You don't have to worry about including different variations of the same word. The system automatically recognises things such as:
• Common abbreviations: e.g. Syd = Sydney
• Common phrases: e.g. cafe = coffee shop
• Plurals: e.g. chip = chips
• Stemming: e.g. camp = camping

SEEK Business ignores common words and characters such as THE, AN, AND, ALSO, symbols such % and /. These tend to slow down your search without improving the results.

What happens if an Advertiser doesn’t get back to me?

Unfortunately this sometimes happens! It is possible that you have entered an incorrect email or phone number, or that they simply haven’t responded. If you have your Enquiry Confirmation email, their details will be listed in there so you can get in touch. Or, you can find them again on our site and try sending another enquiry. If you need help, get in touch with our Customer Service on 13 73 35 or

How do I subscribe to daily email notifications?

The easiest way to subscribe is after a search. First, run a search, and use any refinements you may need to get the most relevant results for you. Then, select ‘Email me this search’ at the top of the page, or enter your email address at the bottom of the page.
The other way to subscribe is by entering search criteria here.
You will need to confirm your email address, and then the results will be automatically emailed to you every morning.

Why am I not getting my daily notifications?

Daily emails are sent to you whenever new opportunities that match your search criteria are listed. If no businesses have been listed that match your criteria, you won’t receive an email from us. Sometimes your email provider can mark your BizMail as spam and you may never receive it. Please make sure you add to your email account's safe list.

How do I unsubscribe from the daily email notifications?

Follow the link at the bottom of your email notification to automatically unsubscribe, or you can enter your email here to unsubscribe.

I think I found a business that is not legitimate, what do I do?

SEEK Business endeavours to ensure that all ads on our site are for legitimate business opportunities and removes, when identified, ads that contravene the SEEK Business Terms of Use.

Read more about Safe Searching