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Whether your aim is a better lifestyle, better money, or a secure income, an Urban Clean Franchise could be a perfect fit for you. Due to the success of our cleaning methods and unique service procedures, we have commercial businesses desperate for our services and ready to pay premium prices. To service these customers we are looking for people who have excellent attention to detail, who like to follow proven methods and who take pride in a job well done.

An Urban Clean Franchise is perfect for husband and wife teams and people who prefer to work flexible after business hours. An urban clean franchise lets you be your own boss with a turnkey business. We find the cleaning contracts for you. We manage cleaning clients for you. We look after client invoicing for you. And we ensure you keep the value of your contracts with our 24 month contract guarantee. What this means is you can concentrate on providing an excellent service without being worried about where business is going to come from or how to deal with customers. Our 24 month contract guarantee means you and your family can feel safe and secure knowing your family income won't be adversely affected by starting your own business.

We are so confident of our training, systems and processes that we provide you with a 24 month contract guarantee. We know our cleaning methods and systems work because we keep customers year after year after year.

What you’ll get when starting your business:

  • An initial value of contracts – Guaranteed by us for 24 months. No need to find, market or sell to prospective customers
  • Full comprehensive 2 week training at our Urban Clean Academy
  • Operation and OH&S manuals
  • Ongoing training and support with onsite training and workshops
  • Equipment – Full list of professional commercial cleaning equipment to service your contracts
  • Janiflow – Cutting edge technology that customers love
  • Customer management looked after for you
  • Customer invoicing looked after for you
  • Business growth opportunities

Who is Urban Clean?

Urban clean is turning the small to medium office cleaning market upside down. We have experienced rapid growth by providing complete transparency to customers, real time communication, industry leading practices and detailed quality assurance systems. As part of the Urban Clean team, you will not only get full and thorough training in cleaning and running your business, you’ll get to use cutting edge technology that customers love and learn the small but critical details that turn satisfied customers into raving fans.

7 reasons to Choose an Urban Clean Franchise

  1. 24 month contract Guarantee
    Sometimes the unexpected happens. For reasons outside your control, offices may stop requiring a cleaning service. If this happens within the first 24 months of running your business, we will replace the value of your contract.

    What this means for you:

    If you do a great job and follow the Urban Clean system, you don’t need to worry about unexpectedly losing customers through no fault of your own. This means you and your family can feel safe and secure knowing your family income won't be adversely affected by starting your own business.

  2. Sales and Client Management Taken care of for you.
    There is no requirement for face to face or phone contact with customers
    We will provide cleaning contracts for you and manage the client relationship. And since you’ll be cleaning commercial buildings, almost all work is done after office hours allowing you to get on with the job without interruption.

    What this means for you:

    You don’t need to be a “sales type”, super “friendly” or know how to sell to customers. You also don’t need to speak English perfectly. You can just concentrate on doing an excellent job without worrying about how to deal with customers.

  3. Comprehensive Training and Support
    You will take comprehensive training in the best industry practices as well as in our unique methods and procedures that are proven to keep customers happy. Included in your training is a two week practical intensive. But we don’t stop there – we provide ongoing workshops and support while you’re in business.

    What this means for you:
    You’ll have all the skills required to do an outstanding job! You can be sure you’re doing the job properly every time. You’re part of a team ready to support you and help you build your expertise. And your expertise as a professional cleaner will be noticed by customers which is not only a sure way to keep customers happy but a great way to grow your business via word of mouth referrals.

  4. Cutting Edge Technology
    Not only is everything made simple with step-by-step procedures, we have designed a fully integrated mobile App that customers love! You’ll be able to keep track of time, never miss any scheduled cleaning task and even send a full cleaning report with photos to the customer within seconds!

    What this means for you:
    You don’t ever have to worry about missing an item in your clean. Customers will be confident you do everything agreed in the cleaning agreement. You can demonstrate with photos that you are taking care of all cleaning items important to the customer. Customers love it and stay loyal when they get this kind of real-time communication and accountability that’s unprecedented in the industry.

  5. Flexibility
    Because we service commercial businesses, cleaning is almost always done after hours and in most cases can be done anytime between 5:30pm and 7am.

    What this means for you:
    You can clean at a time in the evening or the early morning that suits you. And some contracts will allow you to clean anytime over the weekend from Friday evening to 7am Monday morning. If you have planned activities during the day or have commitments during business hours these hours could be perfect for you.

  6. Account management
    We look after all customer invoicing. You won’t need to invoice customers or follow up payment. We have in place professional practices for accounts receivable and payable that you can rely on for prompt payment.

    What this means for you:
    You don’t need to worry about when and how to invoice customers. You also don’t need to worry about how to chase late paying customers to ensure you get paid quickly. Do the work and know that payment is getting taken care of for you.

  7. Multiple ways of Growing your Business
    You have a number of options for growing and expanding your business. You can choose to purchase new contracts from us that come with a 24 month guarantee or you can follow step by step procedures to set up your own appointments with potential cleaning customers and we’ll take care of the sales side for you. We can also show you methods of getting new accounts near your existing customers that don’t involve any talking!

    What this means for you:
    You can choose a method of expanding your business in a way that suits your budget, personality and ambitions.

First we arrange to meet and discuss the business opportunity in greater detail. This is a chance for you to understand the business better and see if it is great fit for you.

If the business is right for you and you've proven yourself a suitable candidate we'll go into further detail about the business systems, support and what day to day business business would be like for you.

We'll introduce you to other franchisees and you'll get to see some of the cleaning in action.

Lastly you'll be shown a list of all available contracts so you can choose what contracts you'd like to start to earn money immediately.

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy