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Signarama - A Journey to Success

Signarama begun in 1986 when father and son team Roy and Ray Titus opened a store in Farmingdale, New York. After the store showed promising signs of success, they decided to open a store in North Palm Beach, Florida. In 1987, Signarama took a bold new step and began franchising since becoming the prominent force in the sign industry. Ray Titus (the son) still holds the position as the CEO of Signarama and one of his very first employees, Jim Tatem, is the company president.

Signarama’s success skyrocketed in both Australia and Internationally being named the #1 Sign Franchise and ranked #74 for all franchises in the 2015 Franchise 500.

For almost 20 years Signarama has been servicing the Australian market with exponential growth we have grown to over 100 stores nationally. Signarama Australia is set to continue its growth and provide local businesses throughout Australia a true partner in helping them grow and be seen. Signarama presents a real opportunity to join a dynamic and thriving industry in the Australian sector.

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We’ve spent 30 years developing our sign franchise model and have grown it to become the world’s largest sign company.

The Advantages of Joining Signarama:

  • Brand Awareness – we are Australia’s only true national sign company. With more than 100 stores from Cairns to Hobart and Sydney to Perth (and most places in-between), no other sign company has the recognition or reach that we do.
  • Buying Power – with our 100+ stores, we have negotiated better buying rates than the independent sign businesses. That’s a key strength!
  • Networking – you can call on more than 850 Signarama franchisees from around the globe for advice, support and mentoring. With a dedicated portal site and questions can be answered and often resolved within minutes.
  • Ongoing Support – local Field Support that is unrivalled in the sign industry, to help you grow your business and profitability.
  • Marketing Programs – a comprehensive offline and digital marketing program incorporating E-Commerce strategies and solutions.

Why the Signage Industry?

  • Great margins – every product is custom-made, so that gross profit margins are excellent.
  • Customer Need – every business needs and uses signs every day. Businesses always need our services.
  • Low Inventory – buy it as you need it, you don’t need to have your cash-flow tied up in inventory.
  • Business to Business – we’re a Monday to Friday business, so you get to retain that flexibility and lifestyle. Because we’re working primarily with other businesses, you’re dealing with other professionals.
  • Low Staffing requirements 

Our partner brands

Fully Promoted

EmbroidMe has undergone a brand evolution and is now known as FULLY PROMOTED. We have expanded the franchise system, branding, service offerings, and more.

United Franchise Group

United Franchise Group comprises industry leading franchises Signarama – signage and graphics; EmbroidMe – promotional marketing; and Plan Ahead Events – event

Transworld Business Advisors

United Franchise Group already have over 100 TBA franchises worldwide. Expanding into the Australian market and continue the success.

Community Growth and Support

Beautiful signs help increase brand awareness for the stores and businesses in your local area, helping them to increase their sales and grow. The success of those businesses fuels your success, as about 70 percent of our business comes from repeat customers. This chain of positivity means that by supporting and bettering your community, you can help your own franchise location thrive.

Proven Business Model

When you choose to franchise with Signarama, you invest in yourself by choosing a trusted brand with a proven business model. All of the guesswork is removed as we supply you with our tried and true systems, manuals, and training guides. We also help you through every step of the process, including financing, site selection, training, and staffing. Once you open your doors, we will help you advertise and increase visibility by setting up a location website and location-specific social media.

Running the Business

Many of our most successful franchisees had no experience with graphics, signs, or even running a business when they started. We provide a comprehensive five-week training program that will cover everything that you need to know to open your doors. When your location opens, you will have access to our state of the art technology and equipment, as well as the fruits of our research and knowledge of the industry. We will also help you get the best deals by tapping into our alliances with vendors and suppliers and by receiving discounts through our mass purchasing power.

Continuous Support

Our support doesn’t end when your doors open; we also provide continuous training and support to help you succeed. We provide ongoing training for franchisees and training tracks for staff that ensure that all of our franchisees are up to date on the latest developments in the industry. Our mentoring program sets you up with a successful franchisee that can guide you as you begin your career with us. Our support is unmatched; we have regional offices across Australi

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Before getting into the printing and sign business, smart franchisees often ask a lot of questions. We want to make it as easy as possible to find answers to those questions. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about getting into the sign industry, franchising, and becoming part of the Signarama team:

Why should I franchise a sign location instead of starting my own business?

A franchise can provide you with a solid business model that has been proven to work. You don’t have to come up with the hiring requirements, training process, sales protocol, or any of the other details that it takes to launch and run a business.

How much does it cost to open a sign franchise location?

This depends on many factors including the franchise fees for the company, the costs to secure the location, and legal requirements for the area. Signarama’s franchise fee is $64,500 with the total investment coming in around $200,000.

How much money can I expect to make running a sign franchise?

How much a sign franchise location makes can vary widely, but Signarama franchise locations in Australia that have been open for a minimum of one year with an outside salesperson average $930,331 in gross annual sales.

How do I know which franchise is the best in the business?

Many reputable magazines rank franchises every year and publish a list that can help franchisee candidates determine the best franchise based on factors like financial strength and stability, growth rate, startup costs, and number of years the company has been in business. Signarama was ranked #1 sign franchise on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 ranking for 2015.

Can I obtain financing to help me start a sign franchise?

Signarama’s business model has been put through the test and as a result the ANZ have placed us on their ‘Accredited Franchise’ list. This means that they will fund up to 50% against the business.

How do I keep up with the latest sign trends if I open a sign franchise location?

Signarama has a dedicated R&D department where we are constantly testing new products and machinery in the signage industry. As we are the world leader in signage, many vendors and suppliers come to us first with their latest products and technology to take to the market.

Do I have to be a printing, sign, or design expert to get started?

Absolutely not. Signarama provides comprehensive training so that franchisees are not required to have any prior experience in printing, design, or sign sales. In fact, our best franchisees have all come from completely unrelated backgrounds (e.g. air traffic control, engineering, project management, food).

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