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The Seal-A-Fridge Franchise manufactures on site door seals for fridge, freezer and coolroom doors. Using a range of profiles along with specialised welding jigs and equipment, the operator can manufacture seals to fit most fridge, freezers and refrigeration equipment in Australia.

As far as we are aware, Seal-A-Fridge is the first organisation in Australia to professionally coordinate a dedicated team of franchisee’s to provide a comprehensive range of services, for the replacement of refrigeration seals. The concept has been welcomed by both commercial and private consumers, and as such, has given the opportunity to become the major force within the industry, within a short time.

The market size and potential is substantial, keeping in mind there is a refrigerator in every home and most businesses in Australia. The management of Seal-A-Fridge offer an unrivalled opportunity for a select number of franchisee’s to participate in, and capitalise on, this large and growing market.

Most importantly, this is not a ‘fad’ business and as history shows, is arguably recession proof.

Seal-A-Fridge provides all Franchise Owners with the technical training needed to operate the franchise successfully. This training focuses on learning the tools and techniques of the Seal-A-Fridge service. No previous refrigeration or technical experience is required.

Seal-A-Fridge is a rare opportunity to get into a successful business, and still have work/family/life balance. It is run as a 5 day a week business, and there is the opportunity to take annual leave. Family commitments and special occasions can be worked into your business diary, leading into a more balanced lifestyle.

Seal-A-Fridge will provide the Franchise Owner/Operator with the necessary business and managerial support in order to establish and operate a Seal-A-Fridge franchise on an on-going basis.  The Master Franchise have in place, a team of legal, financial and marketing specialists, available to all Franchisees. Specialised marketing tools are provided, along with comprehensive online coverage on the internet.  Group buying discounts assists your competitive edge and profitability.

Assistance and support with any technical or operational issue or problem is simply a phone call away, and when necessary, on-site assistance can be provided.  All Franchisee’s will be provided with contact details of all the Franchisee’s, so that if you require assistance, there is a comprehensive list of experienced contact people available at all times.

There are now over 30 successful Seal-A-Fridge operators in Australia & New Zealand.  These are as follows:

Seal-A-Fridge South Coast NSW                         Seal-A-Fridge NE Melbourne

Seal-A-Fridge SE Melbourne                               Seal-A-Fridge Toowoomba

Seal-A-Fridge Wide Bay QLD                              Seal-A-Fridge Central Coast NSW

Seal-A-Fridge North Coast NSW                          Seal-A-Fridge Townsville

Seal-A-Fridge Sth Brisbane                                Seal-A-Fridge Sth Sydney

Seal-A-Fridge Central West NSW                        Seal-A-Fridge Mackay QLD

Seal-A-Fridge North Sydney                               Seal-A-Fridge Mid North Coast NSW

Seal-A-Fridge Nth Brisbane                                Seal-A-Fridge Gold Coast

Seal-A-Fridge Canberra                                     Seal-A-Fridge West Melbourne

Seal-A-Fridge Gippsland VIC                              Seal-A-Fridge North Perth

Seal-A-Fridge Sunshine Coast                            Seal-A-Fridge North Coast NSW

Seal-A-Fridge Rockhampton                               Seal-A-Fridge Ballarat Vic

Seal-A-Fridge Darwin                                          Seal-A-Fridge Cairns

Seal-A-Fridge South Australia                              Seal-A-Fridge Nth West NSW

Seal-A-Fridge Inner West NSW                            Seal-A-Fridge Toowoomba

Seal-A-Fridge Northern Victoria

Seal-A-Fridge does not operate from a shop front; this means lower overheads, no leases, no landlords, and best of all, you do not have to wait for our customers to come to you - you go to them.

Our mobile service goes direct to the client at his business, factory or home and carries out the necessary repairs to the refrigeration unit on the spot, eliminating the inconvenience of arranging transport and multiple visits.

All Seal-A-Fridge vehicles are modern and professionally sign written and feature the Company’s logos and colours, making them easily identifiable to the public.  Corporate uniforms are equally attractive and are designed to maximise customer appeal.  Your business has an exclusive protected area and your Agreement is for 5 years, giving adequate time to build the business and acquire a good will asset.

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