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Become part of the Forch global network with your own local franchised distributorship.

Supply parts, accessories and tools to transport, mining, maintenance, engineering and auto dealers.

Option for small or large franchises with own local distribution centre and branded vehicle.

Free online sales via Forch website. We do it for you.

Training in Germany & Australia helps give you the chance to dominate your trade area with quality products, high brand recognition and strong supply chain at competitive prices with high margins.

Forch provides a turnkey warehouse fitout program to get you set up with "German precision" and so you can focus on building your customer base. Strong early support to help you understand your local market, win customers and keep them coming back.

If you are looking for some stability in your career with huge financial upside then you need to move quickly to secure your Forch territory now.

It all started in 1963 when Theo Förch founded a screw business.

He had a well paid position at the legendary motor manufacturer NSU as an engineer. But the son of the farmer coming from Kochertürn had an idea which he could not get out of his mind.

…” If more and more cars are built then the car repair shops will need more parts so the demand in screws and other small parts would increase significantly….”

Theo Förch decided to seize this opportunity and on January 1st, 1963 he founded his screw trade: Theo Förch OHG.

The first company headquarters, a barn at his parents premises at Kochertürn, was turned into his initial storage and office facilities. Unfortunately the barn was not heated and working conditions were difficult. These early days were difficult times for Theo Förch and his colleagues. They had little money so they even collected and reused the incoming packaging material. But it all paid off as the screws found buyers so the company was in the black from the beginning.

In 2007, Theo Förch was awarded the business medal of the Land of Baden-Wuerttemberg which is awarded as as recognition for exemplary merits for the country’s economy.

Today, the headquarters of this internationally successful group is located near the barn where it all started and now has 2,100 employees, including 1,300 field service employees, 17 national companies and about 300 million Euro turnover as proof points of this success story.

Now more than 50 years later, FÖRCH is one of the leading direct selling companies for workshop, installation and fastening products for trade, automotive and industrial companies with operations in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Forch Australia was established in 2009 with head office in Perth. Today it is a rapidy growing business servicing many industries and customers across Australia.

Step 1

Complete the Forch Franchise Application form and cover off your questions.

Step 2

Decide on the Territory you want and possible location of your business premises.

Step 3

Pay the deposit to show your commitment and take your Territory off the market. This deposit is refundable (less costs) if you do not proceed. Otherwise it is offset against your purchase price when you finalise the purchase.

Step 4

We send you 4 legal documents to review with your Lawyer and financial adviser:
1. Franchise Agreement (with Territory map)
2. Disclosure Document
3. Information Statement for Franchisees
4. Franchising Code of Conduct
Under the Franchising laws you are entitled to take at least 14 days to review these documents before making any decisions to go ahead.

Step 5

Once you are happy with the documents and have received your professional advice, you sign up, pay the agreed amount (less the deposit paid). We then wait 7 days as you are entitled to a cooling off period and once that expires we then we start organising your training in Germany and other things necessary to get you operational.

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