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Why you need a specialist franchise lawyer

Last updated: October 25, 2018

Buying a franchise is a big life change and may cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. With such a large commitment and investment, it’s important that you take every necessary step to protect yourself. In short, when dealing with franchise agreements, documents and conversations you really do need a professional franchise lawyer.

Franchising is a specialised area of law, so to cover all the bases your lawyer needs to know what they’re looking for. If they’re not well versed in franchising you could run into issues. With lawyers the old saying “you get what you pay for” often does ring true.

We caught up with Christina Andrews from DC Strategy to discover a few more reasons why it’s worth consulting a specialist franchise lawyer…

Franchise agreements are very different to ordinary business contracts

Franchise agreements and disclosure documents can be hundreds of pages long and are substantially different to regular business contracts. Amongst all of the paragraphs and jargon is important information about the business’s history, costs, ownership, intellectual property and your obligations – you need to know these things before you can make an informed decision. A specialised lawyer knows what is standard and what’s not. They can help you spot concerning obligations that you won’t be able to meet.

Some things can be negotiated, and some things can’t

Having someone on your side that knows the intricacies of franchising and can give you advice on what is standard and what’s negotiable, is invaluable. Not only can they tell you whether a particular detail is appropriate, such as the cost of royalty fees, but they can renegotiate to get a better, more reasonable deal.

You’ll get comprehensive written recommendations

A diligent franchise lawyer will provide you with written legal advice. They can also help you create a legally binding document and ensure everything is executed correctly. Unlike a general lawyer, specialised franchise lawyers can recommend contract alterations, and use their skills and expertise to recommend and redraft any special conditions within the franchise agreement. This means they can help you make a better commercial deal.

Ultimately, hiring a specialist franchise lawyer may cost more than your local lawyer – but in return you get a detailed view of your franchise agreement, obligations, and recommendations to get the best deal possible. That peace of mind and security is money well spent and will help you start your business ownership journey on a positive note!

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