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Do you have to love fitness to buy a gym?

Last updated: December 3, 2019

Merging your passion with your business can be a recipe for success and is often a key motivator for people moving from being an employee to their own boss. But is it necessary in the health industry? Can having passion really improve your chances of success as a gym owner?

Being passionate actually does make a difference

While you don’t need to be a ‘gym junkie’ to own a fitness business having some passion for health is important. Not only does loving what you do help you excel, but passion rubs off on those around you – and passionate owners help create passionate staff and members, helping increase your chances of success.

Just loving fitness doesn’t cut it either – you need to be passionate about your business in general, and be truly invested in its success. Buying a gym purely for the financial benefits, without any real interest in what the business does, also won’t do you any favours. A blend of business know-how, love of health, and a willingness to learn, is a combination that repeatedly sets gym owners up for success.

Just opening the front doors won’t make you successful

One of the common misconceptions about owning a gym is that simply opening the doors will create a successful business. But this really isn’t the case, and like any business it’s hard work!

Gyms can be a solid investment opportunity, but it still takes real effort to run a successful company. It’s important to set goals, market and work towards these as you would with any other business investment, and not just hope gym goers will walk through the doors. Being open to learning, being passionate about helping others and having a willingness to work on your business are generally a great start to being successful. Ultimately, if you want to reap the rewards and benefits you need to put in the effort.

Owning and opening a gym, unlike many other types of businesses, doesn’t require any formal licenses – but general business acumen can definitely go a long way. Completing some fitness qualifications, can be a good place to start to help you better understand your business.

Helping people is what it’s all about

The satisfaction you get from helping people achieve amazing results is one of the greatest benefits that comes from owning a gym. Supporting your staff and members to achieve their goals can be immensely rewarding. Of course, there can also be fantastic financial rewards and fulfilment from caring for your own business and being your own boss!

Whether you’re looking to join a proven franchise brand, or invest in an established business – remember that the fitness industry is constantly evolving. So it’s important to be part of a company that is fast to adapt. Look for a gym that has a great track record, and is leading the charge in the development of new and exciting opportunities to help you stay ahead of the game. Finally, don’t forget that while loving a good workout isn’t the only factor of success in the fitness industry – merging your passion with your business endeavours really can lead to prosperity, if you do it right.

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