Buying a business


The ultimate guide to buying a business

Everything you need to know about how to buy a business - from research to signing the contracts. Read more

10 min read

How to finance a business purchase

Discover the top ways to finance a business purchase. Which option will get you owning your own business faster? Read more

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Checklist for buying a business

A comprehensive business buying checklist, so you can be confident you've ticked all the boxes. Read more

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What sellers want to know about buyers

As a buyer you've no doubt got questions for the seller. But what about the questions they may ask you?...

4 min read
How to turn your hobby into your business

A lot of us have a passion - something we do for fun in our spare time. For most, that’s...

5 min read
Succeeding in business post Covid

Buying a business can feel like an impossible, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Meet two Aussies who used...

16 min read
Finding a business with hidden potential

Fantastic business opportunities are out there in surprising places - you just have to know what you're looking for. That's...

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Common questions buyers want answered

If you’re starting out on the business buying journey, it can be daunting to get your head around the process....

17 min read
Contacting a business seller for the first time

Once you've found a business you like, follow this guide to discover all the important questions to ask without committing...

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