Buying a business


The ultimate guide to buying a business

Everything you need to know about how to buy a business - from research to signing the contracts. Read more

10 min read

How to finance a business purchase

Discover the top ways to finance a business purchase. Which option will get you owning your own business faster? Read more

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Checklist for buying a business

A comprehensive business buying checklist, so you can be confident you've ticked all the boxes. Read more

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Top questions to ask when choosing a small business accountant

Three vital questions to ask an accountant to find out if they're right for you.

3 min read
Who do you need on your business buying 'team'?

Don't be tempted to go it alone. Find out who you need to help and what they'll do for you.

3 min read
How to find an accountant when buying a business

Discover the best way to find a top quality accountant to help with your business purchase.

3 min read
How to choose the right franchise for you

Choosing the right franchise is crucial. Make an informed decision by asking yourself these nine questions first.

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How to kick-start your business search in the New Year

With 2020 here, it’s a great time to reassess your goals and set yourself up for success.

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Franchising and the law - what you need to know

Don't get caught out! There are some important legal considerations you should know before you buy.

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