You don’t have to be a Plumber to own a Plumbing Bros Franchise

7 days ago

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Are you looking for an opportunity to build a multi-million-dollar business and a sale-able asset in one of Australia’s most lucrative industries? Not a plumber? That’s ok, you don’t need to be.


6% of net

Marketing Fees

5% of net

Location Details

Western Sydney
We currently have vacancies west of Sydney including Liverpool, Stratfield, Greystanes + Parramatta. This presents opportunity for a prospective Plumbing Bros Franchise Partner as we are not currently servicing this region yet experience high demand

About the Opportunity

A Plumbing Bros franchise gives you the chance to build a scalable, profitable business in a sector previously inaccessible without a trade qualification.

While it may seem strange that you can own a successful plumbing business without ever having lifted a wrench, our model has been built to enable this. We’re looking for motivated and ambitious individuals with experience managing a business and/or people who want to build a business in one of the most lucrative industries in Australia.

Our vision is to change the perception of plumbing. We’re doing this through our dedication and passion for providing 5-star customer service in every service. We make it easy for clients to work with us and want to keep coming back.

Taps never stop dripping, toilets never stop leaking and drains never stop blocking. The state of the economy doesn’t affect maintenance plumbing. Plumbing Bros franchise partners continued to see success throughout the global pandemic and will continue to regardless of the economic conditions.

Plumbing Bros specialise in maintenance plumbing, providing plumbing and gas services to homeowners and business professionals around the country. We provide services across multiple industries in all areas of maintenance plumbing, ensuring consistent opportunity and revenue

You might be asking how this business can work if you’re not a plumber yourself. Like any successful business, your success will be driven by your team; you’ll hire a team of plumbers, starting with your licensed nominee plumber. We’ll help you with your initial recruitment to make sure the person you choose is well suited to the role and will help drive your business success. We also have strategies in place to mitigate the risk of being so reliant on people.

Our structure and training will teach you everything you need to know about our model. As you go on a journey towards employing 10 or more plumbers, our support system will help you achieve your goals by mentoring you and your business to become as efficient and profitable as possible.

All you need to do is follow the model and you’ll begin scaling and building a profitable sale-able asset.

Are you ready to be our next franchise partner?

Marketing support

Worried about where your next job is coming from? Fear not! To supplement your own marketing and lead generation activities, you will have access to a highly experienced sales and marketing team whose sole task is to assist with additional leads to help you grow your business. We also have strong relationships with national corporate customers in many markets. Combine these with our proven marketing strategies, the demand for work should be easier than you imagine.

Training provided

Our business model can’t be taught overnight. We take you on a journey of e-learning, practical and technical training covering all aspects required to run a successful plumbing business. Following your onboarding, you’ll have a structured, tailored training program including daily one-on-one operational support calls and an in-person visit to your location after you’ve been established for a few weeks.


You are the key ingredient to the success of your Plumbing Bros franchise. To be successful, you’ll need to be hungry for growth and hungry for success. This is a ‘high energy’ for ‘high reward’ business model. You’ll need leadership qualities to lead your team and be disciplined to follow our model and complete the necessary tasks required daily for business success.

Length of Agreement

The initial franchise contract is for 5 years. However, we see this as just the beginning of our partnership and journey together. We wish to create long term partnerships with no expiry date provided we are both meeting each other’s criteria. Renewal fees (if any) are negotiable.

Year Business Established


Year Franchising Commenced


Site locations



Plumbing Bros started in Perth in 2017. With no obvious gap in the market, the differentiator for our business has been exceptional customer service, combined with a hunger to succeed. Perth grew rapidly and is now a multi-million-dollar business. Based on this success, and using this proven model, Plumbing Bros commenced franchising in 2020. We now have 14 locations across WA, QLD, NSW, VIC and TAS providing services to over 27,000 people every year.


Plumbing Bros has been turning the trades industry upside down receiving multiple awards including the 2019 Stirling Agile Business award, Stirling Business of the Year, Rising Stars Startup award and more recently the 2021 Small Business Champions Award.

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