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29 days ago

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Launch your Café dream with a Degani franchise in the South East. Prime location, excellent opportunity. Embrace the taste of entrepreneurship today!Join us in crafting memorable café experiences.


6% of net

Marketing Fees

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Unlock your entrepreneurial dreams in South East Melbourne! Embrace the opportunity of a Degani Café franchise. Established customer base, prime location, and the Degani brand at your fingertips. Start your journey to coffee shop success today.

About the Opportunity

A Degani café franchise is a remarkable opportunity to join a well-established and renowned coffee and dining brand. As a franchisee, you'll operate your own café under the trusted Degani name, benefitting from our proven business model, comprehensive training, ongoing support, and access to quality products. With a focus on premium coffee, delicious food offerings, and a welcoming atmosphere, Degani cafés are known for creating exceptional customer experiences. The Degani franchise provides a pathway for aspiring entrepreneurs to step into the thriving café industry with a recognised brand and a support system that encourages achievement, lifestyle, leadership, connection, partnership and support.

Running a business can be a wild ride, and with the rise of online systems and tools, things can get pretty complex pretty fast! At Degani, we're here to help you cut through the chaos by taking on the nitty-gritty of implementing and managing these systems, leaving you free to focus on what you do best - growing your business!

Our Degani Management System (DMS) is like your own personal support network - a suite of software, systems, and processes that'll make running your Degani smoother than a fresh latte. Designed with you in mind, it'll take care of all those tedious day-to-day administrative tasks, so you can keep your eye on the prize - delivering the best possible experience to your guests and driving those sales through the roof!

Marketing support

Degani Café sets you up with comprehensive marketing support. We offer initial branding assistance, local promotion strategies, and digital marketing aid for a strong online presence. Degani provides continuous help including social media campaigns, ad templates, and PR tactics. This empowers you to connect with your target audience, boosting foot traffic and brand loyalty. Count on Degani's strategies to elevate your cafe's visibility and growth as a new franchisee, benefiting from our established reputation and marketing expertise.

Training provided

Degani Café has a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of cafe operations, including food prep, customer service, and business management. With hands-on guidance from experienced professionals, you'll gain the skills and confidence to run your franchise smoothly. Whether it's crafting the perfect latte or managing inventory, Degani's training equips you for excellence in the competitive market. We stand by you every step of the way, from initial setup to ongoing guidance, setting you up for a rewarding and fulfilling franchise journey.


Embark on your Degani Café journey with confidence, even without prior experience. Our comprehensive training program covers all aspects of cafe management, from crafting coffee to business operations. We'll equip you with the skills and knowledge you need. Trust Degani to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a fulfilling franchise venture.

Length of Agreement

Our franchise agreement spans 7 years, aligning seamlessly with premises lease terms. Enjoy the stability of a long-term commitment, and the option to renew, ensuring continued stability in the heart of the cafe business.

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The Degani family opened a little bakery café in Clifton Hill in 1999, with fresh pastries, delicious breakfasts and a unique smooth coffee, that saw the locals queueing each morning. From that day on Degani has always been about delighting local customers by becoming a part of each community. Just like our coffee, we know that every customer deserves a tailored experience, so every café design and every menu is created to meet the needs of the local community and the café owner. We call this My Degani.

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