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  •  Who We Are

Steven Boyd and Cameron Ryan joined forces and launched Boyd Ryan Business Sales & Consultants in 2012 having identified a gap in the business sales and consultancy market in Victoria. Together Boyd Ryan offers over 9 years of business sales and consultancy experience. Clients benefit from professional and innovative marketing, outstanding negotiation skills and unrivalled professionalism towards achieving the best outcome possible for their business.

Having bought and sold a number of small businesses themselves, Steve and Cameron have experienced first hand what vendors and purchasers are going through when trying to sell/ buy a business. Understanding this is paramount and allows them to deliver the client’s desired result in a qualified and caring manner.

  • Why Choose Us

Whether you are buying or selling a business Boyd Ryan have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you achieve your objective of obtaining the best possible price together with the best possible terms. Over a combined 9 years of business sales experience, Steven Boyd and Cameron Ryan have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to their clients in the areas of customer service, professionalism, and industry specific knowledge. Successfully facilitating a significant number of settled business sales over this time is a testament to these competencies.

Business brokerage is regarded as the most demanding of all disciplines in the facilitation of transferring business ownership from one party to another. Boyd Ryan have become experts in business sales and consultancy through their years of experience and specific training programs. Boyd Ryan are continuously raising the bar in their level of competency and expertise by maintaining high accreditation standards.

If you are seriously considering buying or selling a business, minimise your risk. Put the skills, knowledge and experience of Boyd Ryan to work for you to achieve the best outcome possible for your business.

  • A Competitive Advantage

The process of buying or selling a business can be time consuming and overwhelming. Boyd Ryan have the experience to ensure the process of buying or selling a business is smooth and a ‘win- win’ situation for all parties. Boyd Ryan know how to properly appraise businesses, how to structure the marketing and advertising to attract the widest possible audience, and how to manage the entire sales process from the initial listing meeting through to settlement.

For both buyers and sellers, using Boyd Ryan will mean having an experienced, knowledgeable professional representing you in the transaction. Boyd Ryan ensures you will leave the transaction confident that you got the very best outcome, and that the whole process was handled and managed properly from start to finish.

Boyd Ryan are dedicated to best practice standards being maintained to preserve the reputation and continuing success of their firm, and closely follows the Australian Institute of Business Brokers “Code of Conduct & Ethics”. Boyd Ryan strive to keep up-to-date with local legislation, industry issues and trends allowing them to operate at the highest technical and ethical level, utilising ‘best practice’ approach and methodologies.

Boyd Ryan prides themselves on fresh, dynamic marketing and strive to stay ahead of the competition with creative and innovative strategies that challenge the traditional and somewhat antiquated manner in which business sales have traditionally been performed throughout Victoria and Australia. Boyd Ryan are committed to the continuing development of their systems and marketing strategies to ensure the sale process is successful, smooth and quick for all clients.

  • A Proven Track Record

Boyd Ryan have the experience and expertise to handle any business sale from the smaller mum and dad sized owner operator sale to the most intricate multi-million dollar sale. Boyd Ryan have been involved in the facilitation of a significant number of settled business sales and continue to excel in the business sales industry.

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