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SEEK Business and 10 THOUSAND FEET are excited to bring you the topfranchise Awards

"There is still a buzz every year from winning the topfranchise Award and knowing our franchisees are happy."

Matt Fitzpatrick, National Franchise Recruitment Manager, Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisors

The topfranchise Awards recognise franchisors of choice, and exist to help potential franchise owners identify and connect with franchisors that excel in areas that are important to existing franchisees.

The awards acknowledge franchises that perform well, as rated by their current franchisees, so you can find the best franchise opportunities in Australia!

"As the awards come directly from the feedback of franchisees we felt this was a good indicator of our support process. We are a company that is open and transparent and look forward to franchisees comments to help grow present and future franchisees."

Warren Ballantyne, Managing Director & Founder, Gutter-Vac

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We're proud to present the 2017 topfranchise Award winners

Rank Franchise Sites Number of site locations Rating
2Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers31484
3Ferguson Plarre6877
4Mister Minit20477
5Soul Origin7775
6Kwik Kopy Printing9375
8Mrs. Fields Bakery Café4670
9Cafe2U Mobile Cafe14969
10Bridgestone Australia17469
Rank Franchise Sites Number of site locations Rating
3Ferguson Plarre6882
4Bridgestone Australia17481
5Mister Minit20478
6Kwik Kopy Printing9377
7The Cheesecake Shop18376
8Snap-on Tools15675
9Cafe2U Mobile Cafe14974
Rank Franchise Sites Number of site locations Rating
2Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers31493
3Waves DETAIL PRO3792
4Just Better Care3489
5Xpresso Mobile Cafe4188
6Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash17887
8Mister Minit20486
9Ferguson Plarre6885
10Soul Origin7784
Rank Franchise Sites Number of site locations Rating
2Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers31485
3Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash17877
4Ferguson Plarre6876
5Kwik Kopy Printing9373
6Soul Origin7772
7Mister Minit20470
8Mrs. Fields Bakery Café4670
10Expense Reduction Analysts2263
Rank Franchise Sites Number of site locations Rating
2Shoebox Bookkeeping2987
3Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers31484
4Ferguson Plarre6876
5Mister Minit20475
6Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash17875
7Soul Origin7774
8Kwik Kopy Printing9374
9Mrs. Fields Bakery Café4672
10RE/MAX Australia7770
Rank Franchise Sites Number of site locations Rating
2Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers31476
3Ferguson Plarre6874
4Soul Origin7772
5The Coffee Guy2271
6RE/MAX Australia7768
7Kwik Kopy Printing9366
8Xpresso Mobile Cafe4165
9Mrs. Fields Bakery Café4664
10Magic Hand Carwash4962
Rank Franchise Sites Number of site locations Rating
2Waves DETAIL PRO3790
3Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers31490
4Fifo Capital6382
5Expense Reduction Analysts2281
6Car Care 7278
7Xpresso Delight14174
8Xpresso Mobile Cafe4174
10Kwik Kopy Printing9374

Last year over 1,000 franchisees were surveyed, covering a range of key areas. Each franchisee was asked 40 questions, with the feedback used to benchmark performance in comparison to other franchise systems.


The winners were evaluated by their existing franchisees, and include an overall award along with six category-specific awards. Performance is ranked across marketing, branding, passion and culture, support and operational systems, lifestyle and opportunities for expansion. Franchises can choose which award categories they enter, and all Australian franchise brands with 15 or more franchisees were able to enter.

Why enter the awards?

The topfranchise Awards offer franchise brands the opportunity to be recognised as a franchisor of choice.

The awards help you raise your franchise's profile, get recognised, and benchmark against the franchising industry. Feedback from an independent 3rd party helps endorse and give credibility to your system and processes, which in turn can help you boost franchisee recruitment.

The awards acknowledge activities and achievements undertaken by franchisors as rated by their franchisees, and encourage engagement and deeper relationships between franchisors and their existing franchisees.

"You have so much you can learn by asking your franchisee network the right questions. Even negative feedback is an opportunity for growth. Yes, you may expose a shortfall, but it's better than sticking your head in the sand and pretending all is okay."

Matt Fitzpatrick, National Franchise Recruitment Manager, Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisors

"Support from head office can only be provided when the needs and concerns of the franchisees, as well as the market, are fully understood. And the only way to really understand is to research, spend time and really listen."

Simon Beaty, Managing Director, Snooze


10 THOUSAND FEET is a full-service, ISO certified market research house. In addition to providing franchisee satisfaction services they offer a full range of quantitative and qualitative research services, in areas such as new product development, communications testing, customer experience, segmentation strategy, market sizing and optimisation, brand health and motivational research.

For over 14 years the team of senior researchers at 10 THOUSAND FEET have been working with organisations to offer insights and advice to help them connect more deeply with their stakeholders.