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Ziggy's Eatery is all about great food, made by people who freaking love what they do. Because life's too damn short to dread going to work every day.

That's why we're inviting you to join our little family and open a Ziggy's of your very own. Giving you the possibility to be passionate about what you do and own it.

We live for the creative passion that goes into crafting the perfect bite. The kind of bite that makes your eyes roll to the back of your head, savor the moment and moan.

We know a customer can taste when a burger is handcrafted with love and passion – it's got zest and soul that just can't be beat. It's what makes our burgers and service so damn good. It's why our customers just can't get enough.


It must be real, it must have purpose and it better be bloody interesting. That’s the Ziggy way.

At Ziggy's, we’re passionate about creating damn good food. That passion is what has brought us together as one big family.

It all started back in 2011 when founders Assaf Stizki and Moshik Ferder decided it was about time they turned their passion for food with soul and their 38 years of combined experience into their own venture.

Both growing up in Israel, food has always been a big part of their lives. Everything in their culture revolved around family and good food – and it still is to this day.

Assaf and Moshik take pride in the quality and flavour in their food. By using only the freshest, quality ingredients to create a gourmet, mouth-watering food in a quick service environment, they can connect with the customers on a whole other level.

Who ever said fast food couldn't be friendly, fresh and tasty as?

Let's be honest, owning your own business is hard work.

But when you become a Ziggy, you become a part of the Ziggy family. Which means you'll have the Ziggy's team of experts right by your side every step of the way – people you can trust to help you build a business you're damn excited to run.

Ziggy's has been built from the ground up with a helluva?? lot of blood, sweat and tears – literally. And from that, we've designed every single aspect of the business to maximize efficiency, profitability and focus on great food and great customer service.

What are the benefits of joining the Ziggy's Family?

  • It's a well established and fast growing business
  • Business support and mentoring for the day-to-day restaurant operations
  • Personal mentoring in the kitchen
  • Marketing support and direction, including in-store collateral (e.g. signs and menus), local area marketing, online marketing, social media and website maintenance
  • Group marketing and brand building for the Franchise operation via our trusted agency partners
  • Detailed and tested operations manual
  • Tried and tested customised POS systems
  • Automated online ordering and delivery platforms
  • Automated rostering system and support
  • Extensive business training program

It’s simple really. It’s a lot like a Tinder date...

  1. Download our information pack online.

  2. Come in and check us out. Don't be shy, introduce yourself, have a chat with our staff, taste our food and get a real feel for the Ziggy way. We challenge you to go on a fact-finding mission – you're basically 007 on a top secret mission to find out as much as possible about us.

  3. Make the first move and express your interest via our online enquiry form. Assaf will buzz you for a short and casual phone date.

  4. If you're interested from there (as if you're not!), simply fill out our franchise application form and pay the application fee – and don't worry, it's fully refundable if you don't proceed with the process. From there your application will be assessed – so, we'll run a background check on you 007.

  5. Now, if we think you can zig it and you think you can zig it, we'll provide you with a disclosure document. Take your time with this document. Becoming part of the Ziggy's family isn't a decision to make quickly – we want you to stick around now that we've started getting to know you. So do what you gotta do – go see your accounting ninja, franchise lawyer samurai and business consultant warrior. And don’t be afraid to ask us more questions!

  6. Put a ring on it, lock it down, sign on the dotted line, because we're now family. Boom. Once you've signed the franchise agreement and paid the franchise fee, we're officially family – you may kiss the burger bun.

  7. Now, look directly into the camera and shout 'hello MTV and welcome to my crib' because we gonna get you a fancy new shop location! While it's being built we'll start training you in-house on everything you need to know about operating a successful Ziggy's Eatery business.

  8. Once your shop is ready, you can move in. This just got real, yo! But don't worry, you can't get rid of us that easily. We'll be by your side from day one, literally. We'll be there to get down and dirty with you for a couple of weeks or until you're ready to ride solo.

  9. Even though yo riding solo, you're not alone. We'll still be there by your ride to help you with absolutely anything. Seriously, anything... well, maybe not ANYTHING.

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