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At VOM FASS we provide all of our new partners with the right foundation for building a successful franchise business of which they can be proud. When you become a VOM FASS franchise partner, you'll gain access to a proven system of gourmet foods franchise store management that includes training, marketing and support.

We'll guide you at every step toward becoming a successful VOM FASS franchise partner, because your success is our success.

From the moment you walk into a VOM FASS store, you’ll see how personalized customer service has become an important part of our unique VOM FASS experience. Every customer is encouraged to sample items directly from the cask before purchasing, and is given expert guidance in how to achieve the best possible culinary experience at home using our exclusive product line.If you’d like to turn your passion for gourmet excellence into a unique, profitable franchise business of your own, contact us about our unique franchise opportunities today.

VOM FASS is not your typical franchise. As leaders in gourmet olive oils and vinegars, spices, fine spirits, and wine, VOM FASS is perfectly positioned at the intersection of a variety of emerging trends:

  • Vinegar cocktails
  • Artisan spirits
  • Emerging interest in shrubs (a Colonial-era inspired vinegar drink)
  • Renewed interest in whiskey
  • Fine wines
  • Desire for experiential shopping
  • The amazing health benefits associated with a Mediterranean Diet

VOM FASS makes experiencing these new trends possible for our customers. Although other stores in your area may offer a small selection within several of our product categories, only VOM FASS offers a complete selection of gourmet foods & drink products and at the highest possible standard. 

 As a VOM FASS franchise partner, you'll be the authority on fine taste in your location.


  1. Initial meeting to establish basic details and for an introduction to the Vom Fass concept.
  2. Site proposal, and budget discussion.
  3. Negotiation on site and contact with vendor to establish eligibility.
  4. Solicitor meeting to establish liquor licence viability and proposed contract.
  5. Planning and product selection.
  6. Agreement in principal and terms.
  7. Application for tenancy.
  8. Contracts and initial franchise payment.
  9. Application for liqueur licence.
  10. Fitout planing and final drawings.
  11. Product payments.
  12. Order of shop fixtures and stock.
  13. Fitout and final payment.
  14. Initial fit out.
  15. Product fit out.
  16. Soft open.
  17. Grand opening.

Approx timescales are 4-5 months from initial contact, with contracts and payment.

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy