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Tutti Frutti is the world’s largest international frozen yogurt chain with over 600 stores operating in 26 countries, originating from Los Angeles.

Opened in Australia since 2010, Tutti Frutti was the first international frozen yoghurt chain to bring this unique 100% self-serve model to the country.

Tutti Frutti have established 8 company-owned stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland, with an additional 5 Franchise stores opening soon, bringing the total to 13 outlets. The expanding frozen yogurt chain has plans to hit 50 stores nationwide.

Tutti Frutti has not only reintroduced yogurts into our menus but also cultivated a healthier lifestyle with our hugely popular concept – 100% self serve.

Introducing our concept of a fun and interactive self-serve business model providing a healthier snack/light meal option to the rising health conscious. At Tutti Frutti, there is something for everyone. The vast colourful variety of healthy and wicked toppings and flavours will blow you away. There is never a dull day at Tutti Frutti.

Arguably the most compelling advantage that Tutti Frutti has in the frozen dessert market is its versatility and innovation creating a major advantage for a simple to operate business model without the hassle of cooking, chefs quitting and the daily grind of cleaning grease traps!

Featured Opportunities

Tutti Frutti is an engaging international self-serve FroYo bar where customers have the freedom to create their own sweet treat! By combining our many flavours and expansive selection of toppings, we believe customers will be designing a taste that is unique and delicious in every cup. Be a yogurt trendsetter at Tutti Frutti, ‘cos every cup is deliciously designed by you!

We have been on the field since day one

We at Tutti Frutti pride ourselves on having hands on experience starting from the very first company owned store. We have since grown to 13 stores with the same management team involved in every aspect of the business. We walk the talk.

Site selection and negotiation power

Tutti Frutti works with experience commercial real estate professionals who understand our concept and real eastate criteria. We will guide you to secure the right location at the right RENT!

Simple to run business model

We do not require a scientific genius to operate the store efficiently. Bring your strong work ethics and your pack of smiles to work and you are good to go.


Other key benefits of a Tutti Frutti Franchise are:

  • World’s largest frozen yogurt chain with a proven internationally recognized business model
  • In-depth training & operational support from Master Franchisor headquartered in Australia.
  • No experience required. Business operates with fewer staffs reducing wages.
  • Extremely high margin on yogurt sales with low to no wastage.
  • Work life balanced lifestyle – Easy to operate business model with simple to follow operational procedures.
  • A unique concept offering with attractive fit out attracting impulse buy contributing to increase sales.
  • Australia's first unique mobile loyalty app designed for our loyal fans
  • Multiple store growth opportunities for wealth creation.
  • Turnkey project management for fit out and kitchen supplies.
  • Tutti Frutti targeted marketing programs are catered specifically to target our core customer base


Tutti Frutti Ideal Franchisees

We love enthusiatic and committed franchisees with a smile that goes a long way. A passion for the brand is a must and we encourage franchisees to try out our array of flavourful yoghurts plus toppings before exploring the exciting opportunity. Ideal Tutti Frutti franchisees will have strong work ethics, great personality, willingness to adhere to operational systems, customers comes first attitude and passion for success. 


 What’s Next?

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is taking over the world…

NOW is your chance to be part of something BIG!

Tutti Frutti is a specialty frozen yoghurt chain with over 600 stores worldwide! Currently with over 80 flavours, Tutti Frutti continues its innovation by constantly creating new and unique flavours setting Tutti Frutti apart from the competition. Being an active player in International markets, we clearly understand that not all countries share the same set of cultures and values. We have learned from seeing brands fall in local markets due to in adaptation, whether it be design, marketing, taste or simply way of life. 

Determined to adapt to local conditions and therefore maximize the brand potential in Australia, we have spent countless hours and worked with numerous consultants in areas covering store operations, design and marketing, financial modeling, franchising and property sourcing. 

Tutti Frutti did not happen by chance, it is a brand built on strong fundamentals that we believe is key drivers to the success of the business. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do! We appreciate your interest in a Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt Franchise and would love to have you as part of our growing chain.

To get started simply fill in your details and click SEND or call 1300 FRANCHISE (1300 372 624) to speak to our Franchising Team.

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