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Our Unique Business Model

At Transworld, we have a unique business model that makes us a world leader in the commercial brokerage business. Our successful business model has allowed us to soar to new heights, helping our company become number one in the business brokerage industry in the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 listing.

Here are a few reasons that makes our business model so great:

• You can work from anywhere you want and not necessarily behind a desk all day
• Incentives from referrals
• Potential for high profits due to both clients and referrals
• Ongoing franchisor support throughout the entire business’s lifespan

What we did with the Transworld Business Advisors is we combined three successful industries and income streams into the same business: franchise consulting, franchise development, and business brokerage. These are three separate industries and income streams, but there is a lot of overlap and a lot of synergy that happens with all three of these industries.

Franchise Consulting

The first income stream is franchise consulting. We represent almost 300 different franchise concepts and all different industries are all different investment levels. This means that you get to work with clients looking to buy a franchise based on their:

• Backgrounds
• Interests
• Investment levels

You can help match them up with the franchise that best fits their criteria. If this proves to be a successful match, you could be paid a referral fee from the franchisor ranging anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000, averaging at $15,000

Franchise Development:

The second income stream is franchise development. This would be more aimed towards clients who are not looking to buy or sell a business, but they either have a concept or an up and running business that they are looking to turn into a franchise.

Just like the first income stream, franchise development incorporates incentives for doing well. If you refer someone to our Franchise Development department, and it’s a successful match, you will be paid a referral fee of $20,000! Talk about worthy incentives.

Business Brokerage:

The third income stream is Business Brokerage. If you ask people that have worked with a business broker what their experience was like, the majority would say, “not that great.” Here are a few things to watch out for when looking for a business broker:

• Brokers who are too deal oriented and don’t care about the customer as much as the deal being made
• Brokers who are looking to just get a listing on a business and burn through buyers until they find someone to buy that particular listing
• Brokers who don’t spend much time building relationships with clients or educating the buyer or seller through the process

However, at Transworld, we consider people the number one priority over getting the deal done. Creating relationships with clients is incredibly important to us and it’s one of the reasons we grew to the largest privately held business brokerage in America.

A few things we pride ourselves in with our business is:

• Teaching clients how to prepare their business for sale
• Teaching sellers what to do when they sell their business
• Helping sellers know how to value the business and knowing what their business is worth
• Teaching you how to confidentially market the business

The reason why it’s important to be confidential about marketing a business is because you don’t want employees, customers, or vendors to know your business is for sale. This reasoning is because you want to continue attracting buyers, but still maintain the confidentiality of the business. Unlike real estate, you can’t just put a listing on a house or property or put a sign out on the front lawn. Confidentiality is one thing we can’t stress enough.

The next thing we would teach you is how to qualify and work with buyers. All of these things are important with Transworld, and that’s why you will have help with you every step of the process so you’ll never be left alone in the dark.

Why us

Transworld Business Advisors takes pride in being a world leader in the commercial brokerage business. Every year that the company has been franchising it has been ranked number one in the business brokerage industry in the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 listing. Transworld Business Advisors offers franchisees a turnkey opportunity that has a high profit potential and is easy to start and easy to run. The franchise is backed by United Franchise Group, so there is a core network of strength that franchisees can tap into at any time.

Low Cost Investment

Transworld Business Advisors is a low cost franchise opportunity. With a low franchise fee of $49,500, no inventory or equipment to buy or maintain, and exceedingly low rents due to the limited required space to run the business, the initial and overall investment needed to buy into the Transworld Business Advisors concept is very low. The business can also be run by a single owner if desired, eliminating the costs associated with staffing and payroll.

Quality of Life Business

Franchisees create their own work schedules and can work from any location that they desire. The business is run mainly using online communication tools and a telephone, so franchisees have flexibility in where, when, and how they work. This allows franchisees to put family first and fulfill outside obligations easily while effectively running a Transworld Business Advisors franchise.

High Profit Potential

Transworld Business Advisors has a unique business model that combines franchise consulting, business brokerage, and franchise development. Transworld Business Advisors works with about 300 different franchise concepts. Transworld franchisees help to match up entrepreneurs that are looking to purchase a franchise with a company that meets their interests, backgrounds, and investment levels. If the match is successful, the franchisor pays a referral fee.

As a business brokerage company, Transworld Business Advisors works with both buyers and sellers of businesses, working to find an ideal match for every client. Transworld Business Advisors takes pride in offering franchisees the ability to use a database that helps to keep business sales confidential, which helps to keep the selling process from affecting the existing business. For business owners that wish to expand instead of sell, Transworld Business Advisors helps to develop a franchise concept. For each successful franchise development, Transworld franchisees are paid $20,000.

Strong Supportive Network

Transworld Business Advisors franchisees have access to a strong supporting network of professionals and peers, in addition to the resources that are provided to operate the business. Transworld Business Advisors has been operational for about 20 years and United Franchise Group has been operational for 30 years, so professionals from both outfits have strong business concepts to use as an example of how to successfully operate. Franchisees are never truly alone; there is always someone available that can lend a hand.

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Transworld Business Advisors

$70,000 - $80,000
Franchise New
Create the lifestyle you want. Booming industry with low overheads and massive profit potential. Enjoy a proper work-life balance with the support of a company with a 30+ year track record. more ››
Business Bokerage franchise | Franchise Consulting | home based | Sydney

Transworld Business Advisors

$70,000 - $80,000
Franchise New
Create the lifestyle you want. Booming industry with low overheads and massive profit potential. Enjoy a proper work-life balance with the support of a company with a 30+ year track record. more ››
Business Brokerage Franchise | Home based | Virtual Office | Perth | Consulting

Transworld has over $1B In Businesses Listed Worldwide.

Franchisees that choose to join the Transworld Business Advisors team may enjoy a career that is financially lucrative and allows a high quality of life. The business brokerage industry is thriving now more than ever before as baby boomers that wish to retire sell their businesses and entrepreneurs looking to own their own businesses are able to secure the funds as a result of the recovering economy. Transworld Business Advisors franchisees capitalise on the business brokerage industry, but they also procure revenues from the thriving franchise industry.

Growing Franchise Industry

In 2014, the Franchise Council of Australia reported that the franchise industry accounted for $144 bn in sales turnover. In 2016, the franchise industry is expected again to be dominant force in the Australian economy.

Franchising dominates every industry that gets into it and has continued to create jobs at a faster pace than the rest of the economy for five consecutive years. Transworld Business Advisors franchisees help successful companies to break into the franchise industry and help franchisors to franchise more stores, capitalising on this steadily growing industry.

Beneficial for Customers

Businesses benefit from working with a Transworld Business Advisors franchise to sell their business, as businesses can be listed confidentially. This protects the existing business, allowing it to run without interruptions from customers or employees that are wary of the sale. Business buyers also benefit from this discreet system, as new owners are often met with a degree of skepticism that makes it difficult to smoothly transition into position. Both sides benefit from the use of a system that matches buyers and sellers and allows the best deals and best fit.

Businesses that choose to franchise benefit from consulting with Transworld Business Advisors franchisees. The company has years of experience that have been used to develop a proven system for franchising that is relied upon when assisting clients in developing their own unique franchise systems and processes. Entrepreneurs benefit from working with Transworld Business Advisors franchisees because the company works with over 300 franchise companies, so a vast array of opportunities are presented at the best rates.

Zero Inventory and Low Business Costs

Another attractive aspect of the business brokerage industry is the low business costs associated with operating a zero inventory company. While the healthy state of the industry increases profit potential, the costs to enter the industry and maintain the business are exceptionally low. Franchisees can expect to pay little for rent, a percentage of sales for royalties, and a monthly fee to maintain the technology and marketing that fuel the business. The costs are much lower than most other types of franchises, while the profit potential is greater.

As we have grown into a global network of brokers, Transworld Business Advisors has been awarded several accolades along the way including Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 and their special categories for top home-based and fastest growing franchise systems.

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