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Established in 2010, TQ Stone Products has progressed to be a leading supplier of machinery, polishing tools, air tools and all products associated with the marble, granite and engineered stone industry. Our number one strategic point of difference is owner operated mobile showrooms, stocking and delivering those products and services on a regular and convenient timetable to our valued customers.

I was inspired to start TQ Stone Products while I was still operating my own stone masonry workshop. I noticed that the industry was growing at an exceptionally fast rate, however, there was still only one main company supplying consumables to the stonemasons. I felt that this company could do better in terms of customer service and I wanted to bring a more personal touch to the customer's door.

My goal now is to be the biggest, most professional and innovative supplier of machinery and consumables to the marble, granite and engineered stone industry in Australia. With your help, I know we can do this.

We are focussed on establishing and maintaining a friendly and cooperative franchised group environment, where the team is more important than the individual. Where the Franchisor and Franchisee act together to achieve the entire organisation’s goals and objectives. In other words, “Partners in Profit”, with the common goals of success, financial rewards for all, and of course, achieving a healthy work / life balance.

Thank you for considering TQ Stone Products.

Chris Burgess
Founder and Managing Director
TQ Stone Products

Today’s customers are very discerning and their needs differ from one to another. We all like to be treated with a “personal touch” and at TQ Stone Products this is a given; in fact it is a priority that must be upheld by everyone. TQ Stone Products offers potential franchisees a unique position based on a culture of exceptional products and customer service along with a growing strong reputation in the industry.

Some of the benefits our system can immediately supply you with include:

*Growing Market Recognition
TQ Stone Products has been operating successfully for six (6) years and our brand is synonymous with the high quality of products and services that we provide.

*Proven Business System
Our proven formula can be seen by the success of the existing operations and incorporating of the updated franchise systems for the WA operation.

*Industry Expertise
Chris Burgess, the founder, has gathered considerable industry knowledge, expertise and experience over a very long period of time. The franchise company, TQSP Franchising Pty Ltd, has consolidated this market knowledge and experience and is able to make it available to you from day one.

*Group Buying Power
Core products, corporate uniforms, insurance, advertising, etc. - Virtually any product or service which we as a group can buy in bulk, we will strive to receive a price discount for you from our suppliers. Again, helping franchisees to achieve an even better bottom line profit for their business.

*Marketing and Awareness
The Support Office will conduct group marketing activities with the objective of increasing the brand awareness and recognition in all regions being serviced. Most small businesses do not have the expense budget that allows them to advertise enough to enable their business to grow as quickly as they would like.

*Training and Support
Access to training, backup and support, are some of the major keys to success. Our training is designed to ensure that all franchisees have the knowledge and tools required to succeed.

These are only a few of the many benefits of becoming a franchisee of TQ Stone Products, and we will do our very best to provide as much value to our franchisees as possible. The reason we do this is simple - for us to be successful as a franchisor, it is vital (not just ideal), that you as a franchisee must first be successful.

You are the key ingredient to the success of a TQ Stone Products franchise.
It is difficult to typecast a “model” franchisee for our system; however there are some important characteristics that you absolutely must have or be prepared to commit to developing-

*Industry Knowledge
This is not a prerequisite. However, it would be a benefit if franchisees had prior experience in sales in the industrial products arena or other similar roles. Similarly, a background in business, sales, managerial or marketing roles would also be an advantage.

*Work Ethic
Nothing happens or is achieved without hard work. Be sure that you are prepared for it. Being in your own business is in no way similar to having a job. You must have a genuine desire to work for yourself and be able to run your own business with our help.

*Enjoy Yourself
This is a people business. You cannot afford to be shy and timid, you will need to be bright and cheerful all of the time and learn to enjoy the customer relationships that will be a part of your business.

*Customer Focussed
It is vital to understand that we are a service business. Our customers deserve the best service and this will involve your understanding of some sales and public relations techniques.

This is an important characteristic for anyone wanting to become a TQ Stone Products franchisee. Set yourself some realistic goals and then work with us to achieve them. Our system needs high achievers, so be certain that you are capable of going the extra mile, all of the time.

If you like what you see and you think a TQ Stone Products franchise might be right for you, please complete and submit your expression of interest using the form.

We will contact you to provide you with further information and answer any questions you might have about the TQ Stone Products opportunity.

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