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Total Fitouts offers you a world of opportunity!

We are the fastest-growing international franchise fitouts company in Australia and New Zealand, and our franchise owners have completed projects for some of the best-known corporate brands in the country.


Total Fitouts was a concept that was birthed by Managing Director Jeremy Dyer. Having spent several years in the fitout industry, Jeremy started his own construction and fitout company before realising that there was a need for an easy, yet high standard ‘concept to completion’ fitout solution in Australia and worldwide.

By teaming up with the directors of two of the largest international home building and renovation companies, Total Fitouts has been able to bring a whole new experience to the fitout market. The team from Total Fitouts saw the same distinct lack of professionalism, customer service, marketing strategy and innovation as they did in the home building and renovation industry.

Believing that business owners deserved a better experience when setting up, expanding or refreshing their business, the team decided to create a business model that gave Total Fitouts owners the tools to offer a complete, simple and professional fitout solution to clients, no matter where they are situated.

Understanding that we work in a professional and sophisticated market, our ‘concept to completion’ experience through exceptional service, leading-edge processes and systems, gives clients confidence and a high level of customer satisfaction when they deal with our passionate Total Fitouts teams at every level.

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There are so many reason to become a part of the Total Fitouts Family, but here is a few:


When your business carries the Total Fitouts brand, it gives you a significant edge over your competitors as you establish a franchise in your own marketplace. You have the advantage of standout brand recognition and professional marketing materials – the highest standard in the industry.


As a high-growth brand in Australia and New Zealand, more and more suppliers want to associate their brand with ours – giving Total Fitouts leverage with suppliers not normally available to small business operators. These special contract rates for Total Fitouts franchisees are negotiated with state and national suppliers, so wherever you are, you are likely to have access to our great buying power.


We always say, at Total Fitouts you are in your own business, but not on your own. Once you establish networks in our business you become part of a team with an outstanding range of experience. So when you need advice from someone that has been there before, it is likely we have that person right here – these are people who are your colleagues – team members who can help you to reach the benchmarks you want to see in your own business.


Part of your training and support is our ‘Start-up Program’ where you will learn some keys to business success. Getting consistent business through the door is of key importance to you and to us, that’s why we have developed a number of lead-generation strategies that have been tested and proven in the Total Fitouts business.

Total Fitouts is a sales and marketing driven business and from time to time you will receive leads through our corporate or state offices, some of which will progress to quote stage and then to delivery.

However, you will also learn the art and science of lead generation for your own business – something that most operators in our market don’t understand. When you learn how to implement these important, but simple strategies, you will see how a business that works with our lead-generation model can increase it’s success rate significantly.


We believe our project-based computer systems are the best in the industry. Not only do they create a highly professional and efficient image to our customers, they are designed to help you keep your business on track and running smoothly.
Our innovative systems cover lead generation through to estimating, job management, invoicing, scheduling and accounting. Total Fitouts has invested heavily in these systems, and they are the envy of the industry.


Risk Minimisation is a critical part of running a profitable and hassle-free business, yet it’s an area that is so commonly overlooked. Total Fitouts has a close relationship with one of the best in the business when it comes to Contract Documentation (Terms of Trade) and Credit Control.


Having clear terms and conditions of trade is another key component to ensure the smooth running of your business. From website terms covering the use of your business site, to payment terms making all due dates and amounts explicit and clear, the right Terms of Trade can make a huge difference to your bottom line.


For peace-of-mind it is important to be aware of the PPSA – but you don’t have to be an expert – we have the right contacts that will make sure you are a secured creditor ‘just in case’. This simply means that if a client gets into financial difficulty, you will be a preferred creditor and paid before anyone who isn’t (even before the ATO).


Total Fitouts is one of the best franchisors in the franchise industry when it comes to the initial cost of buying a franchise and on-going fixed fees. At Total Fitouts there is NO continuous fixed franchise fee.

Your initial invest is only $45,000, with a non-refundable deposit of $1650 that is required to secure your area until final agreements are prepared.

Our very competitive on-going franchise and marketing fee is paid monthly, based ONLY on sales invoiced, it’s NOT a fixed monthly fee that has to be paid even when you are starting up.

Our franchise fee is 5% and our marketing fee is 1%.
The total of 6% is always built into the job cost, so it is automatically factored into the invoice and makes it simple and easy at the end of the day.


Most of our Total Fitouts directors are also directors of two of the most successful brands in the home building and home renovations industries. Their experience is just part of Total Fitouts success.


  1. If you haven’t been contacted by a Total Fitouts representative already, you can send an email to to organise a time for one of our team to give you a more in-depth overview of the business and to answer any questions you may have. We will also run you through our confidentiality agreement, a form that protects the Total Fitouts franchising system and the investment made by other franchise owners.

  2. If you decide you would like to take the next step towards joining the Total Fitouts team, we will ask you to complete a Total Fitouts Expression of Interest and return it to your Total Fitouts representative. This form requires some personal details so that Total Fitouts can assess whether a potential franchise is the right fit for our business and is the right fit for you. Your personal details are protected in accordance with the Privacy Act.

  3. The next stage will be a franchise disclosure document, this outlines legally who we are and at the same time we will provide you with documents for you and your advisors to review.

  4. Once comfortable with these documents you will then move on to final documents. You will be required to hold these for the minimum amount of time as determined by the Franchising Code of Conduct.

  5. Once agreements have been signed you will officially become apart of the Total Fitouts family. From here you will undertake your initial training followed by an ongoing development plan. You will be on the way to becoming a successful Total Fitouts team member!


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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy