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We’re looking for good apples!

Top Juice is the next generation of fast food outlets. As consumers steer away from unhealthy options, demand for fast, convenient food is stronger than ever. Top Juice offers premium yet affordable juices, salads, yoghurts and smoothies made from fresh fruits and vegetables as well as delightful treats like chocolate covered figs and strawberries.

From humble beginnings as a family-owned fruit and vegetable store in Sydney’s Double Bay, the Top Juice brand is now engaged in a rapid expansion strategy. In 2012, the company more than doubled in size growing to 12 Top Juice stores and in 2013, due to high demand, the franchise program has launched to sustain this continued growth.

Our corporate values of Health, Innovation, Passion, and Integrity translate across everything we do.

At Top Juice you won’t find your fruit salad filled with low-cost bruised melons or smoothies created with reconstituted or sugar laden ingredients. The natural state of fruits and vegetables are preserved to create a menu filled with exotic ingredients, fresh from the market and direct from Australian farmers.

With an ever-changing menu of exciting combinations, from fruit salads with dragonfruit to protein shakes with natural fresh coconut water - consumers will never tire of the Top Juice offering, with all-day food options and a commitment to continued innovation.

We’re looking for good apples: highly-motivated health conscious owner - operators who would like to join our passionate team.

Top Juice is a fully integrated juice bar and fast food chain specialising in healthy premium juices, smoothies, yoghurts and salads made from fresh natural ingredients.

The brand initially launched in 2008 with a juice bar in Sydney’s CBD, but the origins of the business date back to our first fruit and vegetable store which began trading in Double Bay, NSW in the early 1990’s. Today we have a chain of successful company owned outlets in prime retail locations in Sydney and Melbourne.

Our rapid organic expansion over the last 12 months has driven the opportunity for continued growth with the release of a franchise program in 2013. As part of our new franchise system, you have the opportunity to shape the company’s future success.

Why choose Top Juice as a Franchise?

There are so many attractions to owning a Top Juice Franchise, here are just a few:

A new Franchise option: As a new alternative, you have the opportunity to be part of a growing success story.

Strong earning potential: You will profit from our cost efficient and high demand business model.

A brand following: Own a brand that’s loved by consumers and Australian farmers alike.

No dirty work: Enjoy minimal in-store food preparation and a clean food environment.

Control: Our strategy enables you to control your own local marketing efforts.

Cost-effective investment: The funds required to own a Top Juice store are highly competitive to other franchise options.

Continued success: Top Juice satisfies the market trend towards premium unprocessed health foods.

Training provided: Franchisees receive a comprehensive 2½ week training program across all aspects of store operations, marketing, food hygiene, customer service and retail with ongoing support.

Marketing support: There is comprehensive support in place to help you maximise your local marketing opportunities. This includes store opening promotions, in store point of sale, brand awareness, online and social media, catering and much more.

Immediate Franchise opportunities: We are currently looking for Franchisees to operate Top Juice stores in prime locations across Sydney, NSW regional areas and interstate.


Top Juice caters to the educated health-conscious consumer and we pride ourselves on offering ‘no gimmicks’ – just natural, unprocessed food options. With fruit salads containing exotic and seasonal varieties like dragonfruit, and protein shakes with fresh coconut water, we are committed to continual innovation and quality in our menu.

At Top Juice you won’t find fruit salad made with low-cost bruised melons, or smoothies filled with reconstituted ingredients and hidden sugar. The natural state of fruits and vegetables is preserved to create a menu filled with exotic ingredients fresh from the market and direct from Australian farmers.

As we continue to grow, we are on the lookout for good apples to join our team of passionate and committed franchisees who:

*Live a health conscious lifestyle and enjoy fresh, quality fruits and vegetable

*Are looking for an opportunity to own and manage an exciting new business

* Are able to invest a minimum of $300,000+GST

If this sounds like you, simply complete the online enquiry form, outlining any additional questions you may have, and our dedicated franchise team will be in touch.

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Media Release

December 2012

Top Juice, a growing success

Australian company, Top Juice has hit a chord with consumers in its offering as a healthy fast food retailer. In the last 12 months the company more than doubled its number of stores, opening 7 stores across New South Wales and entering Victoria for the first time.

The Aussie love for traditional fast food chains is diminishing as consumers become more educated in health and nutrition. However, with consumer lifestyles busier than ever, the demand for fast and convenient food stands stronger than ever.

Top Juice offers an unprocessed and natural menu with all-day food options.

Barry Barber, General Manager Top Juice says, “You can eat something from our menu morning, noon and night – without the guilt. Healthy food can be associated with bland, uninteresting and unappetizing foods. However at Top Juice, you’ll find delicious and exotic ingredients across our range of juices, smoothies, yogurts and salads made from fresh fruits and vegetables.”

“Our yoghurts taste so creamy, yet they are completely natural and 99 per cent fat-free. Customers are always surprised and delighted when we tell them,” he adds.

With five stores at the start of 2012, Top Juice expanded to 12 stores opening in Eastgardens, Chatswood, Birkenhead Point, Miranda, Parramatta, Burwood and Rhodes.

The company is committed to continued growth with plans to launch a franchise program to sustain this success in 2013.

“There are no signs of this growth faltering – and our vision to become the number one retail brand for healthy, delicious, and convenient ‘fast food’ is quickly being realised,” Barry said.

Top Juice is a fast growing Australian company, with humble beginnings as a single fruit and vegetable store in Sydney. The company centres its business upon unprocessed, high quality food options and continual innovation in its offering. Top Juice currently operates 12 stores across New South Wales and Victoria.

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