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  • Be your own boss in a mobile tool van working 5 days a week
  • Retain independent business with the security of having a marketing brand to support you
  • Sell tools to businesses involved in the service and repair of cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, small aircraft and earth moving equipment
  • Be assigned your own geographic area to work within, ensuring no conflict with other vannies
  • Proper business system that rewards you and your family for your efforts
  • Newtools, Toolforce’s parent company, imports and distributes high quality tools to you meaning no driving around to multiple stores all day to purchase your stock
  • Professional use tools only including the most well known and respected brands in the business with range of good, better and best
  • Not just driving a van – you are operating a mobile retail store selling tools to your customers premises
  • Toolforce will make you money

As a group, Toolforce offers a proven partnership package.

This includes:

  • No expensive commercial leases on retail premises – a Toolforce operator owns their retail space: it has four wheels!
  • No ongoing licensee royalties – we are in the same business as our operators: selling tools.
  • Advertising, marketing and promotions provided by Toolforce.
  • Ongoing negotiations with suppliers to ensure Toolforce operators achieve the best available price.
  • Opportunity to expand/sell or divide areas as some vannies have already done.
  • 2.5% rebate in December of each year providing minimum purchases per month are met
  • Toolforce’s success is directly linked to the success of its van operators – we want you to succeed so well give you all the backing we can.

Steps to Joining Toolforce

  • Initial investment to purchase van, fitout, opening stock, software, stationery and uniforms
  • Toolforce van operators work in an agreed geographical area
  • Sales enquiries forwarded to you from head office
  • Newtools makes selling easier by advising on best candidates to sell to in your area
  • 30 day account with Newtools Australia Pty Ltd
  • All stock is invoiced and paid at end of following month of purchase
  • Special discount structure on selected products

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What Other Say About Toolforce


I was originally a motor mechanic by trade before becoming an independent tool reseller for three years. I then made the switch to Toolforce and I haven’t looked back.’

‘It’s great. The setup is simple and effective. I’m still independent but now have the fantastic support from the guys at Newtools who provide immediate assistance on stock, promotional recommendations and warranty support.’

‘I feel like a VIP. I have great purchasing power, which gives me the advantage of offering competitive prices. I also enjoy being part of an identified group which has great brand awareness – Toolforce is a brand customers trust and associate themselves with.’

‘I would definitely recommend becoming a Toolforce van operator. It’s not like a franchise where you have bosses breathe down your neck. You are your own business but have great support, promotions and incentives. This has allowed me to conduct a smooth and profitable operation.



'Toolforce are great, they are nice guys who come across well and are always polite. I know I can rely on them and whenever I need something in a hurry I can trust them to always deliver.'

'I have been in the aviation repair industry for over twenty years now and have been buying off Toolforce since day one. There is no need for me to go to anyone else, as Toolforce provides me with the complete service and makes my job a whole lot easier.'

'I have over 40 employees and would I definitely recommend all my staff to purchase their tools from Toolforce. With a wide range of quality tools I have confidence in my staff’s equipment knowing it is purchased from Toolforce.'

'They offer competitive prices, are extremely loyal and aren’t aggressive in their approach like some competitors. They treat you with respect, look after you and are incredibly reliable. That’s what we enjoy most.'

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