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The Original Poster Company is the world’s largest greeting card franchise.

The company was founded in 1991 in the UK, and we have successfully grown throughout Europe, America, Canada, South America and now, Australia.    

For over 20 years, OPC has provided a high level of support for both franchisees and retailers making us the number one franchised distributor of greeting cards in the world today.Experience has taught us that constant innovation within our popular and diverse ranges of greeting cards is necessary to ensure we can offer some of the fastest selling designs in the greeting card industry.Distributing our greeting cards through our franchise network with unparalleled training and on-going support for our franchisees, guarantees service excellence for our valued retailers.

Our service offering includes free expert advice, support, store merchandising and delivery and consumer focused displays for the retailer. Our franchisees don't even request upfront payment for our greeting cards!Because it is all based on sale or return – the retailer simply pays for what they sell.  It's an approach which has led to goodwill being fostered with our retailers and is the cornerstone of our successful franchise network.

The Original Poster Company produces and designs high quality, fast selling, greeting cards, bags and wrap. 

The cards are supplied to retail outlets on consignment, so there is no upfront cost for stock for the retailer.

Running an Original Poster Company (OPC) Franchise is a proven simple operation which is designed to be profitable, productive and cost efficient.

  • You install a planned greeting card range in an independent retail outlet or a National Account store 
  • You service your outlet once a month to maintain the display by restocking and developing the ranges 
  • You collect your money for the stock sold or invoice the National Account via our Support Centre
  • You do not need previous experience in greeting cards or selling as excellent training is provided
  • You can operate an Original Poster Company franchise from home and use a family sized car for the business

With an Original Poster Company franchise you have full on-going support and training, National Accounts, unique products and a proven opportunity to make money and grow your capital investment!

How it works.

We look for people;

  • Who are confident in customer relations.
  • Have a strong desire to change their lives through being successful in business.
  • Who want to work from home and have somewhere to store stock.
  • Who have their own transport to visit retailers and deliver stock.
  • Who want the flexibility the franchise provides, however, are still prepared to put the same effort in as they would in a usual job.

What does it cost, and what do I get for that?

You have the opportunity to purchase a large exclusive Franchise Territory, with stock for $36,995 plus GST

This figure includes;

  • The franchise licence fee at just $4,700
  • The balance of the investment is made-up of stock, displays and an initial stationary package including invoice pads, business cards and letter heads 
  • The package includes initial and on-going support and training for the life of the franchise
  • No royalty payments or management fees are charged!

With an OPC franchise you will enjoy the benefits of a home based business which includes extremely low business overheads. After you have purchased your stock and displays, which of course is on-going, the next biggest overhead in the business is the fuel to run the car.

Initial set-up costs will include acquiring a PC, Broadband Service, office furniture and racking for your store room. Depending on where you are based there could be travel and accommodation costs while you attend your initial class based training. You will need working capital to support yourself while the franchise develops.

What next?

If you are excited about owning your own business, would like to work from home, and you have what it takes, then it could be time to seriously consider an Original Poster Company franchise.  We would love to hear from you!

How Do I Become a Franchisee?

Follow our 8-step process to find out more about how to join our successful, home-based franchise opportunity.

  • Step 1 Contact us to find out more about franchising and the resale territories available. We will need to have a short conversation with you to ensure that you really understand what is involved in running an OPC franchise and that you are happy to receive more information from us at this point. ,
  • Step 2 After our short telephone conversation, we will send you an information pack in the post consisting of our franchise prospectus, details of your identified resale territory and some product samples.
  • Step 3 Our next call will be to confirm receipt of your information pack and to answer any questions you may have to help you decide if franchising is for you. If you decide you would like further information we will organise an interview date and time. This is a two way process to see if you are right for us and we are right for you. We will ask you to complete an application form to proceed to the next stage. ,
  • Step 4 During your interview, you will have the opportunity to discuss in depth the franchise territory and financial overview. Additionally, we will discuss the franchise and greeting card industries, OPC's history and future strategy. We will also discuss your suitability for the role. We will ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement because of the detailed business information that we provide. At the end of the interview you will be informed if your application has been approved for you to proceed to the next step.
  • Step 5 You should now take the time to speak with other OPC franchisees and discuss the details of your chosen resale territory with your professional advisors. .
  • Step 6 If you wish to proceed with the opportunity you will be asked to provide us with your plans on how you will develop the franchise area. Once we are all in agreement to proceed, you will be asked to confirm your offer to purchase and pay a fully refundable deposit. . . .
  • Step 7 You will be provided with the Franchising Code of Conduct, our Disclosure Statement and our Franchise Agreement, 14 days prior to joining our network. We will advise you to speak to a Franchise Lawyer at this stage.
  • Step 8 The franchise sale goes ahead and payment is made. You will be fully supported by the Support Office team in setting up your business. The support team will provide you with in-home and field-based training and will ensure that you are provided with the on-going support you need to be a success!

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Brian Pierson, Franchisee, Sydney

I first came across the OPC Business Opportunity at a London Franchise Show in 2002 and was immediately struck by the quality of the cards and the humour they espoused in their captions and messages.  After several meetings with the company, including a coffee or two in my home with a longstanding English franchisee, my wife and I decided to purchase a territory in Sydney upon my family’s return to Australia in 2004. 

Since that time I’ve found OPC to be a good, clean and honest company to do business with and I have even purchased a second territory.

They produce quality cards across a number of different styles and so have something to offer any newsagent, gift shop, florist, convenience store or supermarket you enter.  Retailers love the consignment concept, which really helps me grow my business.

I usually arrange my day to miss the peak-hour traffic, a welcome relief after working long hours as a sub-contract courier in Sydney for most of the 1990’s.

Another benefit of working in this business is the good friendships you build up over time with the retail owners and their staff, many of whom have been selling the OPC ranges continuously in their shops since 2005.


Geoff Rowell, Franchisee, Melbourne

Having been in the retail industry for over 20 years and owning several different retail businesses during that time, I gained first hand experience with The Original Poster Company quality product range by having stocked it for many years and received over whelming positive customer feed back.

The customers loved the unique diverse range with regular design releases giving them better choice compared to other greeting cards.

I loved stocking this great quality product range as it gave me a brilliant selection of popular greeting cards to offer my customers and provided me with strong profit margins without having to pay up front for stock.

As a retailer, The Original Poster Company arrangement, ‘pay only when stock is sold’, gave me better control over my finances when running my business and any slower moving or damaged stock was replaced at absolutely no cost to me. I could leave the management of my greeting card range to the friendly professional service received from The Original Poster Company which gave me one less thing to worry about.

When the chance arose to obtain an Original Poster Company Franchise, I had no hesitation to grasp this golden opportunity with both hands to own one.

I am always looking for solid low risk business opportunities and this business has given me great satisfaction and rewards both personally and financially.

The response from retail customers either existing or newly established has been fantastic. Expanding my territory and giving the opportunity for more retail businesses to stock a popular quality product range with strong profit margins, is my business goal and I look forward to each week when traveling around my district to achieve this.

The Original Poster Company has given me a great working lifestyle to be able to work flexible hours, along with the exciting opportunity to meet many interesting like minded business owners and their staff in the retail industry.


Dene Reynolds, Franchisee, Sunshine Coast

After returning to the workforce after having a family and being a stay at home Mum I decided to look for a business opportunity.

I came across an ad in The Age newspaper regarding a greeting card distribution company and met with the professional team at OPC.

I was really impressed and excited about the opportunity in front of me.  The cards were fantastic, I loved the different ranges, and couldn’t wait to get out there and approach my first perspective customer. I needed a business that I could grow, but one that would fit around my lifestyle and family commitments.

When I started canvassing I was really surprised how many retail outlets had a need for our ranges of cards.  The retail owners loved the fact that there is no upfront payment, and that we merchandise their stores in a very professional manner, with a great profit for them at the end.  I was very surprised how often new designs were released, which made OPC a leader in the marketplace.

I have built my territory up, and bought another one.  OPC has given me the freedom I require and the income to enjoy a great lifestyle.

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