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Drug & Alcohol use is costing Australian businesses $5.2 Billion a year in hidden lost productivity & absenteeism.

Driven by this growing need in the workplace and community, The Drug Detection Agency NSW (TDDA NSW) is rapidly establishing itself as the largest and mostdominant provider of workplace drug detection services in Australasia with a fast growing list of major corporate clients and brands.

We provide the following core services:

  • Drug & alcohol policy development
  • Drug & alcohol training & education programs
  • Mobile onsite drug & alcohol testing
  • Pre-employment drug testing
  • Property Methamphetamine inspections

TDDA NSW offers its franchisees:

  • A comprehensive 100-day training program
  • High growth industry opportunity spanning all B2B sectors
  • Fast growing Brand & Network
  • Mobile (Van) format with Office & Testing room facilities
  • Large Territories with scope for expansion

With workplace drug screening becoming a necessity for most businesses for safety, legislative compliance & productivity reasons, this creates opportunities to win contracts with local, state and national businesses as well as various government organisations.
You will also benefit from state office support and large scale clients that need services in your area.

TDDA NSW requires highly motivated and independent people to join the team to share in the success of this proven business model which enables you to operate with multiple testing vans and staff and to have an office with testing room facilities.

There’s no need to have previous experience in the drug testing field. With your 100 day training and 24/7 support you can't go wrong.

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TDDA started with humble beginnings in NZ in 2005 and moved into the Australian market in 2012.

The same systems and processes that had made NZ such a success were developed for the Australian market to ensure the best service offering for all clients, both at state level as well as nationally.

The rest, as they say, is history and today there are now multiple TDDA franchised business owners operating on both sides of the Tasman, ensuring that we are now an internationally recognised name as the complete solution provider in the drug- testing industry.

Kirk Hardy (company founder) is still the CEO of TDDA and, combined with a dedicated team, is the driving force behind all of the successes, driven through innovation and creativity. That same mindset has ensured that TDDA were the first in Australasia to offer a test for synthetic cannabis; were the first to the market with two unique drug detection mobile phone apps; and continue to offer the most innovative service to our clients.

TDDA is not about catching drug users. We are not about labelling or judging people. TDDA is all about ensuring safety in the workplace and the community. Our vision is to create drug-free environments and in the process ensuring the operator of the truck driving down our roads who passes the little girl on the bike is drug-free and safe.

The benefits of being a part of the TDDA team are numerous and include:

  • A 100-day training program to assist every new franchisee with the best start possible
  • Access to state, national and international clients
  • Being part of a team that has a strong focus on innovation and R&D
  • Support from state based master franchisees
  • Exclusive rights to geographically defined territories

TDDA is the complete solution provider for all corporate and private drug testing needs.

Our partner brands

TDDA Australia

Started in 2005 & with 30+ operating franchisees, TDDA is Australasia’s premiere workplace drug & alcohol testing business. Make a difference today.

Successful franchising is a two-way relationship.
The TDDA NSW recruitment process is designed to ensure you make the best decision with all of the available information.

The actual process itself can be roughly split into 11 straight forward steps as follows:

  1. Initial enquiry by the potential Franchisee
  2. A conversation between TDDA NSW and the potential Franchisee. This is designed to introduce each other and develop a better understanding about TDDA NSW and the opportunity.
  3. Early on in the process you will be asked to agree to a confidentiality deed. This is to allow us to speak openly about the business and provide information to you.
  4. Initial franchise information is sent to the potential Franchisee.
  5. A number of phone calls and meetings are arranged so we can get to know each other and discuss the business in depth.
  6. After reviewing the information to date you confirm that you want to go to the next stage.
  7. TDDA NSW supply a generic TDDA franchise agreement to review. Also supplied is a TDDA NSW business plan, profit and loss sheet and financial form templates. These will need to be completed and returned to us.
  8. A commitment to a TDDA NSW territory is made.
  9. TDDA NSW provides an individualised Franchise Agreement, a Disclosure Document and a copy of the Australian Franchising Code.
  10. Signing of the franchise agreement by the new Franchisee and TDDA NSW.
  11. The set up of your TDDA NSW business commences along with your 100-day training.

It's important to note that TDDA NSW are proud of the professional service we offer our clients and we conduct all of our business with potential
franchisees in the same professional way. The TDDA NSW recruitment process are fully compliant with the Australian Franchising Code and we encourage all potential franchisees to seek independent legal and financial advice as part of their due diligence process.

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"I see TDDA as much more than just a franchise business. Yes, it has positive effects in the workplace which are tangible on various levels, but we can also assist people who may need help with an issue in their lives. I wanted a business that was still going to be floating my boat in 4, 5 or 6 years down the track. I can’t think of another business opportunity that could offer that. I’m proud to be the first franchisee of TDDA in the state of Victoria."
- Franchisee - Victoria

"TDDA provides me with a fantastic opportunity to make a difference. Companies have used our services to improve operational efficiency and enhance health and safety performance. TDDA’s delivery of education, pre-employment and on site testing, management training and support is a winning formula and one that I am proud to be associated with. Clients get great support from us, these relationships have the phone ringing red hot. We see peoples lives changed."
- Franchisee - Wellington

"I found that TDDA not only offered amazing opportunities in regards to continued growth, ongoing training and support across all levels of the business, but it stood for something important. They were not prepared to sell a franchise to someone who did not fit their criteria and that to me spoke volumes about their professionalism.”
- Franchisee - NSW

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy