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TELECHOICE GIVES YOU THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - Telstra Wholesale & Vodafone Networks

TeleChoice is in the unique market position in which it delivers Australia's largest mobile network alongside the world's largest mobile brand. Since April 2013 TeleChoice has grown its market position as the largest Telstra Wholesale partner offering post-paid mobile services in a retail environment.

TeleChoice also has a distribution partnership with Vodafone. Vodafone represents a global brand to Australian consumers and with their international buying power continue to deliver market leading handset offers. In the years since the first store opened in 1995, TeleChoice has grown and transformed into a thriving network of over 60 outlets selling Telechoice products& services, and our growth is continuing.

This growth now presents the opportunities for new TeleChoice Licensed Stores across Australia.

TeleChoice has become a strong household brand in Australia.

This has been achieved over the years based on:

  • over $70million in marketing of the past 10 years
  • over 2million connections done across Telechoice stores

TeleChoice brand goes hand in hand in with the growth of our branded retail footprint:

  • 70% of Australian will have a tablet device by 2017
  • Smartphones (5” or bigger) are expected to quadruple over the next 3 years
  • Data use through smartphones will double, also in the next 3 years
  • A wrist-phone-watch is not too far from being launched on the Australian market

All this means that the fast pace of technology is in favour of the Telecommunications sector and this is an opportune time to be a part of it as a TeleChoice Licensee. Setting you up to win!

TeleChoice has so much to offer. In addition to the level of training and support, TeleChoice also offers:

  • Great buying power with key suppliers
  • Industry leading experience
  • Great brand recognition
  • An opportunity to own your own business
  • Fantastic training and support

Given this level of dedication to their licensees, it is no surprise that TeleChoice is the first choice for entrepreneurial Australians who are looking to become business owners in Telco.

When you apply to become part of the TeleChoice family, they want to set you up to win. They start with a thorough process directed to enabling the opportunity presented to match your goals. 

They follow that with up to 8 weeks comprehensive training and then continue with ongoing updates, training and follow ups to ensure that their licensees are knowledgeable in all the latest product releases, pricing changes and technology updates.

The continuity of training is supported by TeleChoice’s Learning Management System. It is software that disseminates all new product information and training material to their licensees and all their staff.  They also have a dedicated team at Head Office to support their licensees with the operational side of the business.

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