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Jake and Mark and the team have established Superdraft into Australia's largest network of Licensee Architects, Engineers and Builders. As the original founder Jake has seen it transform from a single one man show into a nationwide company comprising of talented Architects, Building Designers, Engineers and Builders who together successfully complete nearly 1000 projects per year.

Superdraft provides Architectural Design, Drafting, Structural Engineering and Building Tender services for both residential and commercial projects.

As a one stop shop we have all the skills and personnel to ensure a client’s project runs smoothly. We pride ourselves on being cost effective while keeping a high level of quality and we strive to finish our projects in good time to accelerate the overall completion of the project.

The Superdraft team is experienced in a variety of areas including Architectural Design, Building Design, Drafting, Engineering, Energy Efficiency, 3D Animation, Photography and we also arrange Construction Tenders and Finance for those who need it.

Superdraft caters for clients nationwide including the major cities of Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

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Superdraft is Australia’s largest network of Licensee Architects, Engineers and Builders with a turnover of 1000+ projects and a steady growth rate of over 100%, sustained for 4 years straight!

Why invest $50 per week for a Superdraft Contractor License?

  1. Guaranteed access to a constant flow of well paid projects.

  2. Once you have the license it is yours to keep for as long as you want it.

  3. You can concentrate 100% of your time on Design/Engineering/Building (Depending on which license you take out) – Superdraft handles everything else including marketing, advertising, quoting, sales and coming soon Tendering.

  4. We currently have enough workload for you to be working on as many projects as you can handle each year.

  5. Superdraft is currently growing at a rate of 100% per annum year on year and this growth will be passed on directly to you.

  6. Work alongside the Superdraft Team – Architect, Engineer & Builder to maximise opportunity.

  7. Flights to Gold Coast with accommodation – for a 1 day training course to maximise your efficiency and use of our system.

  8. We’re happy to give you as much work as you can handle so you can grow your business!

  9. Your investment is a full tax deductible business expense so you will receive most of it back in tax and gst credits.

  10. No sales or marketing is required! – Superdraft handles all of this which is really the number 1 most important key to any successful business. We give you ready to go live projects week in week out.

This is a rare opportunity for you to invest into an exclusive partnership that will increase your financial security for years to come! Remember there is only a couple of licenses available in each city and we are awarding them on a first come first serve basis to the best builders.

So secure your License today and avoid missing out!
The future for Superdraft in Australia is extremely bright. We are growing at an amazing rate with our current growth rate being steady at 100% per annum and an expected growth increase forecast for the next 12 months due to major improvements in our systems and additional products and services.

Licenses are currently 10k + GST or approximately $50 per week.

Finance is possible through all major banks and repayments over a typical 4 year term is around $50 per week.

Loan Insurance is also available which makes it even less risk and can be obtained for a small premium.

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy