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Are you an accountant with motivation to be in public practice?

What’s stopping you?

Perhaps you are:

  • With (or without) tax experience and not a registered tax agent, OR
  • A new or experienced tax agent seeking systems, branding benefits and support that a best practice organisation can offer to simplify practice life.

Accounting and Taxation Franchises with a difference:

Success Tax Professionals have been providing Accounting and Taxation franchises since 2003. There are over 70 franchises operating in our Success Tax Professionals network. Our franchises provide unique and unsurpassed continuous levels of support, training and business development.

Important benefits:

  • Unnecessary to be a tax agent to start your business.
  • Supervision and assistance compliant with Tax Practitioner Board requirements.
  • Ability to work towards achieving tax agent registration.
  • On-going technical support and training.
  • Access to work place tools and efficiencies to simplify practice life and promote growth.
  • Marketing of the brand.
  • Access to advertising concepts and guidance for business promotion.
  • Business coaching and expansion opportunities.
  • Long term ‘working partnership’ between franchisee and franchisor for mutual growth and benefits.
  • ‘Team environment’ culture amongst franchisees with networking options.
  • Optional mentoring for CPA programme.

We don’t compete with our franchisees:

We are dedicated to providing systems, support, training and business concepts to help our franchisees succeed. The Success Tax Professionals franchisor does not operate a practice in competition with franchisees and has no conflicting priorities. Our time is devoted to delivery of our franchising system and benefits.

Not a seasonal business:

Our franchises are for accountants wanting to build a true professional practice offering services to Individuals, Businesses and SMSFs.

The industry is estimated at over $18.7 Billion with substantial work opportunities. Success Tax Professionals franchisees, with support, are able to advertise for diverse forms of work, to facilitate business all year round.

Featured Opportunities

About Success Tax Professionals:

Success Tax Professionals commenced offering Accounting and Taxation franchises in Western Australia in 2003. In 2010 we expanded the offer to include Victoria, and then in 2011 all other states.

We were approached on a regular basis by people interested in our franchise well before we offered franchises nationally. We however chose to thoroughly work with our franchise structure in WA only until we were satisfied our systems worked, obtained results and could be replicated.

Success Tax Professionals credibility:

  • We do not have conflicting priorities as we do not run a practice or other business which impacts on our time or availability.
  • Are registered tax agents and registered self managed superannuation fund auditors.
  • Are Fellows of the CPAs; plus members of the Franchise Council of Australia, Australian Institute of Directors and also the National Tax and Accountants Association.
  • We have passed recent CPA Australia reviews that assess our work standards against CPA criteria.
  • We have had our franchising structure – for example supervision of non-tax agent franchisees reviewed by the Tax Practitioners Board and have passed assessment.
  • We have fast turnaround time frames for providing technical support and managing franchisee matters – usually immediate or within two hours.
  • We are a best practices organisation and our intellectual property that our franchisees have access to is updated continuously allowing for use of streamlined work tools and documents.
  • Our training programmes are structured and cover diverse topics, true to our focus to help franchisees develop skills to take on all forms of work which is fundamental to securing year round work and especially higher paid forms of work.
  • Our business development programmes have successfully helped franchisees who are self-motivated to transition from home-based or mobile services to functional commercial office environments, including practice acquisitions.
  • We have a proven history of successfully developing accountants to tax agent status.
  • We have successfully mentored accountants through the CPA Programme.  

Finding out more about Success Tax Professionals:

We want you to be well informed, so here are our steps:

  1. We have an Information Pack which you should read first. To request this document please complete the form on the left of this page.
  2. The steps for franchise recruitment and advancing your inquiry are on page 5 of the Information Pack.brochure.  

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1. What qualifications do I need to join Success Tax Professionals?

We require as a minimum that you have at least a diploma in accounting and approximately 12 months accounting experience (either private sector or public practice). Both Australian and overseas qualifications/experience can be considered. You do not require taxation experience or to be a tax agent.

2. Do I have the opportunity to talk to other franchisees before signing contracts?

Yes, we have a process whereby in the final stages of recruitment you will have the opportunity to talk to some franchisees to discuss real life experiences in operating a franchise with us.

3. If I have questions about the franchise, when can I speak to someone?

We ask that you read the Information Pack first which you can receive by completing the form to the left of this page. Follow the steps on page 5 of the Pack to request the ‘Franchisee Advanced Inquiry Form’. This form includes a Confidentiality Deed. Once completed and emailed back to us your inquiry will move  to the next stage and we will invite you to participate in a discussion with us. You will also have access to more documents and written content.

4. Is everyone who meets the qualifications criteria accepted into Success Tax Professionals?

No, there are also other factors that are considered and are important. We are careful in our recruitment processes to evaluate aptitude for the business so that both franchisee and franchisor share a common vision and can work together. There are also requirements in our franchise that an applicant may not be prepared to comply with, for example attendance at our training programmes if they are a non-tax agent, or being able to operate the business full-time within two years of commencement.

5. What is the interaction like amongst franchisees?

We have high interaction levels as our franchisees are in contact with one another on a regular basis through our Training Programmes and online forum. They often become friends and network with one another outside of formal forums, including socially. The opportunity exists for shared business opportunities, advertising, and at times co-working with another member for short to medium periods of time for mutual benefit and practice growth. We therefore have a virtual team environment in our franchise.

6. Is Success Tax Professionals concerned about other franchises in the accounting industry?

No, we have never been concerned about other franchises in the same industry. Every franchise is different and works with different principles and is therefore suited to different people. Over the years we have seen various other companies offer franchises and disappear very quickly as they have not been able to make a success of their structure, or they have failed in meeting Tax Practitioner Board requirements to provide adequate supervision for non-tax agents.

This business is not an easy business to franchise because it is highly technical and regulated. Franchisors believing they can offer franchises for example, on top of running their own practice or business often have problems. Their own practice is a priority and their attempt at franchising falls over as they cannot adequately deliver what is needed to their franchisees. They are also often ‘technicians’ focussed on tax and accounting and not across the full spectrum of business needs involved.

Some other franchises also have a high up-front purchase fee leaving the franchisor in-front even if the franchisee fails. Our franchise has a low up-front fee and is based on a working partnership, and franchise development is our full-time business.      

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy