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The Stellarossa Espresso brand was born out of a passion for coffee and service excellence.

Stellarossa Espresso Bars are based on one mission: - to provide our customers with a premium quality coffee and food experience, each and every time they visit. In order to achieve this outcome, we have focused on three core areas we believe influence your experience in our espresso bars.

The highest grades of Arabica beans are sourced from around the world, and then crafted into our exclusive blends. We ensure these exclusive blends are stored and aged before use, to maximize flavour and enjoyment.

Having premium coffee is not all it takes! At Stellarossa Espresso, all of our baristas are put through extensive training to ensure your coffee is of a consistently high standard.

All Stellarossa Espresso sites are set up to provide a warm, modern slant to the traditional Espresso Bar. Most sites have a variety of dining areas which include indoor tables, benches, lounges and outdoor dining.

Featured Opportunities

At Stellarossa Espresso, we have extensive training and franchise systems in place.

We provide you with a turn-key business. This includes everything from full operation manuals, point of sale terminal, uniform package and full shop fit out together with ongoing marketing research and product development

We have a low fixed franchise fee that increases when your business is turning over $10,000 per week. We work with you to grow your business and share the success.

Our aim is to get you into a Stellarossa Espresso franchise at the best possible price. We have an open book policy when it comes to fit out costs, after all it’s your money.

At Stellarossa Espresso we aim to give our customers a memorable coffee experience each and every time. Our coffee is finely crafted and roasted resulting in award winning blends.

We understand all locations are different so we offer flexibility when it comes to the food you sell. Our menus are consistent, however vary depending on size and location.

Stellarossa Espresso offer extensive training to ensure you have all the skills to create the perfect coffee every time. New staff, even with experience, are trained the ‘Stellarossa’ way.

Stellarossa Espresso offers modern stylish fit outs that reflect the vibrancy of the brand with each store designed specifically to suit each location.

The road to owning your own Stellarossa Espresso franchise usually takes 3-6 months depending on site availability in your area.

The typical steps are:

  1. Send us an enquiry from our website using the Franchise Enquiry section
  2. We will then send you our Confidentiality Agreement and once returned we can discuss our opportunity with you in some detail and send you our information package.
  3. If you wish to move forward a full application form is then completed
  4. You are the booked in for a Franchise Partner Interview
  5. If you are found to be suitable to own a Stellarossa Espresso franchise we would then secure your location by issuing you a Franchise Agreement. Your Franchise fee is also payable at this point as your initial deposit.
  6. Leasing, project construction and training are all then booked in and planned. This is where the exact cost of building your Stellarossa Espresso site is ascertained as it will vary depending on the size of each tenancy. Each of these stages also require deposits from landlords, designers, builders and our training department.
  7. You attend a 2 week instore training course at our National Training Store in Brisbane.
  9. We stay with you full time instore for another 2 weeks with in going support from then on.


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What our customers say:

Stellarossa is my go-to coffee place. Great service, fabulous coffee. Love it! - Sarah

Great food, outstanding coffee - Paul

Delicious coffee & fun friendly atmosphere created by the magnificent staff - Garry

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