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Skewerz Kebabz is an exciting and innovative retail fast food concept offering authentic Mediterranean cuisine combined with fresh and exciting flavour profiles for the Australian Market. Spicing up food courts in shopping centres around Australia, Skewerz is becoming the nation’s fastest growing kebab franchise.

Skewerz Kebabz was founded in Western Australia in 2010 and already has a loyal fan base and recognisable retail presence in this region. There are currently nine stores located throughout Western Australia and one store located in Townsville, Queensland.

At Skewerz, the classic kebab store has been given a refreshing makeover. Because of its simplicity and speed of preparation the kebab has long been embraced as a robust business opportunity in the fast food market. From an operational perspective, the kebab is arguably one of the most streamlined and efficient forms of fast food, providing the basis of a very profitable business model.

The traditional kebab is a key feature on the Skewerz menu but it is accompanied by its new items such as skewered kebabs, grillers and gyroz which are all inspired by flavours from Greece, Turkey and the wider Mediterranean regions. Cuisine from this part of the world is famously fresh and vibrant and this is translated in the menu, store designs, branding and the vibrant atmosphere in store.

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Skewerz Kebabz is part of the Aktiv Brands group.

Aktiv Brands is a leading Australian retail food brand developer and manager. As part Aktiv Brands, Skewerz Kebabz franchisees benefit from a carefully researched, strong brand image, comprehensive training and support with ongoing assistance in sales techniques, local store marketing, cost control, purchasing and financial management.

Experience the freedom of owning your own business with the security and support of an established and profitable franchise system.

As part of your extensive training, you will learn:

  • How to deliver high product quality at low cost
  • How to recruit 12 key performance indicators to teak and grow your profits
  • Merchandising secrets to maximise your sales
  • How to keep your customers delighted and fiercely loyal

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Aktiv Brands

Bucking Bull – Australia’s Favourite Roast & Grill - is a boutique carvery with outlets located primarily in major shopping centre food courts across Australia.

Do you have what it takes?

Amongst the franchisees who have successfully owned and operated a Skewerz store, you will find that there are people from all walks of life. Not all of them have had previous food retail experience, but all are dedicated to improving their standards of living, their quality of life and being part of this dynamic and successful business concept.

Does this sound like you? Here’s how you get started:

  1. Submit an enquiry via the SEEK Business form.

  2. Read and sign the Confidentiality Agreement in Appendix 1 of Skewerz Kebabz Franchise Information Brochure (This will be sent to you following your enquiry).

  3. Meet with the Franchise Support Office to discuss your application.

  4. You will be sent an email requesting you to complete the Franchise Owner Questionnaire online.

  5. Once your application is approved you will be sent a full set of Franchise Disclosure Documents to review.

  6. Your next step is to complete a Final Franchise Interview with us and sign your Franchise Agreement. If accepted you will commence your comprehensive training program to get you ready to open your store.

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Q. Do franchisees have to work in the store?
A. As part of the award-winning franchise model at Skewerz, we do expect franchisees to actively work in their stores. Our experience demonstrates that stores become more successful when franchisees are active in the day to day running of their business.

Q. What are the core skills I need to become a Successful Skewerz Franchise Partner?
A. Energy, enthusiasm and dedication to your business and to the Skewerz brand values. A willingness to work hard at building your business, and following the proven business model that Skewerz have perfected over the past fourteen years. Retail management or food service experience is desirable, but not essential. The comprehensive training that you will receive will equip you with all the knowledge and skills required for operating your own Skewerz franchise.

Q. What is the initial Investment?
A. The cost of a Skewerz franchise varies from project to project and depends on the individual
store requirements. Generally complete franchises cost between $150,000 - $400,000. This initial investment comprises of the franchise fee, intellectual property, store design, fixtures & fittings, equipment, operating systems and all training.

Q. What is a Franchise Agreement and what is the term?
A. The Franchise Agreement is awarded to qualified candidates and it is a legally binding contract between franchisee and franchisor. The Agreement will outline the way in which your franchised outlet will work within the Skewerz franchise system and has an initial term of 5 + 5 years.

Q. What training and support will I get?
A. The owner-operator is provided with 1 week of classroom-based training at Skewerz’s Support Office, followed by 2 weeks of in-store operational training. We assist the franchisee and his/her management team with hiring and provide a “hands-on” support team for the period prior to opening, to post-opening operations support.

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