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Who we are
We are an Australian company with extensive understanding and experience of the Australian health care system. Founded in 1998 in regional Victoria, Simply Helping has built an enviable reputation for quality and flexibility in the provision of in-home care and support services to its many and varied clients. Drawing on extensive business and public and private health sector experience, Angela Feery-Richards has grown a strongly ethical organisation.

Our Services
Our services include personal care, house-keeping, respite care, medication reminders, companionship, meal preparation, help with shopping and local transportation, social outings, pet sitting, dog walking, gardening, light home maintenance, babysitting and nannies. Client needs vary - from a half hour service to overnight or 24 hour or longer care.

Competitive Advantage
Our franchises are unique in that we provide a suite of in-home care and support services, not only for our elderly population and individuals and families living with a disability, but also for clients of brokerage organisations, and for individuals and families using our services as a lifestyle choice.
Our investment fees are competitive, our marketing support is strong with a designed program exclusively for each territory including $8000 being injected into the territory during the first 3 months, and our franchisees have the flexibility of working from home.


Featured Opportunities

Why Choose our Franchise?

Some of the benefits owning a Simply Helping franchise include:

  • Strong track record in the industry
  • Exclusive territory
  • Low start-up costs
  • Business hours that allow you to have a good work/life balance
  • Operating the business from home, if preferred
  • Growing a business in a sustainable market
  • Company-wide dedication to quality and strong customer focus
  • Experienced professional corporate and franchisee support staff, and
  • Provision of promotional and marketing material.
    Provides an opportunity to look at an actual SIMPLY HELPING business in operation and imagine you owning a SIMPLY HELPING franchise. Take the time to ask questions and make sure you understand the way things work. Take particular notice of the professional and friendly image that is projected.
    If this business interests you and is within your budget then you will need to seek more detailed information. We will also want to know things about you, even at this early stage. Be prepared to provide your own detailed story in the questionnaire tab.

    This is a summary of your personal career and financial background to enable an assessment of your suitability as a future Franchisee with SIMPLY HELPING. If your Application for the franchise will result in your Company being the Franchisee, the Certificate of Registration of the Company must support your Application, and if your Company is also a Trust, you will need to supply a copy of the Trust Deed. 

    At this stage, we require that an initial deposit of 10 percent of the cost of a franchise is paid as an illustration of your commitment to us. This and any subsequent monies are refundable at any time should you wish to withdraw from the purchase of the franchise (subject to the non-refundable monies as outlined in Clause 13 in the Disclosure Document). Ask for this to be explained to you if you are uncertain of the amounts. 
    NOTE: You must return the completed form to the Franchisor together with your cheque payable to the nominated solicitor prior to step 4.0

    This is an open and frank "get to know you" session in which both parties are assessing their comfort with the other and gathering more information (More than one meeting is usual). 
    NOTE: Prepare for the meetings before you attend. We will expect you to be asking detailed questions and seeking information on the present and future prospects for the group. The discussion must be two sided, both parties have a role to play in a Franchise relationship, so prepare well. Being in business for oneself can be quite demanding at times, so some aspects of your personal and family life may also be discussed.

    We will provide you with all of the formal documentation. This is an opportunity to study the facts about the business and the people involved. You will need these to give to your advisors for your comfort and future security.
    NOTE: Your deposit is fully refundable (minus any non-refundable monies) if you do not proceed beyond this point.

    You will now have the opportunity to investigate the Franchise in greater detail. This will involve processing several issues concurrently so that you do not waste your valuable time and money. Property leases and finance will be the main issues to tidy up. 

    You will need to lodge a finance application for any borrowings anticipated, as well as applying for any leasing or HP finance that might be appropriate in your overall funding package. 

    You and your Accountant should assess the opportunity in relation to your own personal circumstances and with regard to your own financial structure. This is a specific recommendation of the Franchising Code of Conduct. We will require a certificate from your Accountant to the effect that you have had advice in this area. 

    We require that you seek independent legal advice prior to signing any of these agreements. Make sure you engage a lawyer who understands Franchising and Property leases. There are specific issues that relate to both and experience in advising on them is necessary. This step will help you better understand both your rights and obligations within the franchise. This is a specific recommendation of the Franchising Code of Conduct. We will require a certificate from your legal advisor to the effect that you have had advice in this area.

  10. PLANT AND EQUIPMENT (If applicable)
    If the opportunity that you are considering is already an established business you may wish to inspect the equipment, etcetera, to confirm that you are familiar with its condition. 

    As each step in this process is taken, you will be required to lift or release any conditions that have arisen. Once you are satisfied with all the conditions that you applied, then subject to that, you will be ready to proceed toward settlement and full payment for your franchise 
    NOTE: If you are unable to reasonably satisfy yourself regarding any of the conditions and wish to withdraw, or if your time for investigation expires, your deposit will be refunded (subject to the cooling-off costs etc,) and other interested parties may be introduced to the franchise. It may be possible however, for an extension of time to be granted to you. At this time we will collect a cheque from you and order the production of your personalised franchise documentation. The cheque will be payable to our solicitors and you must understand from this point forward these funds are non refundable once the solicitors have received the instructions. 

    This involves the signing of the Franchisee Agreement and payment of the Initial Franchise Fee and contributions to the Marketing Fund less any deposit. At this point all lease and insurance arrangements must be in place and we must receive written confirmation of this arrangement. The property lease must be signed. You must be prepared to organise the many details involved in the opening of your Outlet / Premises. We will assist you with this process. 

  13. SIGN PROPERTY LEASE (If applicable)
    Now that you have signed the Franchise Agreement, you can also execute any property lease for Premises if that has been specified as a requirement, and plan the fit-out process with us. It is preferable that the signing usually occurs the same day that you sign the Franchise Agreement.

  14. TRAINING – 1 Week with more if required 
    After the Cooling Off period has concluded (seven days), over the next few weeks we will show you how to operate a SIMPLY HELPING franchise.

    It is important that you establish your trade terms with the suppliers as soon as possible, so during the training period, you will need to complete the necessary forms, etc. and assignment of contracts in existing areas may occur. 

    You have got the “key to the door” and now you will be enthusiastically embracing all the training and hard work that is involved in getting into your own business. But don't forget, you're in business for yourself, but not by yourself. We are with you all the way. You will have joined a team with who you can look forward to many years of excitement and reward. 

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  • What is a Simply Helping Franchise?
    Answer: A Simply Helping franchise is an arrangement for the distribution of a range of home and care support services into the market place. At least two parties are involved, the Franchisor who lends the trademark and business system and the Franchisee who pays a royalty (Management Fee) and an initial fee to do business under the Franchisor's name and system. Technically, the contract binding the two parties is the franchise, but that term is often used to mean the actual business that the Franchisee buys from the Franchisor
  • What do I get with my Simply Helping franchise?
    Answer: When you become a Simply Helping Franchisee you have access to the Simply Helping name, business concept, the Simply Helping proven system, training, support and ongoing business development. You become part of the Simply Helping network, sharing experience, advertising costs, and benefiting from the group profiling power of a larger network. You are provided with everything necessary to “open the doors” and commence operation.
  • Will I be running my own business?
    Answer: Yes. While franchising means you will never have to be in business by yourself, you certainly are in business for yourself! You will be marketing your Simply Helping services in your territory; you will be recruiting and coordinating a professional team of in-home carers for the delivery of services to your clients; and as your business grows emphasis will continue with marketing but will include a greater emphasis on managing your business.
  • What background and experience do I need?
    Answer: The right attitude is what you really need to have in order to be a successful Simply Helping Franchisee. Commitment, integrity, good interpersonal skills, and a passion to succeed are essential. You must be prepared to follow the Simply Helping business system and manuals. We look for certain characteristics from people wishing to join us and you will be required to fill out a Confidentiality form and an Application form.
  • Does Simply Helping provide training and how much does it cost?
    Answer: Yes. Simply Helping provides full comprehensive training in all aspects of the system, assistance with direct marketing, as well as giving you additional support with those once off activities, which need to be done when you set up a new business. Initial training will take one week one-on-one and you must be prepared to allocate your time to this. Simply Helping will continue ongoing training according to their interpretation of your needs.
    The training cost is a percentage plus GST or higher and is included in the franchise fee. This training cost component is tax deductible.
  • How much capital will I need to invest in my business?
    Answer: The total business opportunity could amount to $80,000 or higher, depending upon the franchise opportunity in question, and this amount provides for everything required to open the doors to business. The Disclosure Document gives you all the details in a comprehensive manner. We strongly recommend that you seek independent financial advice.
  • What do I get for my Franchise Fee?
    Answer: In the formal sense it is the fee you pay for a well-proven business system, its development and improvement, and to be granted the intellectual property rights and privileges that go with operating a Simply Helping franchise. In addition, Initial and on-going training and mentoring is a major component that is an important factor in the success of any franchise, and is one of the costs covered by the fee.
  • What ongoing fees do I have to pay?
    Answer: There is an ongoing royalty or franchise service fee of gross turnover payable by franchisees for the use of the Simply Helping name and system. You will also contribute to a national marketing fund in addition to local advertising and that too is detailed in the Disclosure Document. These fees contribute to the costs associated with on-going support and training, with increasing brand awareness, the on-going development of the Simply Helping system, and the profit earned by Simply Helping.
  • Can I sell my Franchise?
    Answer: Yes. The business is yours to build up and sell if you wish. However, the business can only be sold to an operator approved by Simply Helping and on the basis that the new operator agrees to the conditions within the current Franchise Agreement.
  • How long is my Franchise Agreement for?
    Answer: It runs for five years. At the end of that time you will be able to renew for a further five years, and again for a further five years. There is an additional fee for this renewal, a small renewal fee to cover legal costs. As our success is measured by your success, it is in our interest to ensure you stay with us for as long as you desire.
  • I am interested and I think I qualify, what do I do next?
    Answer: Telephone Paul O'Connor, Business Development - Franchises on 0432 798 059 or send him an E-mail:, and he will ask you to complete our Confidentiality Agreement and Application Form and send them in. The application will be reviewed and if the criteria is met,Paul will contact you to further discuss the process.

At Simply Helping we welcome your enquiry and thank you for your interest in our business. This franchise system endorses and continues to apply the standards required by the Franchising Code of Conduct.

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