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Established in 1936 and purchased by the Bellchambers family in 1975, Shingle Inn Cafés & Bakery has been owned by only two families during its 80 year history, enabling the business to retain the quality and unique character which has made it famous amongst several generations.

Today, the business is run by brothers Peter and Andrew Bellchambers and an experienced team of personnel who embrace the strong 'family' culture, tradition and outstanding customer service on which the business's enduring reputation was built.

Each member of Shingle Inn's management team brings a unique set of skills and experience to their varied roles, assisting each store to operate to its fullest potential.

Shingle Inn is able to maintain continuity and innovation in our product offering through the provision of our range of superior quality products from the company’s East Brisbane centralised baking facility. Our pastry chefs and bakers have more than 100 years of experience between them, many with 20+ years experience specifically baking some of Shingle Inn’s most popular products.

We don’t rest on our laurels though and take the development of new and innovative products very seriously. Our constant focus on product development enables us to offer customers new products relevant to changing trends whilst always maintaining the superior quality for which we are renowned.

Product supply from our own central bakery also ensures we can quickly and easily implement new products and ensures we’re able to offer a product range that is unique and won’t be found in every competing café.

Coffee is a large and very important part of Shingle Inn’s business. As such, you and your team will be trained to offer the highest standard of coffee service.

Shingle Inn offers its own blend of coffee and has a constant focus on improvement in this area of the business with a particular focus on dedicated in-store baristas to ensure we produce exceptional coffees on every occasion.

Why us

Shingle Inn is unsurpassed in today’s café culture for a number of reasons;

  1. brand: our strong and iconic brand has a unique identity within the café market,
  2. systems and support: our long history and reputable store network is evidence of our established support and systems,
  3. products: our superior quality products and delicious coffee made by trained baristas is unrivalled,
  4. family culture: our ongoing commitment to exceeding customers expectations in-store extends to the relationships we like to cultivate with all our stakeholders.

Few cafés start out steeped in as much history as Shingle Inn. Our heritage provides an outstanding foundation on which to build a strong network of franchises committed to our core brand values of

  • innovation
  • embracing tradition
  • family culture
  • superior quality
  • brand belief
  • exceeding customers’ expectations
  • environmentally proactive and
  • financial success.

Our brand is exceptionally well-known in South East Queensland and the marketing activities currently in place, including radio, print advertising and in-store promotions, will ensure increasing brand recognition as the network expands.

Part of what makes our brand unique is Shingle Inn’s dedication to creating an environment indicative of the quality and originality of our products in which our customers can indulge.

Shingle Inn has two formats: café/ restaurant and cafe.

The café/ restaurant format is generally a larger footprint, in a high-street location, is licensed and is open longer hours to take full advantage of the opportunity for additional trade.

The café format is generally found in suburban shopping centres, is unlicensed and can be either in a shop-front format or more open as a kiosk style with designated seating area for between 60-80 people.

Regardless of the format, our fitouts include the use of luxurious furnishings, high backed chairs, beautiful lamps and in many stores private booths that are very popular with customers.

Our aim is to provide an environment in which customers can truly relax and embrace the quintessential Shingle Inn experience.

Featured opportunities

2 days ago

Shingle Inn Cafe

$290,000 - $430,000
Franchise New
Shingle Inn Cafe -unique products, great coffee & real support! Join our expanding network of shops, to realise your own cafe business dreams! more ››
Cafe Finance Options Available - New Site - Midland Gate - Shingle Inn Cafe
2 days ago

Shingle Inn Cafe

$290,000 - $430,000
Franchise New
Shingle Inn Cafe -unique products, great coffee & real support! Join our expanding network of shops, to realise your own cafe business dreams! more ››
Cafe Finance Options Available - Southlands Boulevarde - Shingle Inn Cafe

One of the pillars of Shingle Inn’s success to-date is our ongoing commitment to exceeding customers’ expectations, hence we’re looking for franchisees that share this commitment and enjoy interacting with people on a daily basis.

Franchisees who are committed to ensuring customers have a memorable experience at Shingle Inn will, in turn, employ and motivate a team equally committed to customer service, ensuring the ongoing success of our brand and network.

Our customer service commitment is derived from our long history as a family company and this key Shingle Inn brand value extends to the support and assistance we provide franchisees as part of our system.

  1. Contact our Franchise Development Manager, using the forms on this page to discuss this exciting opportunity. Following this discussion if both parties are comfortable proceeding an initial meeting will be arranged.
  2. The initial meeting is designed to 'get to know you' where we will clarify the key elements in the Shingle Inn business opportunity and ascertain whether there is a good 'fit' between the two parties. At the end of the meeting you will receive a Franchisee Application Form to take home and complete.
  3. At this point we expect you'll conduct your own independent research and seek financial and legal advice to evaluate the Shingle Inn Franchise opportunity.
  4. Our second meeting will include a discussion and presentation of specific issues such as the Franchise Code of Conduct, Disclosure Documentation and Franchise Agreement. Receipt of these documents will require you to seek independent legal and accounting advice.
  5. In the third meeting we'll resolve any outstanding issues and questions you may have.
    The final meeting key objective is to finalise the decision to proceed, sign the Offer to Franchise and you'll be introduced to key members of Shingle Inn's team. At this point you'll be expected to pay the Franchise Fee and we'll proceed to finalise the legal documentation.
  6. Once the documentation is signed, the process of establishing timelines for site construction and training will be arranged as you make your way to becoming Shingle Inn's newest franchisee.
  • 2014 Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) Australian Emerging Franchisor of the Year - 2014


  • Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) Franchisee of the Year (2 or more staff) – Shingle Inn Mt Ommaney


  • Australian Emerging Franchisor of the Year - Winner 2014


  • Australian National Franchise of the year award (2 or more people) - Winner 2014 (Mt Ommaney Shingle Inn)


  • Belmont Business Awards - Best New Business Award - Winner 2014 (Shingle Inn Belmont WA)

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