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Three great mates walk into a sandwich bar…
This is the beginning of a true story that formed a delicious partnership driven by the desire to make the kind of sandwiches people can’t make at home. The trio don’t always agree on how to do things, except for when it comes to making sandwiches properly. This includes having fresh local produce delivered daily, sourcing artisan bread and making as much as possible from scratch including 14 hour slow-roasted beef and pork with amazing crackling.

Now with over 60 stores nationally Sandwich Chefs® first opened in 2001 in Sydney. Initially offering sandwiches, salads and coffee under the name of Fancy Fillings® the menu is now anchored by its unique hero products of slow roasted succulent carvery meats and make your own gourmet sandwiches but has now also expanded to include breakfast, freshly squeezed juices, hot pastry products, hot vegetables, and an expanded salad range. A fresh alternative to fast food and the made to order approach means Sandwich Chefs® has a unique proposition, but also has something for everyone, even the fussiest of eaters.

Sandwich Chefs® Directors have over 30 years’ experience in franchising, they know how to design a great sandwich, and a great business for Sandwich Chefs® franchisees.

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9 days ago

Sandwich Chefs

Franchise New
A great brand, simple delicious product, awesome looking store, in the right location, in a franchise with the right culture makes a great business. more ››
Sandwich Chefs New Store in busy shopping centre, great location and trade zone
9 days ago

Sandwich Chefs

Franchise New
A great brand, simple delicious product, awesome looking store, in the right location, in a franchise with the right culture makes a great business. more ››
Sandwich Chefs New Store in busy shopping centre, great location and trade zone

Why invest in a Sandwich Chefs Franchise?

1. Leadership and culture
Remember, if you are not successful, neither are we. It’s a team effort. We believe that a strong and effective business relationship between Franchisee and Franchisor is critical to the success of not just each individual business but our entire Franchise network overall. We are in business with you, you are your own boss, but not on your own.

2. Franchisee Business Development
We work very closely with our franchisees to develop their business and their business skills through multi store ownership. We provide financial incentives, financing assistance, new location opportunities and coaching, training and mentoring to ensure that our franchisees have the skills to be more than owner / managers.

3. Our Food
We have a proven, simple, and successful menu and operating system that allows our franchisees to sell high quality and value, products that have extensive market appeal. Our menu’s core product of amazing 14-hour slow roasted carvery meats combined with our “make your own “offer provides a competitive point of difference which is not easily copied. Importantly our products do not require excessive investment in expensive, complicated food machinery and equipment, our staff do not need high levels of detailed training to be competent in what they do. We deliver a highly competitive product at a low entry cost.

4. Brand and Store Image
We have invested significantly in the Sandwich Chefs brand and store image. Our stores are architecturally designed to deliver functionality and to be visually striking, appealing, memorable and cost effective.

5. Locations and Site Selection
We engage the services of external retail property experts to source suitable locations, to ensure that our site selection criteria are applied independently and vigorously, and to negotiate best in market terms of our retail leases. We are committed to our franchise businesses occupying the right locations for their success, not the generation of royalties to the franchisor (It might be the “the best site in the biggest shopping centre”, that might achieve very high sales, but if it does not meet our criteria we won’t take it)

6. Marketing and Advertising resources
We have developed, with consultation from leading marketing experts, a marketing strategy to drive brand awareness and traffic to our stores. We utilise a range of both traditional and digital resources to implement that strategy on a National basis. We also provide to our franchise network a “tool box” of both traditional and digital, professionally designed, advertising and marketing resources to assist our franchisees grow their business in the local area.

7. Business Model Design
Sandwich Chefs as an organisation has had over 25 years to custom design a business model expressly to give franchisees the best chance of success. Food retailing is a complex business with multiple interlinked elements that as a sum make a food business profitable and able to achieve a good return on investment (not just a wage for the owner operator). Our business model design considers every element required, from lease terms and fit out, to recipes, portion sizes and prices. We have done all the hard design work, and it is why we have so many of our franchisees reinvesting in our franchise.

8. Technology and Innovation
We constantly review and improve our business model. From sourcing now national supplier with better prices for our franchisees, to the recent roll out of an online ordering and delivery platforms. We are constantly exploring new ways to make our businesses more profitable and easier for our franchisees to operate, manage, and grow.

9. Training
We provide each new franchisee and Store Manager a 4-week structured training program in not just operations but also the management and growth of the franchise business.
After the initial 4-week training program your Business Consultant will be in store with you for a minimum of 2 weeks to ensure your smooth transition from trainee to business owner.
The Business Consultant assists the franchisees in the recruitment of suitable staff and their training.

10. Support / Quality of Support
We are committed to providing a high level of support to our franchise network. We provide a fully integrated turnkey solution for new stores, from site selection, to lease negotiation, store fit out, franchisee training, hiring and training staff and grand opening of the store. We do not charge a mark-up or margin on these services, they are charged at the invoiced cost.

Our Business Consultants are mature, highly experienced, food industry experts, many of whom have owned their own business, who as coaches and mentors are an invaluable resource to our franchisees. Importantly our Business Consultants spend time in store, hands on, with our franchisees. We maintain a low ratio of stores to Business Consultants ensuring that they are always available and have frequent monthly contact visits with their franchisees implementing their individual business plan.

Our National Support Office provides professional support across all store and business management requirements, Marketing and Advertising, Property, Operations, Financial Management, People Management, and Business Development

Sandwich chefs®

From opening a successful pure+natural® in Chadstone Shopping Centre in 2009, we decided to elaborate more with this Franchise. We decided to invest with this Franchise again but Fancy Fillings, sandwich chefs® this time. This store was located in Forest Hill Shopping Centre (VIC).

We out performed most of the Operators in the Food Court in this small shopping centre, and after one year we sold, at a very handy profit. From the initial Franchise system we saw a lot of improvements as the years went by, whether it was operations, sales, general support, marketing or even machinery in the shop. This Franchise is always looking for the best way to look after us, the Franchisee. Thank you.

This is how we feel about this Franchise and the people who are in it.

Thank you so much from Terry and Ning Te. 

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