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Why do Franchisees choose Rent the Roo?

  • Rent the Roo provides you with an opportunity to own and run your own home based business.
  • You commence your business with brand new stock that the customer has chosen. This means that the customer has a vested interest in the care of their goods and the maintenance of their account.
  • The customers high appreciation of our service means that you should enjoy a higher level of new referral opportunities.
  • The Centrelink pay direct debit system provides a method of payment that reduces overdue accounts to a minimum.
  • Streamlined accounting and other debiting and credit history checking facilities assist in the efficient evaluation and approval systems for your business.
  • We have developed relationships with many stores as points of sale with large discounts available on stock purchases. We will help you develop similar relationships in your territory.
  • Most of the new appliances have a minimum 1 year or extendable warranty. This keeps service costs to a minimum.
  • Access to unlimited new products from every retail store and wholesale suppliers.
  • You operate as an ASIC registered Credit Representative of Rent the Roo.
  • Ongoing training and support from the Rent the Roo Management team.
  • Access to professionally designed marketing materials.

Rent the Roo Pty Ltd is a family run business which was established in 1976 by Philip and Brian Hague, it was built upon renting black and white television sets. Shortly after colour television was introduced they pioneered white-goods rentals for the first time in Australia. The appliance and furniture rental sector is now estimated to turnover in excess of $250M per annum.
The first franchised territory was established in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs in 2005 and since then the network has grown to over 60 territories Australia wide, with over one quarter of the existing network owning multiple territories.
Ask us for more information about territories available near you. Territories available change regularly as new franchises are sold, and occasionally established territories come on to the resale market.

Your responsibilities as a Rent The Roo franchisee:

  • You manage your home-based office including telephone reception, data entry and accounting.
  • You maintain the marketing program within your exclusive territory.
  • You provide the capital required to purchase rental stock as, and when customers require them.
  • You source the purchase of rental stock from local retailers and wholesalers and continue to build those relationships.
  • You operate from home using your garage or hired lock-up as a storage facility for occasional stock returns.
  • You maintain a suitable sign written vehicle for branding and field work support.
  • You will also need a National Criminal Report less than 12 months old, a current credit report and will need to become a member of External Dispute Resolution System COSL.

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Why do our customers choose Rent the Roo?

  • Access to the latest BRAND NEW products on the market.
  • Low upfront costs.
  • Free delivery of goods.
  • A no cost, reliable direct debit system accessing the customer's preferred account for easy payments.
  • Fast, reliable and personal in-home service on all products.
  • No buy out at the end of the rental contract.
  • Our Rent The Roo Give-a-way offer provides for the transfer of ownership of the rented goods to a third party at the completion of the rental contract. This means that the title to the rented goods remains the property of the Franchisee during the rental term and at the completion of the rental agreement someone known to the customer can then own the goods.
  • No discrimination against people on social benefits.
  • A Give-a-way gift program that encourages customer loyalty and referral to the highest level within the rental industry.

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy