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Reliance Roof Restoration is one of Australia's leading and fastest growing home roofing and roof restoration companies.

Reliance are based in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide, with regional branches across Australia. Reliance was formed as a family roofing business in Brisbane in 2002, based on the belief that focusing on the customer is as important as quality workmanship. Our philosophy worked and we are now one of the largest home roofing companies in Australia averaging 40 roof restorations per week. Our philosophy has spread and we now have 21 franchises across 4 states which are run by local managers who share our philosophy on quality workmanship and exceptional and reliable customer service.

We have been providing our roof restoration and roofing services direct to the homeowner for the past 13 years with the understanding that our customers needs along with delivering on our commitments have helped us become the trusted leader in Roof Restoration today. We endeavour to ensure your experience with use is pleasant and “reliable” so that you will recommend us to your closest friends and family.

With over 11,000 satisfied customers we have earned the reputation as the “go to” company for top quality Roof Restoration and the best customer service in the Industry. Reliance Roof Restoration offers the most comprehensive and transparent warranty in the roofing industry with no “fine print” or legal out clauses plus everything you’d expect from a roofing warranty to give you “peace of mind”.

Featured Opportunities

There are few if any franchises where you’ll get your investment back so soon.

With a Reliance franchise, you can make your money back in 20 to 30 weeks.

It gets better…Like we’ve discussed earlier, we are in an industry that has been unaffected by the global financial crisis. In fact, our sales have grown from $2.8 million to $4.1 million in the past 2 years! At a time when we are supposedly in recession.

You could call this business recession proof!

No other companies in this industry supply anywhere near the amount of information about themselves and their operating practices. Reliance provides every potential client with a list of over 200 roofs done by Reliance that they can go and look at. They offer an open invitation for clients to visit the office any time and without warning. Justin’s mobile phone number is even in the marketing brochure!

The success of this company can be put down to a few factors, namely the ones mentioned in the previous paragraph, but the one that stands head and shoulders above the rest is “people power”. Reliance has attracted and continues to attract great people based on it’s foundation of treating people with respect.

This is something that Justin has made an obsession since day one, and has made it a point to only bring like-minded people into the business.

People who show respect for others. Respect for prospects and customers. Respect for other staff members. Respect for themselves.

Part of showing respect for Reliance team members is providing an environment where they can earn a great living (Reliance has always offered renumeration that allows for great earning potential), have their opinions heard, and be treated fairly.

Showing respect also means providing an environment where team members can improve their overall quality of life. All of these factors are present at Reliance.

Reliance has also focussed on doing quality work, not a cheap job. This means that they charge a bit more than average for their services, but Reliance customers can be assured of a quality job that lasts.

Simply send us your postal address, and we’ll post you out your free info pack.

This is a comprehensive brochure, DVD, and letter, all explaining the opportunity in really good detail. And there’s a surprise free gift in there for you too!

Also send your phone number. Don’t worry, we won’t harass you, but we generally call to check that you’ve received the info, and to answer any questions that you might have. This is a simple light hearted, obligation free chat and a chance for you to understand this great opportunity better.

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