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A franchise Lifestyle that is Designed for YOU... Own your own Mobile Vending Franchise business. provender® is an Australia wide vending machine business with local Franchise Owners keeping businesses revived by providing snacks, drinks, fresh food options, coffee or tea directly to them through a range of vending and machine options.

Franchise Owners restock and service their machines or from their dedicated van's on a regular basis to ensure customers Stay Revived!™.

Why do our Franchise Owners choose provender?

  • Flexible working hours
  • Affordable investment levels
  • Full training and support provided
  • Income – whether you are there or not
  • Easily operated from a home base
  • Fresh start and change of direction
  • A work/life balance that suits everyone!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life - kickstart your future NOW and make an enquiry or go to


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Provender Australia Story 

Provender, started life as Snack Systems (NZ) Ltd in 1991 as an honour vending business predominantly delivering Snack Boxes to businesses under the ‘Have A Snack!’ brand. Initially a pilot programme over some months was used to test the all new “honour vending” concept to New Zealand.

By January 1994 there were 15 Franchise Owners in a solid nation-wide network. As a result of sub-dividing and the re-allocation of customers, by October 1999 there were 39 Franchise Owners operating franchises of various sizes in New Zealand and 20 in Australia and at the start of 2002 there were 54 in New Zealand alone. By mid 2003 that number was over 70 and by late 2005 approaching 90.

In 2008 Provender purchased Australian Vending 24seven, subsequently further expanding the reach of this successful vending enterprise.  In 7 years, Provender Australia has grown throughout Australia and at the Franchise Management Office in Sydney we support a team of franchise owner’s driving their businesses.

Market penetration has continued to grow in spite of intensified competition from other snack and drink vending organisations. These achievements are testimony to the inherent strength in the Provender franchise system, effective operations, management and careful selection of Franchise Owners.

Currently we have 55 Franchise Owners in Australia.

Benefits of Working With Provender:

Think about it:

No leasing, No staff, No commitment to be chained to a 9am-5pm workday, you set the Terms!

In short, Provender has:

Australia's largest selection of healthy food choices including gluten free, organic and low fat options.

Australia's largest equipment range.

Energy efficient vending machines.

24-hour remote monitoring.

Local operators providing personalised service.

Multiple payment options – credit card / swipe card etc

About Provender:

Provender machines are not like your average vending machines - in addition to the standard snack our machines provide healthy food and beverage options as well. We have partnered with nutritionists to develop our own Lifestyle Balance range of nutritionally sound food in response to consumer desire for healthier snack options.

As an independent company, Provender vending machines are not restricted by supplying specific brands and a Provender machine can customise its stock to meet the needs of your clients.

By joining Provender, you become part of the only Australian vending machine franchise which provides you the security of a tried and true successful business model.  With the backing of the Franchise Management Office, you receive support and dedicated help in identifying profitable new sites for your vending machines. Not only do you have unrivalled support, you have the added benefit of truly innovative and technologically advanced machines that make your job easier and simpler making this one of the best choices you can make for your future.


How it Works

1. The first step is to make an enquiry and complete and return a signed Confidentiality Agreement.

2. Within 24hours you will be provided a confidentiality agreement to sign and return. As this stage you will be sent a Franchise Overview and an existing business valuation which will include recent sales and profitability figures. We welcome the opportunity to discuss further and answer all of  your questions.

3. A "non-binding" application form will be enclosed within the Franchise Overview with a request to complete and return.

4. Once an application has been received, a meeting with a delegate of the Franchise Management Office will be arranged, plus a site visit to the existing opportunities vending run.


1. The first step is to make an enquiry and complete and return a signed Confidentiality Agreement.

2. Within 24hours you will be contacted to discuss futher and at the same time will be sent a Franchise Overview and Investment Guide, and/or a Businss Profile of an existing business opportunity. This will include recent sales and profitability figures and business valuation.

3. A "non-binding" application form will be enclosed within the Franchise Overview witih a request to complete and return.

4. Once an application has been received, a meeting with a delegate of the Franchise Management Office will be arranged, plus a site visit to the existing opportunities vending run.

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Question: What capital or other costs will be incurred in addition to the cost of establishing the business?
Answer: Other payments/costs:
Franchise Fee - $15,000 plus GST. Payable to the franchisor on signing the franchise agreement and before the franchisor training and induction.
Initial Training Fee - $8,000 plus GST plus cost of air travel, meals and accommodation. Payable to the franchisor prior to training.
Royalties (10% plus GST). Payable to the franchisor twice monthly.
Technology Fee - $3.50 p/w payable twice monthly.

Establishment of Business costs
Prepayment / Deposit - $5,000 on signing and accepting of Letter Of Offer.
Equipment, fixtures and other fixed assets – Vending Machines from $25,000k to $200,000k to the supplier / exiting franchise owner.

Vehicle costs (van) – from $10-45k estimate to the supplier or existing franchise owner. Can use own vehicle if suitable. Provender signage is available but not mandatory.
Stock inventory required to begin operation - $250 per vending machine estimate.
Security deposits (licenses including business name and company set up costs) - $550 - $3,300 estimate – to the Office of Fair Trading in NSW or other State equivalents.
Insurance - $1,500 - $5,000 per annum to insurance supplier.
Working capital additional investment – from $5,000.

Question: Do I have to pay a deposit? Are there any circumstances in which if I do not proceed, I will lose my deposit, or any part of it? If so, please explain.
Answer: Yes, you will have to pay a deposit (pre-payment). The cost is used to cover the Franchisor’s administration costs and legal costs relating to the recruitment and induction of new franchisees, including the preparation, negotiation and execution of a franchise agreement. The deposit is $5,000 and is refundable from 40%-100% if you do not proceed.

Question: How much working capital do I need? What is the basis for your calculation of this requirement?
Answer: At least the equivalent of 4 weeks stock purchases.

Question: What level of gross profit margin should I expect to achieve? Please itemize the expenses that I shall expect to incur? What level of turnover do I need to achieve to break even and how long should it take to reach that level?
Answer: Typical GP margins in our business range from 25-40%. For an existing run, consult the vendor and Provender can provide a profitability report on request.

Question: May I see actual accounts that confirm, or fail to confirm, your projections? Can they be relied upon? Or are they merely illustrations?
Answer: Provender does not provide any projections. If a machine hasn’t performed sales for 365 days, Provender provides an annualised estimate of a 12 month period. The existing franchisee can provide individual P&L’s and financial accounts upon request.

Question: What financing arrangements are available and what terms for repayments will there be? What rate of interest will be required and will the bank or finance company want security?
Answer: There are NO financing arrangements. Neither Provender nor any associate or agent of the franchisor offers or provides to franchisees any financing arrangement for the establishment or operation of the franchised business. Your own bank and lending institutions will need to be sourced.

Question: Is the business seasonal?
Answer: Yes, in the sense that sales peak over the summer and reduce over the winter in line with workplace occupancy and weather conditions, although summer produces the greatest number of cold drink purchases.

Question: How do you (The Franchisor) make your money?
Answer: Royalties and technology fee. Equipment sales.

Question: Does the franchise group receive any supplier rebates?
Answer: Yes.

Question: What advertising and promotional support do you provide?
Answer: Market Research Targeted Company Listings. Paid Google advertising and Google Ad Words which gives us excellent search optimization for our website. Social Media presence, competitions and tender propoosals.

Question: What point-of-sale and promotional literature do you supply, and what do I have to pay for it?
Answer: Machine brochures and marketing folders, included in marketing packs and available free of charge. Business cards and uniforms. Vary according to need.

Question: Can I meet some of your other field support staff?
Answer: Yes.

Question: How long have they each been with you and do they have service contracts that will ensure continuity?
Answer: Yes. Terms vary from 2-8 years.

Question: Please explain the procedure that you will adopt to get me ready to open for business?
Answer: Field training with existing franchise owner along with franchisor training and induction including classroom and practical sessions.

Question: What will be the operating hours of the business?
Answer: Will vary franchise to franchise (1-7 days) and provender franchise management office operates only during business hours.

Question: Will I own the equipment necessary to operate the business?
Answer: Yes

Question: What systems do you have for keeping Franchise Owners in touch with you and each other?
Answer: Through their franchise council telephone tree, contact lists, Office 365 Sharepoint and intranet and email system.

Question: Do you publish a newsletter?
Answer: Yes, we publish an e-newsletter which comes out fortnightly on Friday.

Question: Do you hold seminars, conferences?
Answer: Yes: We hold conferences which are attended by all franchise owners, spouses or partners, guest speakers, suppliers and the franchisor staff. Additional roadshows / workshops are held in VIC, QLD, NSW & WA.

Question: Is there a Franchise Owner association within your franchise?
Answer: Yes, it is called the Franchise Council and is a policy implementation and recommendation body to speak both for franchise owners and work with the franchisor. Among the matters covered are marketing, advertising and promotions and working together to introduce, initiate and implement any concept, idea or product that will contribute to the Provender Franchise System’s goals or increased profit, sales and customers.

Question: How will I cope with my accounting and record keeping?
Answer: Assistance is available if required.

Question: What restrictions will there be on what products I can sell?
Answer: All products are subject to franchisor approval but the good news is we will approve anything as long as it will vend and sell and make you a good margin!

Question: Do you provide instructional and operational manuals?
Answer: Yes, Provender provides operational manuals, technical manuals and much more.

Question: What would happen if I ran into operational problems that I was unable to solve?  What help would I get?
Answer: Provender Franchise Management staff are equipped to assist you with you challenges.

Question: How can I be sure you will do what you promise?
Answer: Talk to other franchisees who have been in your position before. 

Question: What are you prepared to guarantee in writing?
Answer: That you will have the opportunity to create a successful business, by employing our systems and processes, and then implementing them in the marketplace. 


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