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If you are looking for your own business as a Business Coach helping other business owners to make more profit, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Using our ‘business system in a box’ which we call Profit Mechanics, you will have all the systems, tools and help to ensure you can reach your own goals as quickly and easily as possible.

Here’s a summary of what you will get:

• Earn up to $150,000 per year
• Your time is billed at $250 per hour and you keep it all
• The satisfaction of helping others with their business
• Work from home or anywhere with an internet connection
• No rush hour commuting
• Work the days and hours to fit your lifestyle
• Enjoy a great work life balance
• No staff or expensive office rent needed
• No restrictive area
• No ongoing fees
• No renewal fees
• Leads come to you, so there is no door knocking or cold calling
• You will get one on one personal weekly mentoring for as long as you need.
• Your business is scalable

Featured Opportunities

The Profit Mechanics product, is what small business owners have been crying out for.

It gives them all the systems and information that they might get if they bought an expensive franchise, but for a fraction of the cost.

Most companies ignore this market sector (even though it makes up 97% of all businesses!), choosing to go straight for the larger companies instead. This means that the small and micro market has largely been left untouched and is ready and waiting for your help!
We have not seen any system like this on the market, which means that you have a massive advantage over other business coaches or mentors.

Running your successful business - your role

We are looking for people that would like to set up their own business either as a sole trader or Pty Ltd company, and become a licensed Business Coach using the Profit Mechanics system. We are looking to set up and train a limited number (30) of Business Coaches  in Australia so that there is plenty of business for everyone.

To run any successful business, you need a strong product or service and a market hungry to buy it. After many years of research, the Profit Mechanics system was created and the good news is that it ticks all the boxes. Since we will also help you with the systems in your business too, it means that you have the opportunity to quickly create a profitable business with minimal risk or expense.


One of the main concerns is how you will get new customers. We will show you a simple, tried and tested strategy that gets potential businesses asking for you to help them and the good news is that we even offer you the option to have all the leads generated for you. The number of leads generated are typically between 10 and 40 per week. So let's look at what income you can expect to make ...

Our primary market is businesses that have approx. 3- 15 employees. These, want our Profit Mechanics program plus a mentoring option to keep them accountable, so we offer 2 main options.

Gold Package $15000 which includes 1 hour Skype mentoring per week plus the Profit Mechanics system. Clients typical will pay you monthly at  $1250 per month

Platinum Package $25000 which includes a 1 hour weekly face to face mentoring, plus the Profit Mechanics system. Clients typical will pay you monthly at $2083 per month

If for example you were selling the $15000 package on average, you would need only 12 customers per year to generate revenue of $180,000. So imagine, one year from now, having your own, easy to run, profitable business with an income in the top 3% and lifestyle to match.

In a few months we are also planning to Franchise this in the UK and so we would like help you to build up a successful business here in Australia so that we can use that as a success story when we launch our Franchise overseas.

In Australia, because we don't charge any huge upfront or ongoing fees, we predominantly make our money from you buying the Profit Mechanics system from us at the heavily discounted rate of just $1000+GST. So for example, if you sell a Gold package, we would get $1000 of the sale price and you would keep the rest, $14000.00. In order for that arrangement to work you need to be successful too. There are no minimum numbers to purchase, simply buy them from us to use with your client as and when you need to.

Here's how you're supported

  • You will get ongoing one on one weekly mentoring including us showing you how to set up your business, get leads, convert them into clients and then work with those clients.
  • You have the option to have all your leads provided for you
  • You will be trained in and have access to our complete business system
  • You will get two custom made, professionally produced videos to promote your business
  • You'll get shown how to run through the popular Business Diagnostic Questionnaire that turns meetings into easy and no pressure sales
  • You have the ability to leverage your time so that you're not swapping time for money – we will show you how

Here's how to take your next step ...
If you are interested in being your own boss as a Business Coach and building a profitable business, then simply do the following:

  1. Watch the short video
  2. When you have watched it please call Keith Banfield today. The number to call is (07) 3886 8649 and we will explain exactly how it works and answer any questions you have. There are limited places available.

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