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A tasty snack that can be enjoyed any time, all of our Pretzels are baked fresh in store each day, right before our customers very eyes!

With guaranteed freshness, our hand-rolled Pretzels are available in a delicious range of both sweet and savoury toppings, such as Moscow Glaze, Columbian Cookie, Swiss Cheese, or Meat Lovers – yum!

Alongside our traditional Pretzel World stores, located in high traffic shopping centres and travel precincts (i.e. airports), we’re now putting a twist on the traditional retail model and putting our pretzels on the move!

That’s right, now available in the form of a custom-made electric Tuk Tuk, we’re taking our mouth-watering pretzels and barista-made coffee out to the people!

The new Pretzel World Tuk Tuk model addresses three key concerns in traditional retailing:

  • It can be operated by a single operator;
  • It requires limited space, and therefore attracts lower rental costs; and
  • Its position can be easily moved, should a particular location be under-performing.

The Pretzel World Tuk Tuk can easily be positioned in a casual leasing or permanent space, within a shopping centre, hospital, entertainment venue, or even street corner, just to name a few.

With an entry level cost of $100,000 for a Tuk Tuk, Franchisees will be provided with:

  • The Tuk Tuk itself;
  • Trailer for transporation;
  • Baking oven;
  • Warming display;
  • Pretzel topping trays;
  • Single group head coffee machine;
  • Coffee grinder; and
  • Storage refrigeration and freezer.

The Tuk Tuk can operate from a standard 10amp power source.

Ongoing royalty fees are also fixed at $200 per week, regardless of your sales; meaning the harder you work, the greater your share is.

Franchisees are also provided with a complete training program, to ensure they have a full understanding of the business.

For further information, including the steps involved to join our team, please complete the contact form and register your interest.

Pretzel World is proudly 100% Australian owned, operated and branded and we welcome your enquiry. 

Featured Opportunities

There are many advantages to owning your very own Pretzel World store. Here are just some of them:

  • Full Training
    We provide a full and extensive training program to all new Franchisees, ensuring you are both business and hospitality ready. Encompassing both theoretical and practical components, we also support you long term, through the provision of an Operations Manual and ongoing training.

  • Product Development
    We have a dedicated Product Development team constantly baking up new innovations and opportunities for Franchisees, for use at both national and local levels (should you want something special to suit your local area).

  • Business Support
    Pretzel World has Area Managers (AM), who act as dedicated business coaches, to both support and mentor you throughout your time with Pretzel World. Your AM will provide you with individual, tailored, continuous support across all areas such as Operations, Retail, Financial and Marketing.

  • Our Size Gives Us Buying Power
    The cost of your raw materials has an important impact on the profitability of your store. Being part of a larger system, we negotiate with major suppliers to minimise these costs.

  • Fixed Royalties
    Unlike many Franchise Systems that charge a percentage of every dollar sold, Pretzel World Tuk Tuks have a set weekly fee of $200, so you know exactly what your weekly expenses are. The harder you work, the greater your share is.

  • Easy Operation
    With virtually 100% cash sales for your Pretzel World Tuk Tuk, you don’t have to spend any time invoicing or chasing debtors.

  • Exclusive Operating Territory
    Your Pretzel World Tuk Tuk will operate in a designated Franchise Territory with exclusive first rights to customers in that precinct.

  • Pretzel World is a “Turnkey” Operation
    We want to make it easy for you to start your business. And then we want to make it easy for you to run your business!

Pretzel World is also proudly 100% Australian owned, operated and branded.

The process for becoming a Pretzel World franchisee is as follows:

  • The applicant (you!) submits their initial enquiry / expression of interest.

  • Our Franchise Recruitment Manager (FRM) sends you a Confidentiality Agreement. Upon signing, we send you a full Business Pack outlining the benefits of the brand.

  • Once you’ve acknowledged your interest to proceed, a face-to-face meeting is set with our FRM. As part of this, you’ll be required to complete a Business Plan (we will provide a template).

  • A Business Strategy Meeting will be conducted.

  • An Approval letter is issued. You’ll also be provided with generic Franchise Grant Documents and an invoice for the full Franchise Fee ($20,000 + GST for a Tuk Tuk or $60,000 + GST for a traditional store).

  • In order to progress, a payment of 25% of the Franchise Fee is required.

  • Following a cooling-off period, all Franchise Documents are to be signed and submitted.

  • You must then pay the balance of the Franchise Fee.

  • Lease terms are negotiated and executed.

  • Your Tuk Tuk is ordered and branded up^.

  • Store fit-out drawings are completed*.

  • A final store fit-out estimate is provided and a contract supplied by the shopfitter*.

  • You will need to sign and submit the store fitout contract*.

  • Store handover takes place with the store shopfitter, following sign-off of all build elements*.

  • Training is completed and signed off by your dedicated Area Manager.

  • Your Pretzel World store officially opens – congratulations!

    ^ Pretzel World Tuk Tuk business
    * Pretzel World traditional retail store business

    Note: The process above will take approx. 3 months to complete.


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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy