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Looking for a easy to run business opportunity for sale ? Don't buy a cafe, pizza shop, subway or bakery, petrol station or car wash make more money work less This is not a franchise, no on going fess, your own business and own brand.

As you have probably heard, there’s no doubt about the huge demand for portable accommodation and portable buildings all across Australia.

Mines, communities, home owners and people from all different walks of life cannot get enough portable buildings and large manufacturing companies cannot manufacture enough portable buildings.

This creates a huge business opportunity for someone who is willing to …work a little and make plenty of money along the way.

My name is Matt Buchel and previously among other things i founded and operated a portable building business a business that took me lot’s of time and money to set up and perfect…

You see even though I have set up and perfected a portable building business I quickly found I could not cover the huge demand in the market place.

So to combat that problem I have put all my hard work into a easy to follow system so you can start a portable building business no matter where you are in Australia there is not on going fees and we give you everything from marketing, engineering, step by step guidance and support for a full 12 months, there is no ongoing fees ever and you can have a option marketing management program where we deliver qualified leads directly to you.

For more information register to watch a video and also get a optional information package delivered to you at www.portablebuildingcash.com.au/seek

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“Don’t Miss Out On Your Chance To Be Taken Step-By-Step, All The Way, To Building Your Very Own Thriving Portable Building Business By Someone Who Has Been There And Done It.“

Matt Buchel originally from the western suburbs of Sydney, has developed several successful businesses including a property maintenance business, portable building business and a manufacturing and retail business which he built from scratch to $6 million per annum in only 3 years.

He’s dynamic, energetic and highly motivated and doesn’t stand still for very long. His strengths lie in finance, staffing, marketing and sales; and he has a driving passion to help other business owners grow and succeed as he has done.

Claims to Fame

  • 2011 Runner up as Marketer of the year in Chicago at the Dan Kennedy super conference – an event attended by thousands of top marketers from all over the world
  • 2011 Marketer of the Year at renowned Millionaire Maker Mal Emery’s Streetsmart business school
  • 2011 Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the year nominee

In 2011 his companies’ growth averaged 58% per annum during a recession. This would place Matt and his business in the BRW top 100 at position 57 – not bad for a high school dropout!

Also in 2011 he was named Smart Company’s 29th fastest growing company, in their 50 growing companies list

Built up several businesses and sold some them for multi-million dollar price tags.

High level marketer – has invested over $3,000,000 of his own money in advertising and marketing, so he know what does and does not work

Retailer – owns and oversees his own retail stores

Considerable staff management experience – having hired, fired, kept and managed over 272 staff

Extensive importing experience – bringing in millions of dollars’ worth of stock each year from China, Africa, Indonesia, Canada, America and Vietnam

Business Coach – provides business coaching services to hundreds of small businesses of all different types

Street Savvy – within 12 months has selectively won multi-million dollar government contracts away from competitors who have been in business for over 20 years.

To find out more and how Matt's past experience allows you to get into your own lucrative portable building business register online at www.portablebuildingcash.com.au/seek


Here are the steps to get started in your own business:

  • Step #2 – Fill in the application form located under the video (this is the video you get to after registering in the form at the top or bottom of any page)
  • Step #3 – Once application form comes in we talk together on the phone
  • Step #4 – By the end of the conversation we will know if we are a good fit for each other and also if the business is suitable for you and there is opportunity around your location
  • Step #5 – At this point you pay a $500 deposit generally by Visa or MasterCard Step
  • Step #6 – An invoice is sent to you which puts in writing exactly what you are getting with your program
  • Step #7 – You go over the invoice and ask any questions if need be, but to be honest it is super simple, so chances are you will not have questions
  • Step #8 – You transfer across the balance of funds, or if you prefer, you can pay via credit card and get points
  • Step #9 – If you have chosen package B, we get to work rebranding all items, assembling your website and creating all your marketing for you. The goal is to have everything up running and ready to go, so as soon as you step out from training you have inquiries coming in (full detail is within the video that explains the business)
  • Step #10 – You attend training. All the knowledge is passed to you along with a suite of manuals for you to refer to, plus video and CD recordings of all training. As soon as you step out of the door of training you will be fully ready to go

Register now at www.portablebuildingcash.com.au/seek


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To find out more register at www.portablebuildingcash.com.au/step3

Q1: Matt why are you selling all this info and helping people rather than just doing it yourself

A: The answer is simple first of all I can help more people by selling the information and I get a kick out of starting up businesses and seeing them thrive. As I said earlier I intentionally set out to build a portable building business to prove it can be done, iron out all the bugs, then helps others do it.

Q2: Matt by letting all your I.P. and secrets out won’t you flood the market and no one will make any money ??

A: First of all – just because you CAN pay me does not mean I will sell the information to you and train you to run your own successful business, we will be working together for a extended period of time so I need to be sure we can get along , not only that I have not got time to be dealing with a heap of people I will be simply selling on a first in best dressed basis I only intend to sell a hand full of these packages.

Q3: Matt are there any on going costs involved ?

A: No once you pay for the business in a box package that is all you pay for. Full details are explained in the online video it is worth your time registering and watching it , also if you choose package B you would like a option to have your marketing managed for you by my team so you can get off the ground faster this is of course optional

Q4: Matt paying for a business seems crazy when i can just start one my self what is the advantage of your system ?

A: Well to be honest I am surprised you think that and to be honest once you watch the online video you would probably never say this, for example look at your options you could buy a lawn mowing franchise for $25,000 always be paying fees and mow lawns for ever, or you could buy this and never pays fees and be working away making 10 times the amount you could from lawn mowing, register your details in the form above or below and watch the online video that explains how much money you can make out of this.

Q5: Matt I don’t have any money do you do a payment plan ?

A: Look I understand every one does not have the money up front and I feel for you I member when I first started out I had a mortgage a wife and plenty of bills to pay, but realistically start up money is not hard to get with a personal loan (that’s how I started), plus if you can’t raise money I am a little concerned that you will be in the right mind set to run this business properly, perhaps wait a little while and save some money and you will be in a better frame of mind to make this work for you or alternatively I have organized for you to be able to apply for finance and get started for as low as $140 per week full details are in the online video on both upfront payment options and on fiance options.

Q6: Matt what training do I get and do I have to visit you ?

A: The Business in a box program is set up so it can be done from anywhere, you have a full step by step guide on what you need to do plus a on going support from me, plus you also have remember I have been there and done it at the start of the online video i go through in detail my experience so you know I am walking the walk not just talking the talk.

Q7: Matt do I need to be qualified to do this work ?

A: Great news is anyone can run a portable building business all they need to do is be able to organise things and talk with customers, I show you exactly how to do this and you will be surprised at just how easy it is to do.

Q8: Matt how much money can I make out of this ?

A: Good question and one that needs more detail than a few lines of text, I have created a online video that explains all this and more go ahead and enter your details in form above or below for access to it.

Q9: Matt is this a franchise ??

A: This is not a franchise, however we do support you and can offer you a optional marketing management program if you like however be very clear you are free to do your own thing operate under your own name, not pay any on going fees and work where ever you like

Q10: Matt I have more questions how do I get them answered ?

A: I understand there is more questions you most likely have ,I suggest you enter your details into the form above and then watch the online video which will answer many of your questions, then if you have more questions and or want to take the next step the online video will explain exactly what to do.

To find out more register at www.portablebuildingcash.com.au/step3


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