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Pasta Providore is Australia's newest and most exciting mover and shaker in the fast casual dining landscape, with a pasta bar concept that focuses on the experience beyond the bowl.

Pasta Providore is a vibrant, quick service concept centred around our love for food theatre. Our chefs are centre stage in our stores, preparing each order with speed, charisma and charm.

Today’s consumers want fresh, and they want it fast. After making a selection of pasta, sauce and accompaniments from our self serve fridges, customers are then treated to a front row seat while our chefs prepare their customised meal. The produce is fresh, the food is delicious and the energy behind the counter is simply electric.

What makes this concept so unique? After completing their order, customers can expect to have their meal in their hot little hands in 3-4 minutes. We have carefully considered all aspects of store design, menu construction, and operational processes to minimise wait time and maximise the store’s profit potential.

Pasta Providore is part of the nationally recognised franchise group, Aktiv Brands.

As part of the Aktiv Brands family, our Franchise Partners benefit from over 15 years’ experience in the franchise industry and the wealth of knowledge that comes with it. You will also have access to a bounty of tools and resources within the Aktiv Brands network.

We’ve developed a very simple business model. Pasta Providore restaurants can be easily adapted to thrive in retail fast-casual dining venues, in street front dining precincts and in standalone locations. Our operational procedures are streamlined and efficient and most importantly, our model is commercially attractive.

The great thing about pasta isn’t that it’s delicious or that it brings people together, but that it provides a base for a versatile, tasty and fast menu. Serving mouthwatering, delicious meals is surprisingly easier than you might think and we can show you how! As part of a national franchise group, you will also have access to greater purchasing effeciencies and constant menu development.

To keep things simple, we’ve developed a step-by-step ‘recipe’ that will give you an idea of what is required, how long it should take, and what comes next.

If you’re serious about taking control of your future and joining our team, start the ball rolling with the steps below.

Steps to Becoming a Pasta Providore Franchisee:

  1. Submit an enquiry via the SEEK Business form.

  2. Read and sign the Confidentiality Agreement in the Pasta Providore Franchise Information Brochure. (This will be sent to you following your enquiry).

  3. Meet with the Franchise Support Office to discuss your application.

  4. You will be sent an email requesting you to complete the Franchise Owner Questionnaire online.

  5. Once your application is approved you will be sent a full set of Franchise Disclosure Documents to review.

  6. Your next step is to complete a Final Franchise Interview with us and sign your Franchise Agreement. If accepted, you will commence your comprehensive training program to get you ready to open your store.

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