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NightOwl has become a trusted name in the retail sector providing customers convenient shopping while offering “more choice, more value”.

The first NightOwl store opened in Auchenflower, Brisbane, in 1975 and was one of the first convenience stores in Australia to trade 24 hours.

Now, 65 NightOwl stores and superstores can be found in regional, suburban and metropolitan Queensland locations, northern New South Wales and in Melbourne, Victoria. All stores provide value to customers at convenient times from 6am – Midnight to 24 hours daily, 7 days a week.

The NightOwl vision is to provide busy shoppers with a quick alternative to the traditional supermarket without sacrificing on value, range product quality and customer service

Customers looking for a range of fresh and non-perishable products at affordable prices call on their local NightOwl store and enjoy not only ease of parking in suburban and regional locations, but also friendly service.

NightOwl is a dynamic and innovative franchise network with traits that have enticed potential business owners to start their careers with the convenience network, with many going on to become long term multi-site franchisees.

The company has adapted over the years to fulfill customers’ needs and what its potential franchisees require to become successful business operators

Franchise opportunities are available now.


Featured Opportunities

Hear from one of our Multi-Site Franchise Owners

Quentin and Lara one of our husband and wife teams, joined NightOwl last year in April, they purchased their first store at Charles Street in Townsville and just recently have become multi-site owners through their second purchase of the NightOwl store at Deeragun Street in Townsville, please have a read of their journey so far.

Quentin & Lara's Journey (so far)

What was your background before joining NightOwl, and how long have you been a franchisee with NightOwl?

We started our journey with Night Owl in April 2013 so as of today’s date we’ve been in the Night Owl family for 9 Months.

QuentinI have had 21 years’ experience in the Sales industry in Fast Moving Consumer Goods. I moved my way through various roles beginning my Sales journey as a Sales Rep, then progressing to a Key Account Manager, then Field Management, then through to Regional Sales Management roles. I was very fortunate to have gained a lot of knowledge & experience working for companies such as Coca Cola, Cadbury, Parmalat & Lion Dairy & Drinks.

LaraWe have three beautiful children & I have been fortunate enough to have been able to stay at home to be with them while they were little. When our youngest just started Grade 1 last year, I was able to return to work and join Quentin in our NightOwl adventure. Prior to having children, I worked for 10yrs as a Legal secretary.

What in your opinion makes a successful franchisee?

  • It is someone who is enthusiastic and driven to achieve results.
  • It is someone who is genuinely interested in engaging with people, because after all we’re in the people’s business. If you love connecting with people & seeing them smile when they leave your store, then there’s a very good chance they’re going to come back.
  • It is someone who knows their strengths & what they enjoy doing, & exploiting them in the business.

The other point is that we’re in the Fast Moving Consumers Good industry & they don’t call it that for nothing. If you enjoy a fast paced business with things happening & changing all the time, then this business is going to tick all your boxes.

It is someone who enjoys planning. Things don’t happen by chance. This system has all the sales programs in place however you still need to plan how you’re going to achieve the results you want to achieve.

If you could go back, what would you do differently, any words of advice for prospective franchisees?

To be honest my first response is I should’ve got into this business years ago. Some advice to prospective franchisees would be do your research then followed up by contacting the Night Owl Head Office to ask more insightful questions then go out & have a look at some stores. From this alone you’ll get a good feel for it.

What are you goals for 2014?

Our goals for 2014 are (not in order of importance):

  1. To continue to drive sales results in our business
  2. To gain a Second Store in the NightOwl Franchise system
  3. To build a skilled team who clearly understand our expectations & standards
  4. To engage sponsorship opportunities in our community and thereby building the NightOwl Brand awareness
  5. Continue to have fun with our team & customers

What are the rewards?

The rewards we are looking for are;

  1. Return on our time invested in & on our business
  2. A successful business that will give us more time to spend with our young family
  3. A business for our kids should they choose to could step into & continue
  4. Satisfied, happy customers that choose our business to be their store of choice

The NightOwl mission is to be the most successful and envied convenience retailer in the Australian market. The mission is to deliver industry-leading value to its franchisees, suppliers and customers through their retail offer and brand recognition.

NightOwl is one of the most popular convenience brands Aussies have come to rely upon and there is no better time to join the NightOwl network and invest in the 100% Australian-owned franchise company.

NightOwl is looking for business-minded people who are passionate about driving their own success through a proven model with a strong brand.

The network’s strength is convenience and making the customer experience easier and enjoyable. Comprehensive training programs and systems in place develop NightOwl’s franchisees to be equipped with skills to achieve.

The NightOwl franchise support office (FSO) is based at Kangaroo Point and is the group’s central hub for administration, marketing, operations, training and development support.

NightOwl operates four convenience formats, each meeting a particular need in the market place. Each represents a viable business opportunity for franchisees while providing options to suit their own family, lifestyle and financial requirements.

These include High Street, Suburban, Coastal and Regional layouts.

The NightOwl franchise development team manages the store development project from start to finish.

Franchisees can be confident the entire project will be managed diligently to ensure the location, design, construction, merchandising and fit-out of the store meet the high standards set out by NightOwl.

Behind the NightOwl brand is a dedicated, close-knit team of franchising experts and business managers to help guide and develop our franchisees into profitable, sustainable retailers.

NightOwl’s brand strength, business model, training and support, site selection process, construction planning, merchandising knowledge and marketing expertise ensures franchisees are set up for success.

The NightOwl team has the ability to transform you into strong, passionate and successful retailers.

NightOwl offers a comprehensive four-week training program. This is complemented with a 12- month dedicated focus on training and support and provides the most hands-on and practical franchisee training available.

NightOwl guides its franchisees through every aspect of what it takes to make their store provide the best return on investment.

They train extensively in business plans, customer service excellence, merchandising for profit, inventory and staff management, security training, incident-reporting and office procedures.

Continual assistance from NightOwl’s training and retail development managers complements the training and gives franchisees a further competitive edge.

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1. Establishment cost for a new franchise?

From $400,000 + GST and includes:

  • Complete fitout
  • All training
  • Initial opening stock
  • Initial franchise fee

2. Other set-up costs?

  • Bank guarantee facility (traditionally three months’ rent)
  • Legal costs
  • Own due-diligence costs
  • Business establishment costs

3. Franchise agreements?

  • Initial term 10 years
  • Five-year renewals available thereafter

4. Lease terms?

  • NightOwl holds the lease
  • NightOwl issues the franchisee a sub-lease, or PLA (premise license agreement)
  • Leases are typically negotiated for 5 + 5 + 5 terms

5. Ongoing commitments to the franchisor?

  • 3.5% royalty on gross weekly sales
  • 1% marketing on gross weekly sales
  • 1% development levy on gross weekly sales
  • Weekly online training subscription fee
  • Weekly price file maintenance fee

6. Stock ordering?

  • NightOwl negotiates for all franchised stores at head office level
  • These trading terms are passed down to each franchisee in the form of off-invoice discounts and special promotion buy prices
  • NightOwl has preferred suppliers which franchisees order from
  • NightOwl has direct suppliers and indirect suppliers
  • Franchisees are responsible for their own ordering. This can be done automatically as long as the franchisee is diligent with the perpetual inventory process within their Coyote back office point of sale system

7. Is there flexibility in becoming a NightOwl franchisee?

  • Absolutely yes!
  • While there are compliance and consistency guidelines with becoming a NightOwl Convenience franchisee, we encourage innovation and entrepreneurship within each business
  • Franchisees have the security of a franchise system but also have the ability to target their local demographic needs

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