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We’ve been around for over 40 years, but we’re still young at heart

NightOwl is a national convenience franchise system established in 1975 as Australia’s first 24 hour trading Convenience retail business.

First franchised in 1987, we have never stopped growing and with an exceptionally strong brand presence, we now operate over 69 stores throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

Customers will come to you!

In Queensland, NightOwl’s market share has grown to over 35% of the convenience market, putting NightOwl as one of the largest convenience franchise store operators in Australia – supported by the longevity and loyalty of our customers.

Featured Opportunities

Your success is our success

If you want continued growth year on year, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll never be left without support. We continually invest in franchisee training, modern marketing methods, advanced technology and systems, profitable supplier relationships, store refurbishment and
continued expansion into the convenience market.

You can keep growing

NightOwl Franchisee’s can operate a single franchise or multiple franchises within the group – and are given an exclusive territory.

If you don’t have a location, we can help. We use specialist demographic and site analysis to assess an appropriate site for all new NightOwl
stores. Many are located in superior convenience sites with other nationally recognised which complement each other and create a
strong destination and impulse based customer offer.


  • You are supported by a network with over 40 years trading history.
  • Your business is boosted with modern marketing via LED screens, Beacon Technology and NightOwl Mobile App
  • You benefit from group buying and marketing power
  • You are given the support of a recognised brand while
  • maintaining flexibility to adapt your stock to suit local demographics
  • You are investing in a proven Return on Investment (ROI) model
  • You benefit from on-going operations, training and merchandising suppor


No experience in business or retail?

Gain confidence and learn how to be a successful business owner in our comprehensive 5 week training program – based on 10% classroom/ theory, 20% guided learning and 70% hands on learning – we will train you in everything you need to know about successfully operating your NightOwl franchise. You will receive support from our dedicated national training manager.

Once you’re up and running, you will have access to NOEL, which gives you access to everything you need in running your NightOwl franchise, such as training, marketing material, reports and more.

Our online learning platform NightOwl E-Learning system (NOEL) provides Franchisees with training systems and information at the click of a mouse.

What does NOEL provide?

  • Online and real time training for you and your staff
  • Support from our national training manager
  • Reports and statistics
  • Marketing and promotional collateral
  • Business specific document templates
  • Latest NightOwl news and forums

NightOwl operates four convenience formats, each meeting a particular need in the market place. Each represents a viable business opportunity for franchisees while providing options to suit their own family, lifestyle and financial requirements.

These include High Street, Suburban, Coastal and Regional layouts.

The NightOwl franchise development team manages the store development project from start to finish.

Franchisees can be confident the entire project will be managed diligently to ensure the location, design, construction, merchandising and fit-out of the store meet the high standards set out by NightOwl.

Behind the NightOwl brand is a dedicated, close-knit team of franchising experts and business managers to help guide and develop our franchisees into profitable, sustainable retailers.

NightOwl’s brand strength, business model, training and support, site selection process, construction planning, merchandising knowledge and marketing expertise ensures franchisees are set up for success.

The NightOwl team has the ability to transform you into strong, passionate and successful retailers.

NightOwl offers a comprehensive four-week training program. This is complemented with a 12- month dedicated focus on training and support and provides the most hands-on and practical franchisee training available.

NightOwl guides its franchisees through every aspect of what it takes to make their store provide the best return on investment.

They train extensively in business plans, customer service excellence, merchandising for profit, inventory and staff management, security training, incident-reporting and office procedures.

Continual assistance from NightOwl’s training and retail development managers complements the training and gives franchisees a further competitive edge.

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What is the Establishment cost for a New Franchise?

From $350,000 + GST , and includes:

  • Complete fit-out
  • Initial franchise fee

What are the other setup costs?

  • Initial opening stock
  • All training
  • Bank guarantee facility [traditionally 3 months’ rent]
  • Legal costs
  • Own due-diligence costs
  • Business etablishment costs

What is the franchise agreement?

  • Initial term for Fuel is 10 Years and for traditional store is 5 Years
  • 5 year renewals available there after

What are the lease terms?

  • NightOwl holds the Head Lease
  • NightOwl issues the Franchisee a Sub-Lease
  • Leases are typically negotiated for 5 + 5 + 5 terms

What are the ongoing commitments to the franchisor?

  • 3.5% Royalty on gross weekly sales
  • 1% Marketing on gross Weekly sales
  • 1% Development levy on gross Weekly sales
  • Weekly online training subscription fee
  • Weekly price file maintenance fee

How does stock ordering work?

  • NightOwl negotiates for all franchised stores at Franchise Support Office
  • These trading terms are passed down to each Franchisee in the form of off-invoice discounts and special promotions buy prices
  • NightOwl has preferred suppliers which Franchisees order form
  • NightOwl has direct suppliers and indirect suppliers
  • Franchisees are responsible for their own ordering. This can be done automatically as long as the Franchisee is diligent with the Perpetual Inventory Process with in their back office
  • Investment buying opportunities regularly available

Is there flexibility in becoming a NightOwl franchisee?

  • Absolutely Yes!
  • Whilst there are compliance consistency guidelines with becoming a NightOwl Convenience franchisee, we encourage innovation and entrepreneurship within each business.
  • Franchisees have the security of a Franchise system but also have the ability to target their local demographic needs.

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