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Network Infinity franchisees are highly trained licensed professionals providing business brokerage services to all industries around Australia.

As a new franchisee, you will undergo a series of training sessions as well as licensing courses needed in order for you to work within your State or Territory.

The business brokerage industry can provide you with a choice of lifestyle options to suit most needs; it can be a highly rewarding industry that also provides satisfaction of a job well done.
You will be helping people both enter and exit a business for many reasons such as financial motivations, health reasons or simply because they are looking for a lifestyle change.

Some of the benefits to becoming a business broker

  • no expensive stock to hold
  • no lengthy leases to sign up to
  • you can work your hours
  • work from home
  • job satisfaction
  • build your own business asset
  • high commissions
  • multiple revenue streams
  • low overheads

Ask yourself, do you like the idea of doing business over coffee?

As an agent, a lot of the work involves relationship management, providing information exchange, getting to understand your customers’ needs and providing them with suitable options.

Suitable candidates should have the following attributes

  • the ability to deal with many types of people with diverse backgrounds
  • people with a team player attitude
  • entrepreneurial individual’s looking to excel
  • people who are willing to learn
  • people that are not afraid to network
  • highly motivated
  • business minded people

Featured Opportunities

Whether you are new to the industry or have been working as a broker you will find there are many benefits to joining our winning team

As with most businesses that fail, there is usually one common denominator, high overheads compared to incoming revenue.

Our unique business model offers our franchisees many benefits such as low running costs, access to our large pool of customers, administration services and the ability to grow your business.

We believe in our system and hence we provide pre approved vendor finance to all approved franchisees that is only payable once you generate over $100,000.

Some of the key benefits of joining Network Infinity

  • Low overheads & marketing support
  • Pre approved vendor finance for approved applicants
  • We work as a large team and our model helps each of our franchisees benefit from each other’s success
  • More infrastructure and support offered to our franchisees than any other business brokerage franchisor
  • We provide you with opportunities from your first day
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Initial training to get you up and running effectively
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Continue to grow in strength and knowledge together
  • Bespoke software solutions, for the exclusive use of Network Infinity Franchisees and their staff
  • Our model supports and encourages franchisees to build their businesses
  • Your success is our success; you only pay royalties when you earn commissions
  • Cloud based proprietor software allows you to work from virtually anywhere
  • Centralised administrative services offering your franchise back end support to keep your free to focus on your growth and sales
  • Track record of success

Dedicated support

As a new franchisee you will receive support to help start up your business, this will include a manager accompanying you for meetings to both list businesses as well as present them to prospective purchasers, this support will help to build your confidence as well as provide real time training. We will monitor your progress and look for ways on how to maximise your efforts.

Monthly meetings

We hold a monthly meeting where we discuss new topics such as new improvements to our systems and software, discuss marketing strategies, provide feedback on past items and changes, Introduce new listings to each other.
The attendees are the admin support staff, GM and all franchisees; we welcome everyone to attend and to give their input and suggestions on ways of improving.

Multiple income streams

As a Network Infinity Franchisee, you can enjoy the cash flow benefits of multiple income streams alleviating the stresses seen by many others in the industry.
This has a positive flow on effect whereas the need and desperation to make a sale is no longer a critical factor, allowing you to enjoy your work more while reducing the risk of making bad decisions and giving you the time to provide the proper service needed to pave the way for a quality sale.

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"With the Network Infinity franchise model I have been able to grow my business much faster than I ever could as an individual operator.
Head office provides the guidance, training and the administrative support required to keep my business going from strength to strength. This is vital, as it allows me to spend more time generating income and much less time behind a desk.

By far the most beneficial aspect of the Network Infinity model has been the collaborative approach between agents.

As a new franchisee you can hit the ground running because all the agents both support and encourage you.

I really enjoy running my own business whilst still having the benefits of being part of a great team.

As a new Network Infinity franchisee I can confidently say that the model works and it is a great franchise to align with."

-Guneev Singh

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy