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Remember, as a child, those long hot sunny days, running under the sprinkler on the lawn, not a care in the world… and then you heard it. The sound no-one can forget… ‘da-da di-da-da da-da da-da.’


If you’re now smiling, this clearly resonates with you. And, like us, you’re excited to bring this iconic brand back to the streets of Melbourne and in to the 21st century.

Introducing Mr. Whippy - 2016

Our new Mr. Whippy Ice Cream vehicle is a Tuk Tuk – an electric, 3 wheel vehicle, which not only stands out from the crowd, but is safe in the suburbs and gentle on your hip pocket.

With a top speed of 50kph, it can also travel up to 100 kilometres, before the battery needs a re-charge.

With a low entry level cost of only $100,000, fixed royalty fees of $200 per week (regardless of how much you sell) and an exclusive operating territory, your Tuk Tuk will be able to attend a wide range of events in your local area – including kids parties, school fetes, sporting events and more – you're really only limited by your imagination.

Of course, you’ll also have the rights to use the iconic and unmistakable Mr. Whippy branding and "Greensleeves” soundmark, which not only ensures your business is instantly recognisable, but also delivers all of the benefits that a much loved, credible brand brings.

In order to capitalise on market desire and provide additional income, the new Mr. Whippy Tuk Tuks also serve barista-made coffee too.

Franchisees will also be provided with a complete training program to ensure they have a full understanding of the business.

For further information, including the steps involved to join our team, please complete the contact form and register your interest. 

Mr. Whippy is also proudly 100% Australian owned, operated and branded.

Featured Opportunities

There are many Franchise systems within Australia. But there are several advantages to getting aboard the Mr. Whippy team.

  • Mr. Whippy is one of Australia’s Most Loved Brands
    This means you benefit from huge brand awareness and the natural attraction that customers have with the comfort and security of a familiar, iconic brand.

  • Easy Operation
    You chose the hours that you want to work; based on your lifestyle and income requirements. You don’t need an office, a lease or expensive fitout; you simply need a parking space for your Mr. Whippy Tuk Tuk overnight and a small amount of storage for spare stock.  And with virtually 100% cash sales, there’s no time spent invoicing or chasing debtors.

  • Low Entry Level Cost System
    At under $100,000, this is one of the best value Franchise systems in Australia.

  • No Marketing Fees
    Although we don’t charge a marketing fee, your business will be provided with a complete digital marketing strategy (social media and website) and SLAM (Strategic Local Area Marketing) Manual, with activities designed to help you grow your business.

  • Almost Everyone is a Customer
    According to Ibisworld, Australia is the third highest consumer of ice cream in the world, consuming 18 litres per year per capita. And of course, ice cream is a fun product – you’ll see people at their best; smiling and happy. 

  • A Whole World of Events is Open For You to Serve
    Your Mr. Whippy Tuk Tuk will be able to attend a wide range of events in your local area – such as kids parties, school fetes, sporting events, etc. You really are only limited by your imagination!

  • Exclusive Operating Territory
    Your Mr. Whippy Tuk Tuk will operate in a designated Franchise Territory, with exclusive first rights to customers and events in that area.

  • Centralised Bookings
    Customers can book your business by ringing 1300 WHIPPY (1300-944-779). This call will be answered by a knowledgeable and professional operator who will connect the enquiry to you.

  • Fixed Royalties
    Unlike many Franchise Systems that charge a percentage of every dollar sold, Mr. Whippy has a set weekly fee of $200, so you know exactly what your weekly expenses are. The harder you work, the greater your share will be.

  • Full Support and Training
    All Franchisees are provided with a complete training program to ensure they have a full understanding of the business. Part theory, part practical, the program covers all aspects of both product and retail training.

  • Introducing Whippy Coffee
    Like the Mr. Whippy Brand, coffee in Australia is iconic! So, to capitalise on this market desire, cater to an adult pallete and provide additional income during traditionally “non ice cream” periods, the new Mr. Whippy Tuk Tuks will also be serving up barista made coffee.

  • Mr. Whippy Tuk Tuks are Amazing!
    Highly unique, eye-catching, and gentle on both the environment and your hip pocket, our custom Tuk Tuks allow you, the operator, to stand with your customers (not in the van!), to better serve them. This also allows for a self-serve “party” option.

The process for becoming a Mr. Whippy franchisee is as follows:

  • The applicant (you!) submits their initial enquiry / expression of interest.

  • Our Franchise Recruitment Manager (FRM) sends you a Confidentiality Agreement. Upon signing, we send you a full Business Pack outlining the benefits of the brand.

  • Once you’ve acknowledged your interest to proceed, a face-to-face meeting is set with our FRM. As part of this, you’ll be required to complete a Business Plan (we will provide a template).

  • A Business Strategy Meeting will be conducted.

  • An Approval letter is issued. You’ll also be provided with generic Franchise Grant Documents and an invoice for the full Franchise Fee ($20,000 + GST).

  • In order to progress, a payment of 25% of the Franchise Fee is required.

  • Following a cooling-off period, all Franchise Documents are to be signed and submitted.

  • You must then pay the balance of the Franchise Fee.

  • Territory areas are confirmed and executed.

  • Handover of your Mr. Whippy Tuk Tuk takes place. 

  • Training is completed and signed off by your dedicated Area Manager.

  • Your Mr. Whippy Tuk Tuk is officially ready to start hitting the streets - congratulations!

    Note: The process above will take approx. 3 months to complete.

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy